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“I’ll talk about anything I want, Schmalfeldt.” — Dave Alexander

head down

Bill Schmalfeldt is a pest.  He put my picture on Twitter, mentioned my Chapter 13 filing, and even threatened my employment.  Today I mentioned that he might need to take a road trip to North Carolina about a Peace Order.  He’s all sad about that.  Mostly he wants me to keep my head down.

Schmalfeldt has been hinting about contacting my employer to inform them that I am harassing him on their time and/or computers.  Now he says a judge could sign a subpoena to compel a search of my work computers.   I’m not so sure my work really needs a suboena to search their own computers.  In fact, every time I talk with them about this, they say how much they are concerned with my safety.  Because they did the one thing I always suggest:  They Googled Bill Schmalfeldt.

I don’t harass. I don’t ever contact Bill Schmalfeldt.  Other than my email to him saying that he was to stop contact with me, he has NEVER heard from me.  I never contact him at all.  Apparently, he wants me to cut off my contact with the people who comment at and  Schmalfeldt, I’ll talk to anyone I want.

People keep asking me why I’m not angry about this, or scared.  There are several reasons.  Bill ain’t got nothin’.  Zip. I have never harassed him, although I was pretty rough on his comedy sketch about the two Cub Scouts having anal sex.  Yup, he thinks that’s funny.  I’m pretty sure I commented about one of his lousy books.  He’s a writer and self-styled comedian.  He’s got to take the good reviews with the bad.  OK, so far they’ve all been bad.   I will continue to comment about his online harassment of others.  I’ll talk about anything I want, Schmalfeldt.

The other reason is that this all centers around the First Amendment, and the rights of rabble like me to speak our minds.  If I let this two bit bully push me around, then I’ve given up my right to speak my mind.  Keep my head down?  Not at your command, and not on your advice.




Fascism and Shuttupery, American Style

[Update: She’s at it again.  Tanya Cohen has a right to say things this stupid, but she would deny this right to you.

The picture accompanying the article is of Phil Robertson, whose thoughtcrime was to express a Biblical view of sexuality.]

That link takes you to the January 2015 of Tanya Cohen, who sincerely thinks that limiting expression will lead to a better world. Poor dear.

As quoted by Michael Walsh of PJ Media:

:… under international human rights law, anything which offends or insults ethnic minorities is illegal, even if it is not intended to be. What this means it that the KKK display at the University of Iowa constitutes illegal racial discrimination under international human rights law which the United States has ratified.”

The KKK display was an art project which offended some folks. Actual KKK members didn’t do the work, if I recall the story correctly.

Tanya Cohen is a self styled “human rights activist.” She believes anything that offends her  should be called “hate speech.” As such, we should be banned from writing such things, and punished if we do.

For those confused about why she’s on the absolute wrong track, let’s consider the idea that if writing offends or insults ethnic minorities, then it should be illegal. I see no decent justification anywhere for the so-called “Right Not to be Offended.” I’m offended all the time by writings, public statements and pictures. I deal with it with maturity and patience. I’ll assume you do to.

The killings at the French magazine Charlie Hebdo were carried out by the perpetually offended radical Islamists. I’m sure I’m supposed to add that a majority of Muslims are peaceful and that Islam is a religion of peace. I don’t actually know this to be true, although the actual violence has been carried out by a remarkably small minority of the billion or so Muslims. So, they’ve got that going for them.

Back to American fascist Tanya Cohen. She doesn’t call herself that, but she is. She wishes to limit my ability to write things which will offend ethnic minorities. Here’s a question for you Ms. Cohen: Why should we be able to offend the ethnic majority but not the minority? I’m a white guy. In some places I’m in the theoretical majority because of my skin color. So offending me is fine, but offending an ethnic minority is not?

What tender youth like Cohen forget is that you really do not, in America have the right to action because you have been offended.  Libeled? Sure.  Hurt financially by lies?  Of course.  Offended?  No, grow up.

Oh, you have the right to be offended, as long as that’s as far as it goes.  I understand the current crop of young adults assume that their feelings are most important.  My point is, the world really doesn’t have to change just to avoid hurting your feelings.

