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Giraffe Cam Cut Off For Completely Logical Reasons




The Animal Adventure Park posted to their Facebook page that the stream was suspended for “nudity & sexual content. They said “Animal Rights Extremists” were responsible.

I have been watching the live stream of the eventual birth of a giraffe from April, the giraffe (that’s how these things work.)

WFAA is now hosting the live stream, which shows a giraffe milling about in a cage.

Let me report that I can see the giraffe baby kicking. No baby yet. I do not see any nudity or sexual content.

I’m told the first signs of childbirth in giraffes are usually subtle.

h/t Ace.


Unintended Consequences are Caused by…

Here’s fun thought experiment.  What words have I erased from this story about Nitrogen Dioxide levels in London?

Washington Post:

Here and in cities across environmentally minded Europe, NO2 levels are substantially higher than in North America, or even in Asian and African megacities whose names have become bywords for dirty air. And that is all because of decades of                                                               designed to spur the purchase of supposedly cleaner diesel cars and trucks.

Apparently London is a once again a smoggy city, and it’s all due to…anti-environmental greedy private industry? Nah, too many letters.  

Government incentives.

Governments across Europe have aggressively promoted diesel vehicles, reasoning that diesel’s lower carbon-dioxide output makes it gentler on the planet than gasoline. In London, the streets are filled with diesel-powered buses and taxis. Continent-wide, diesel accounts for about half the car market.

But diesel has one glaring disadvantage: It is a major source of NO2, a pollutant that stunts lung growth and has been linked to a range of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. The diesel push has meant that although air in Europe is far cleaner overall than in many parts of the globe, it still can be — and often is — deadly.

Only government can make air that is cleaner, but deadlier.


It’s Metaphor, or Something

Guy feeds bears to prevent them from killing his dogs.  Gentle bear pets dog. Internet coos.  The next day, the guy forgets to feed the bears.

Sorry to ruin your dreams, but that dog-petting polar bear just ate a husky alive

Science Alert (h/t Instapundit)

…just hours after this footage was released, that very same polar bear ate another dog alive.

“That was the only day we didn’t feed the f–king bears, the only night we didn’t put anything out,” Churchill resident Brian Ladoon told Bryce Hoye at CBC News.


Become the Coral…

WUWT has the story and picture of environmentally concious activists trying very hard to show the pain of lost coral:


The Stanford team worked with marine biologists to build a virtual replica of a reef around the Italian island of Ischia. Underground volcanic vents there have been spewing carbon dioxide, and that has given researchers the opportunity to closely analyze the effect on marine life—specifically how, as ocean water absorbs more carbon dioxide and becomes more acidic, it corrodes coral and the shells of crustaceans.

From that model, the researchers programmed a VR experience that speeds up the destructive process,  allowing a person to first interact with a reef full of life, and then be an up-close-witness to decay as species disappear. Ultimately, the person takes on the perspective of a coral, one whose branches break off with an audible crack.

Gosh, but what if coral reefs didn’t actually go through a “destructive process”?

What if they actually come back to life when they have been declared dead?

Inconvenient: Giant Coral Reef That ‘Died’ In 2003 Teeming With Life Again

More Evidence of Coral Reef Resilience!

There’s more at this link.


I love sea life, especially beer battered with tartar sauce.  I want the coral reefs to be healthy, and I don’t pee in the ocean unless it is absolutely necessary.  I want a clean environment. 

Let’s just get the science right, and stop trying to make people into emotional sponges.

If Green Power Hurts the Environment…

It it really Green?

I saw the once verdant wheat fields of Eastern Europe covered with ugly wind turbines, slowly spinning their huge blades into the wind. A few funnel dust swirls were blowing the topsoil into the air. They did not appear to be connected to any storage station that would distribute the electrical power generated. I searched and found out that they were really not connected to any network, were not generating usable electricity, they were all for show to placate the “green growth” European bureaucrats who gave them money to install the eyesores instead of growing crops.

Turbines kill birds on a large scale around the world and disturb humans and wildlife.  According to Save the Eagles International, “contrary to what we are told, wind farms will cause the extinction of many bird and bat species” because birds are naturally attracted to tall structures.

US News and World Report has an article here about wind turbines and how poorly they perform — even when they are plugged in.

I like the environment.  Like many conservatives, I live there.

I actually know very few people who want to crush the environment under their capitalist boots, and pollute the land until it’s barren.  I used to live in a section of New York State called the Adirondack Park — which despite the name, was actually a mixed use area of large state owned land and private homes and businesses.  We took the care of the environment very seriously.  If you neighbor’s boat leaked oil, it did so in the water you might end up drinking.

Still, the environmental movement can be its own worst enemy.

Earth First! is a group which will vandalize logging equipment or spike trees to prevent logging.  They recently bragged of inserting large metal spikes into trees, making the trees a dangerous weapon, should they ever end up in a mill.  Hit a spike with a large saw, and you’ve created a deadly situation.

Some folks figure doing stupid, or illegal things because it helps the environment shows their moral superiority.  That’s not a good enough reason.