When Debating Issues of Faith and Morality, It’s Best to Get the Best Information

Personally, I’d do an economic impact study.

TEXAS – In an effort to keep Texas from enacting a so-called “bathroom bill” and a “religious freedom” bill in the state, business organizations are stressing the economic impact of such legislation.

At a press conference Tuesday at the Texas State Capitol, Keep Texas Open for Business and the Texas Association of Business (TAB) unveiled an economic impact study that looked into the effects of the proposed bills on the Texas economy.

North Carolina’s ‘bathroom bill’ caused real economic impact.  I actually don’t think the economic impact will sway Texas politicians.

Governor Pat McCrory was defeated in his gubernatorial reelection bid in part because he signed HB2.  

But getting back to my main point, if something is right, and you can justify it…the economic impact is not a reason to fold.


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