More from Cohen:
“Censorship in all of its forms is something that must always be fiercely opposed. But we must never confuse hate speech with freedom of speech. Speech that offends, insults, demeans, threatens, disrespects, incites hatred or violence, and/or violates basic human rights and freedoms has absolutely no place in even the freest society.”

I can agree that speech that threatens or incites violence is wrong, and perhaps even illegal. Most of the rest of her list is just silly. Apparently when Ms. Cohen arrives as our newly appointed Speech Czarina we will no longer be able to write freely. Until then honey, you should think before you write.  By the way, delete your writings, Ms. Cohen, I was offended and disrespected by them.  I’ll wait.

Which reminds me of the case of Brett Kimberlin, the convicted bomber, serial litigant and all around creepy guy.

Featured image

Sometimes he gets testy about pictures of him being posted online, but I’m sure he does not own the copyright to his mugshot.  It’s a really old picture. 

Aaron Walker/Aaron Worthing and Patrick Frey tell the story better than I can:

Kimberlin should be still in prison for his serial bombings, as well as his plot to kill a prosecutor.  John Hoge of has been in Kimberlin’s sights for a while. Between state lawsuits, a federal RICO lawsuit, a few Peace Orders and thousands of posts on various websites on thing is clear:  Brett Kimberlin does not want you reading about him.

Sadly for him, Brett Kimberlin and some of his known associates are public people by nature of their activities.  In Brett’s case, he is the notorious Speedway Bomber.  He set off several bombs in his hometown decades ago, and the police believed that those crimes were to distract from the murder investigation into a woman who wanted to keep Kimberlin away from her underage granddaughter.  I told the story kinda backwards: Aaron Walker tells it better.  One other associate of Kimberlin is a character who writes books and terribly bad comedy.  Members of “Team Kimberlin” have sued Hoge, Walker, Stacey McCain the Ace of Spades blog, Pat Frey of the Paterico Pontifications blog and others just to shut them up.  That’s Shuttupery.

It hasn’t totally worked, but some who are being sued have stopped talking about Kimberlin.  I guess between lawyers and bombers, the truth gets trampled. The website is a place to visit for daily updates on the various court cases, and free-spirited discussion of Team Kimberlin.

Kudos also to   Paul Krendler has been offending the Kimberlin associates for a while, while he’s not munching on brains.  I have questioned why a brain-eater would be so interested in some of the Kimberlin crew, since they seem to trail the general population in this area, but that’s just me being offensive.

Tanya Cohen would want us to limit speech to prevent offending others.  Kimberlin’s crew would have us limit our speech to things which would not offend them.  Really not too far apart.  Be aware:  More bombers, more lawyers and more addle-brained censors are coming our way.

What’s This All About?

The last post here came as a result of unwanted contact with a genuine internet troll: Bill Schmalfeldt.  Schmalfeldt is a long story. Schmalfeldt retired or was put on disability from the National Institutes of health.  If he wasn’t so mean, he’d be an object of pity.  He has Parkinson’s Disease, in clearly not in good physical shape, and seems to have huge mood swings.

Bill Schmalfeldt has a long history of wearing out his welcome online.  He used to write at Daily Kos, but penned an anal fantasy essay which got him banned.  Google him.

Yeah, that bad.  Not a guy you want even knowing you.  He has been involved in litigation with John Hoge of  John has a Peace Order which requires Schmalfeldt to leave him alone.  Schmalfeld has apparently contacted Hoge hundreds of times since the first Peace Order was issued.  Schmalfeldt has 5 Peace Orders in 4 states, in part because he is so despirate to find out who is criticizing him.  A judge is still considering sanctions in the case of Hoge’s PO.  I comment on John Hoge’s webside under the nickname “ukuleledave.”

