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Truth Was No Defense

I’m kidding. I kid. Calling Men ‘Scum’ or ‘Trash’ Is Now Hate Speech  Reason.com: Dozens of female comedians have had their Facebook accounts suspended for posting derogatory messages about men. Facebook justified these suspensions by describing the women’s words as “hate speech.” … Continue reading

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This Halloween, Signal Your Virtue

Update: The College Fix: Ahead of Halloween, universities nationwide tell students what not to wear Throughout October, universities across the nation are warning their students against Halloween costumes some consider offensive. Also this from Buzzkill feed: 7 Culturally Offensive Costumes … Continue reading

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A Liberal Reacts to the Insane Liberals

Andrew Doyle, saying things the right has known for a while: After the US election, I had hoped that we on the left would start to rethink our position, to understand that we had unwittingly contributed to Trump’s success. Studies … Continue reading

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You Know it Must Have Happened…at Least Once

Director: Cut! Samuel L. Jackson: What? Director: It’s okay, Mr. Jackson. We’ll just go again. Samuel L. Jackson: Did I fubbing say God-dang conch-sucker again? Director: No, sir. This time it was monkey-flippin’. Samuel L. Jackson: I’m so sorry guys. I don’t … Continue reading

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Reminds Me of My Own ‘I Want to Be a Liberal’

Published on AGWallacewriter in October. Some speech is hateful, so this is hate speech. Not all Christians are good, so Christianity is evil. Not all Muslims are terrorists, so Islam is peace. Not all men are rapists, so we live … Continue reading

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A Post Election Essay by a Liberal

Let’s just call this person the Crappy Activist, since the actual blog title does not conform to Craft Blog standards: After the election, I had hoped that activists would finally realize the failure of many of their current tactics and … Continue reading

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You Cannot Not Offend Some Folks

Sam Hooper of Semi-Partisan Politics takes apart the complex, but ironic tale of the University of Maryland president who wanted to make sure illegal immigrant students felt safe, and accidentally offended them.  He quotes Campus Reform, then examines the idiocy … Continue reading

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Civil Rights Complaints on the Rise in Schools

This can be spun either way, but I predict the left will claim this is because of Trump. In fact, with the possible exception of bus accidents, falling space debris and deaths due to natural causes…expect most things to be … Continue reading

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When Debating Issues of Faith and Morality, It’s Best to Get the Best Information

Personally, I’d do an economic impact study. TEXAS – In an effort to keep Texas from enacting a so-called “bathroom bill” and a “religious freedom” bill in the state, business organizations are stressing the economic impact of such legislation. At … Continue reading

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The Judge Has Ordered Hair Replacements for Liberal Bloggers Affected by the Story

Indy Star: A mother who cited religious freedom as a defense for beating her son with a coat hanger will serve a year on probation. After a doctor found 36 bruises on her 7-year-old son, Khin Par Thaing claimed her discipline method came straight from her … Continue reading

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