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Great Historical Quotes if Bill Had Been the PR Guy

“At least my side of the story will be in the official record.” George Armstrong Custer, 5 miles from Little Big Horn

hello stalker, i’m doing fine, thanks for checking up on me. — Lookout Frederick Fleet, R.M.S. Titanic, North Atlantic

“I don’t know where I’m going except nowhere.” — George Donner, near Alder creek, Sierra Nevada Mountains.

I now return you to my real life, already in progress.” – George Picket, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Brett Kimberlin Does Not Need Another “Philia.”

The headline is probably correct. Just not in prison.

It’s complicated, but Brett Kimberlin wants to be able to appeal a part of a lawsuit which he filed against bloggers Patrick Frey/Patterico, John Hoge/Hogewash, Aaron Walker/Allergic to Bull, Ace from Ace of Spades, the singing group “Up With People,”  and a bunch of other folks.  Slight exaggeration, but only one part of that suit continues.

Patrick Frey, who is also an L.A. County D.A., is still under the microscope because Brett accuses him of acting under color of law — or using his position to bother Kimberlin.  Brett apparently can’t move on before this part of the case is resolved. He wants to appeal the part he lost, before the rest of the case is settled.

Aaron Walker simultaneously destroys Brett’s argument and lets Brett know he still could lose big time with this suit:

walker frey

The funny part to me is the fact that no one who is a part of the suit said Kimberlin SWATted anyone. Pat Frey posted the audio of the 911 call  of his SWATting that seemed to indicate another character was the likely caller.

If there was a RICO enterprise to falsely accuse Brett Kimberlin of SWATting someone, it was the worst conspiracy of all time.  Nobody said it.   He should give it up.  Hanging onto something this dead is necrophilia.  And he doesn’t need another “philia.”