Guess who sent me a smarmy letter this week:

“I’m Bill Schmalfeldt.
You are ukeleledave, famed libel artist on Hogewash, The Thinking Man’s Zombie and other such websites.  Now that I have your name and address, I am considering adding you to the list of defendants in the incipient lawsuit. This is not a quid pro quo, or an “extortionate threat” as your daddy might say, Lickspittle.
And this is CERTAINLY not a FAILDOX, is it?
(He put pictures and my personal financial information here. Also a picture of my house.)
And with a long, long list of defamatory comments.  But I would be inclined to think if you in less severe terms if you were to answer a question or two for me.”
He wants the names and contact information of others who comment on the site.  He wants more people to sue.  I told him no.  I also told him not to contact me.  Since then, he has contacted me twice.
He gave me a deadline, and I just ignored him.  He started filling up his Twitter account with my name and other private information.  He is clearly trying to involve my employer in this — since he references them in the tweets.  My boss Googled “Bill Schmalfeldt.”  I think my work understands.
A word or two about my previous comments on Hogewash and other sites which follow the long, convoluted story of Bill Schmalfeldt.  I’m pretty polite compared to most folks. The guy is an ass, but I don’t usually get that rough.  I point out that he probably should get help — and I pray that the next judge he faces gives him an opportunity to change his ways.  The guy needs a week at the farm away from the internet.  In my humble, First Amendment protected opinion, the man needs help.  Google Deb Frisch.  Yeah.  Like that.
But I don’t generally insult him except to comment on his actions.  He produces “comedy” albums, and has created some very questionable stuff.  One comedy bit features two Cub Scouts at summer camp exploring anal sex.  A scout leader asks to watch.  Very much not funny.  Since I teach abused children, it’s kinda hard to stomach.  I see the results of abuse.  I don’t libel him, but I’m sure he hates reading my comments.  I’m not forcing him to read anything.
So, what’s a guy to do?  I’m doing very little publicly.  I am fully prepared to take action if this guy doesn’t leave me alone. And by action, I mean legal action.  I don’t plan to make a career of stomping down internet gophers, but I’ve got time for one or two.
Personally, I think I’m done with him.  Nobody is stupid enough to collect 6 “no contact” orders just because he can’t stay off the computer. Right?

The Letter Bill Schmalfeldt Sent Me, and My Response

ReluctantHuman <>

Feb 18 (2 days ago)

 Subject Line: Dave, Dave, DAVE
How about we introduce ourselves.

I’m Bill Schmalfeldt.
You are ukeleledave, famed libel artist on Hogewash, The Thinking Man’s Zombie and other such websites.
Now that I have your name and address, I am considering adding you to the list of defendants in the incipient lawsuit.
This is not a quid pro quo, or an “extortionate threat” as your daddy might say, Lickspittle.
And this is CERTAINLY not a FAILDOX, is it?
(He put pictures and my personal financial information here. Also a picture of my house.)
And with a long, long list of defamatory comments.
But I would be inclined to think if you in less severe terms if you were to answer a question or two for me.
What did you mean by this?
post 1
And while we’re at it, a few names (since you were a member of the Zombie Inner Circle). Who is Krendler? Who is Howard Earl? Who is Grace? Who is Jill? And any other names you’d care to share.
Dave. I mean you no harm, and I know you are having financial difficulty. But, doggone it, a man has to protect himself and I’m trying to protect MY self from people who send horse shit. Do you know who did THAT?
See, Dave. You left a trail of “bread crumbs” as you say. Easy to follow. And far too much “sharing” about being a lickspittle.
Now I will decide what I am going to do and who I am going to do it to after the judge rules on my IFP motion.
You are hardly the worst apple in the barrel, but you are in the barrel. I am pretty sure you won’t be part of the lawsuit, because — for one thing — you’re in enough financial trouble.
But you might want to show me some good faith by answering the questions I’ve provided for your consideration.
I’m guessing by 7pm tonight would be good. Does that work for you, Dave?
My older brother, rest his soul, was a ukulele player, too.
Bill Schmalfeldt
My Response:
Mr. Schmalfeldt,
This is the formal request that you do NOT contact me in any way, electronically or by Post Office mail. Do not contact my employers, family, friends or coworkers.
Be Well,
Dave Alexander