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Because History Started in 2008

The Aptly Named Wonkblog of the Washington Post: “The probability of global catastrophe is very high,” the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists warned in setting the Doomsday Clock 2.5 minutes before midnight earlier this year. On nuclear weapons and climate change, “humanity’s most … Continue reading

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Hey, I Live There!

  Been there, done that. Many times. The places hardest hit will be in Florida. Places that always get flooded will flood again. The ground is pretty saturated right now in North Carolina, so downed trees and electrical lines are … Continue reading

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We get a lot of really good comments here. Sometimes they can get a little coarse or over the top, but as someone who hasn’t held back sometimes myself I get it. This comment though, by Lickspittle JorgXMcKie, is a … Continue reading

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“Next, give me an example of a question that is moot.”

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Where does one even begin?

The Oaf was busy this afternoon fouling the air in Pretendyland with a new blog post and in that post said perhaps the most risible thing that has ever been excreted from his keyboard. “Grady had posted a picture I … Continue reading

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Things That Can Keep You Awake

The whiners and urban campers of Occupy Wall Street have given way to a more energized Antifa, and Social Justice Warriors who feel justified in violence. North Korea has nuclear weapons, and is working out the whole “missile” thing. There … Continue reading

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