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Increased Tensions? Not Really.

From Daniel Estrin for the Associated Press: JERUSALEM (AP) — A senior Israeli Cabinet minister on Wednesday called U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s planned Mideast policy speech a “pathetic step,” further heightening tensions between the two close allies as … Continue reading

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I Condemn in the Strongest Terms

The jackwagon who painted this: We at the Craft Blog don’t use those kinds of words, wouldn’t print them even with the pixelation, without good reason.   Another week, another hate crime hoax, this time in Texas where a man … Continue reading

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Obviously a Slow Blogging Week

I’m surrounded by family, and enjoying the holidays.  I hope you, too.  Enjoy, and I’ll post again in the new year.    

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Apparently, Until Recently There Were No Racist Events Anywhere

I hate hate. Racists are idiots. My God demands I treat everyone as His creation.  Am I the only one who questions the ‘uptick’ or ‘surge’ in racist stuff, supposedly blamed on Donald Trump’s election? From Whitefish in the … Continue reading

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Unintended Consequences are Caused by…

Here’s fun thought experiment.  What words have I erased from this story about Nitrogen Dioxide levels in London? Washington Post: Here and in cities across environmentally minded Europe, NO2 levels are substantially higher than in North America, or even in … Continue reading

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Police Blotter

The Craft Blog has a zero tolerance policy for stupid. The Daily Signal: After examining the evidence—a single butter knife—the police department turned over the investigation to the local Florida state attorney’s office, which is now weighing whether to bring … Continue reading

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I Think Bart Once Called Moe’s and Asked for This Guy

CPHPost: European experts criticise Denmark for taking interventions against religious extremism one step too far, reports Kristeligt Dagblad. Danish Parliament on Monday adopted the last part of the anti-extremism package, the so-called ‘forkynderlov’, which includes a public sanction list of religious preachers. According to Ingvill Thorson Plesner, a … Continue reading

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Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas

I love Christmas music, and Burl Ives was a musical genius, but if I hear ‘Holly, Jolly Christmas’ one more time, I’m going to flip.   It is the ‘You Light Up My Life’ and ‘La Bamba’ of Christmas tunes. 

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Shutuppery and Stupidity in the Courts

Suing seems to be easiest thing in the world.  I know nincompoops who have done it. Not successfully, but sometimes the process is the punishment. A regional court in Germany on Thursday ruled that a Peruvian farmer’s lawsuit seeking … Continue reading

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Some Men

  A smart strategy would to pretend to be civilized.  Act normal.  Allow a few to convert to Christianity. Marry local girls.  Put up a Christmas tree. Avoid criminal behavior. A smart strategy would to be as peaceful as necessary, … Continue reading

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