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Lots of Other Questions

The Washington Post:

With Flynn’s departure, the intrigue only deepens. Many questions still need to be answered: Why did Trump, who apparently was aware of Flynn’s dissembling for weeks, wait so long to force his adviser out? What did Trump himself know directly about Flynn’s conversations with Russian officials? Did Flynn potentially make false claims to the FBI, who quizzed him in the first days of the administration? Could Flynn face prosecution?

Where are the leaks coming from? If there were phone calls between Trump advisers and spooks for the Kremlin, were they recorded, and if so will they also be leaked? Will Democrats find other people whose malfeasance is tiny compared to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s, and destroy them?  

How many ways can the press remind us about Russia tampering with the election, without pointing out that at worst, the Russians leaked private email, which is a shadow of the leaks involved here? If the worst tampering they did was to show what schmucks the Democrats are, is that really a big deal?

I don’t like this crap from any angle. Flynn screwed up, and I don’t want somebody that careless advising the president. It’s not as if he lost thousands of emails, or deleted them from a server stored in the bathroom.

I really don’t like the fact that in Washington, taking someone’s scalp is a partisan blood sport. And I really didn’t like seeing Wolf Blitzer with that sanctimonious smirk on his face. 


Democrats Believe “It’s the Messaging”

But not the message.

The NPR and WAMU production 1A:

The Democratic party is out of power in Washington and in two-thirds of state legislatures. Even with the country’s changing demographics on its side, the party is more removed from power than it has been at almost any point before. The same voters who had previously embraced the New Deal, built the Great Society and put their hope in the nation’s first black president are not turning up in the numbers they once did. The party has been described as being on life support. What will it take to bring it back to health? Guests include Cenk Uygur, co-host of “The Young Turks”, Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-Illinois, 17th District), Stacey Abrams, House Minority Leader for the Georgia General Assembly and State Representative for the 89th House District, Symone Sanders, political strategist, Margie Omero, Democratic strategist and pollster, and Rich Benjamin, senior fellow at Demos.1A podcast tile

There was a lot of interesting disagreement on the show, but the participants seemed to agree that the lesson of the last few elections is not that the ideals put forward by the Democratic Party are flawed. The messaging was poor.

Democrats talking with other Democrats on a radio show whose audience is made up of Democrats…are convinced that their ideas are not wrong.  

It’s the messaging. If only they could reach the right groups with the right strategy.

At one point a panelist puzzled over the 53% of white women who apparently voted for Donald Trump, and she referred to one group as “Walmart Moms.”

I applaud the work of progressive strategists who deeply wish they could find a way to communicate with America. I encourage them in their efforts to fine tune their message to appeal to various groups, including apparently “Walmart Moms.”

My wife shops at Walmart, but don’t tell me that term is a compliment.

Don’t ever change. Rearrange the deck chairs on your political Titanic. Shift the messaging. But whatever you do, don’t change your opinions on gun control, federal funding of abortion and contraception, forced funding of birth control for nuns, 32-ounce sodas, trans-fats, Milo Yiannopoulis’ freedom of speech, the right of cops to defend themselves, the morality of breaking windows and burning things in protest, safe spaces, trigger warnings, cultural appropriation and queer men in the ladies’ room. 

It’s the messaging. Go with that.



Die Nächte der dummen Aktivisten

The nights of the stupid activists.

h/t Instapundit, who hasn’t said it yet, but…

They told us if we voted for Donald Trump, the world would burn…


Unless I’ve missed something, Milo Yiannopoulis has never advocated violence, vandalism or hatred. It’s all the left. This is the heckler’s veto, and it is not right. 

The left is scared. Scared and made more anxious by their own catastophizing. They told everybody and themselves that the world would burn if Trump won the election.

And now their lighting the matches.

I Condemn the Guy Who Cut Me Off in Traffic This Morning

…which comes amid heightened tensions worldwide over President Donald Trump’s travel ban on several Muslim countries.


I wanted to write a post about condemning the attack on a Canadian mosque, so I turned to a newspaper for details and quotes.

Chicago Tribune:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard both characterized the attack as a terrorist act, which came amid heightened tensions worldwide over President Donald Trump’s travel ban on several Muslim countries.

Yes. Amid is the new buzzword.  Reporters are also using something like “…the anti-immigrant sentiment swirling around the Trump campaign…” or “with anti-Muslim sentiment being fueled by Trump supporters…” or even “…since the election of President Trump…” 

Donald Trump has said nothing about going out and shooting Muslims — except I’m pretty sure he’s not in favor.  This constant and reflexive connection between Trump and anything to do with Muslims, Hispanics and LGBTQ people is unfair.  

The shooting is terrible, and we don’t yet know the motives. It happened in a completely different country — which has a long history of being quite accepting of immigrants and Muslims. For now, is it asking reporters too much to wait until the identities and motives of the shooters is known?

By the way, Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau has at least been clear-headed enough to call the attack “an act of terror.” The former U.S. president would have waited, just in case it was an act of something else.

For the record. I condemn this act of evil.

Update: I added a few words.

Update #2: New York Times:

Mr. Couillard [Quebec Premier] declined to comment on the possibility that anti-Islamist remarks by Mr. Trump during the presidential campaign had played a role. But he did add: “We live in a world where people tend to divide themselves rather than unite. Our country, Canada and Quebec, has to remain a beacon of tolerance.”

Yeah, he declined to comment, but some reporter asked. Does anybody remember the “let’s burn the mosques and kill the Muslim’s” speech, because I’m drawing a blank.

The authorities initially said that there had been two suspects, but Quebec’s provincial police agency said on Monday that only one man was a suspect and that another man — also arrested Sunday evening — was a witness. Court officials in Quebec identified the two men arrested as Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, and Mohamed el Khadir, who was said to be in his late 20s or early 30s.

I’m not an expert on Canadian law, but let’s assume they don’t arrest innocent witnesses, which would have been a great follow-up question, New York Times… Is there any significance to the fact that one of the young men is named Mohamed? 

I condemn myself for that question, which I typed amid heightened tensions worldwide over President Donald Trump’s travel ban on several Muslim countries.

The Only Instance of Shia Labeouf Ever Being Intimidating

Now, the counter protester must be even shorter than Labeouf plus his hat, so we’re not talking about an imposing figure. Labeouf and his peace loving activists are bullies in the cause of…not Trump.

All the things they are against, they flip to in a second.