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Dave Alexander & Company and Pacifica

After many years of coordination and cooperation, Dave Alexander & Company will soon become a Pacifica Affiliate.  We thank you for your interest. UPDATE: For those who are wondering why we didn’t sign up for the Pacifica Radio Affiliate program? … Continue reading

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As the Nation Spirals Further Down into the Toilet…

…of the Obama years, the food editors of the New York Times take a moment to answer that burning question that weighs with increasingly heaviness on our minds in these sad days: Is it safe to eat moldy bread? USDA … Continue reading

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“And what is the first thing that came into your mind, ya sex fiend?”

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Isn’t Writing an Amazon Review for a Book You’ve Never Read Illegal?

Or immoral?  Unethical?  Doesn’t Amazon have police, or something? This is from Amazon, and the sales page for Confessions of an Undercover Internet Troll.  Although, hmm.  Looks like that review by Bill has been pulled.  Must have been an impulse … Continue reading

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Unavailing = Manure

Bess Truman was once asked by the women covering the First Lady if she would kindly ask President Truman to stop using the word “manure” in public.  Mrs. Truman responded by saying “you have no idea how long it took … Continue reading

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Discarded Concepts of Mass and Energy

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Schmalfeldt vs. Parvocampus: Better Than Godzilla vs. Mothra

I used to enjoy Saturday morning monster movies.  The Japanese Godzilla, Mothra and Rodan films were the best.  The Schmalfeldt situation blew open again a couple of days ago with the publication (really, just assembling) of Paul Krendler’s writing in … Continue reading

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