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I’m Beginning to Think Less Communication Would Be Better

Apparently, no.  We can’t get along.

Bill Schmalfeldt sent a letter to Aaron Walker asking for a pause in hostilities:

My wife is onFeatured image her way to the hospital in an ambulance right now. Might you pass the word among your friends that a moratorium might be called for out of respect for human life? They can pick up where they left off when she dies.

Thank you.

Bill Schmalfeldt

Here is a link to the letter, and apparently Aaron’s response.  It’s a safe link to the Wayback Machine.

I have been nothing but honorable toward everyone, especially your family and Brett’s.  And you have never treated us the same.  Attacking wives are off limits?  Yes, they are, but when the fuck have you ever honored that principle?  You participated in the stalking of my wife.  You have made racist comments about her.  You tried to put Mrs. Stranahan in fear that she would be raped.  You attacked her for suffering the mindfuck of gaining one child and losing another in the same day.  And we all know you are responsible for the vile comments directed at John’s wife.  And you publicly insinuated that John broke her back when he first mentioned her situation.  When in your years of dealing with me and my friends have you ever said, “sure, I disagree with him, but that is over the line?”  Never. 

Aaron’s complete response is here.

As you might remember, last week there were brief moments of conciliatory talk from Schmalfeldt:

That is fair enough, Dave. And I apologize for going nuclear on you. When you’ve been subjected to as much “horse shit” as I have been, you get a little testy.

Of course, he went on.

Now, with people like “Grace” calling me hypocritical and evil for daring to offer prayers to “Krendler’s” family — all the while sporting an avatar that shows my wife as a corpse — I think you can see that we’ve clearly gone through the looking glass here.

This did not sit well with Pablo:

More bullshit. It’s what you ALWAYS do and you’ve been doing it for years. You’re a bully, and that’s all you are. Now you’ve run into people who will push you right back, and you want to be a victim.

Nope. Not happening. You want to be left alone? Leave the field. Go home and don’t come back.

It’s not worth redoing the nastiness that followed.  There was at least one individual describing the act of reaching down a throat to eventually pull an individual’s body inside out.  We had a short discussion of the differences between anus and colon, which was delightful.  In short, nothing good happened.

Bill should not have contacted Aaron, especially since Aaron has not contributed to the online nastiness NEARLY as much as some folks.  (You know who you are!)  I didn’t get a letter like this.

If anybody knows who else did get a letter, please let me know.  As much as Bill’s letter reads like a peace request, this is very similar to the letter to Hoge about Mrs Hoge’s health: Nobody believed it was genuine.  I didn’t think it was genuine.  Of course a judge disagreed.  Stupid judge.

In general, the Lickspittles can be counted on to state the obvious about Bill: He shares too much, and should not be writing about his wife heading to the hospital.  Get in a cab and get off the internet!

I only ask that everyone consider John Hoge’s position that families should be “out of it.”  Yes, Bill Schmalfeldt has not held to that standard, but “He did it first…” was always a poor excuse.

(I used the icon that Bill Schmalfeldt uses in Gravatar in this post.  If Bill requests it taken down, I’ll honor the request.  As we all know, pictures and images are a sore spot.  A meaner man would have used the salt creature from Star Trek.)

Quick Update with a great perspective from BillySez:

We are not inclined to remain completely silent in light of this information about Gail Schmalfeldt, as we believe that Bill has used her as both a tool and a weapon in the past, much as he invariably hides behind his Parkinson’s Disease when someone calls him on something serious enough. On the other hand, we do not want to inflict gratuitous pain on anyone (as opposed to well-deserved pain, which we try to dish out all the time). 

On the other hand, if Bill’s new Tumblr account and his blogs and podcasts continue to be filled with the same old bile, threats and general vituperation, he can be assured that we will take that as a sign that Gail Schmalfeldt’s circumstances are not so serious as to require his complete attention- he has my word on that, too.

OK.  So, no gratuitous pain.  Remember.  We wear the white hats.

Kid Misses School, Mom Gets Arrested

This should NOT happen.  Julie Giles was issued an arrest warrant.  There’s some disagreement as to whether she was handcuffed and arrested.  From Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (h/t A Conservative Christian Man – Paul Lemmen)

You see, according to the compulsory attendance policy at her kid’s public school in Georgia, the district will magnanimously allow a parent to keep their kid home from school up to five times in a year without a doctor’s note. Once they exceed that magically arbitrary fifth “unexcused” absence, every succeeding incident must be specifically prescribed by a medical professional. Even if the parent feels the child should stay home, the school will not allow it unless a doctor agrees. Otherwise, the parent could be thrown in jail, which is a totally reasonable response.Featured image

The Blaze is on it, so Glen Beck will ring the gong about this.  But how many other parents have been likewise harassed?  My wife and I got a letter or two over the years, including one for tardys.  The problem? The very long “car rider line.”  By the time my kids got in the door of the school, the first bell had rung.  Of course no actual teaching started for about 30 minutes, so you’d think the school would take a common sense approach.

I have experience in the public school system as an educator.  Schools are not filled with common sense.  Schools have become factories in which the teachers are middle managers, pressed to create greater output from the workers.  Never mind that high performing students are bored, and under performing students are given little opportunity to improve their basic skills.  We teach to the test.  If one of our workers is absent, they could easily miss the drill which we’ve scheduled for the two months before the final exam.

As our betters in government and public policy start to ease their way into our lives, what is next?

Heckler’s Veto and Islam — With a Sharia Update Below

This article says a lot about our relationship between Muslims, free expression and fear.  DC Metro will not allow any issue ads because it’s clear that offending Muslims would be dangerous. Da Tech Guy explains:

What does that tell us?  Since no other ad has caused this kind of reaction we must conclude that in the Metro’s opinion  Muslims are so violent, so savage, so barbaric that the risk of a murderous response by members of the Religion of Peace™  exceeds the risk of offending any other group in the Metro’s history.

This is the heckler’s veto in practice.  Personally, I think Muslim’s would be better off if folks gave them credit for not being violent thugs.  Of course that would be a dangerous dance.

It seems the Phoenix Mosque involved in the protest actually preaches peace.

The Phoenix mosque targeted on Friday has condemned such violence and held a series of sermons at Friday prayers last year by an imam who criticized militant Islamist groups such as Islamic State, al Qaeda and Nigeria’s Boko Haram.

That’s a good sign, but too many Mosques worldwide call for violence, and it is really difficult to see a good ending for this.

Update 6/4/15: This video shows that some American Muslims would rather live under Sharia Law.  Well.  Plenty of places for that nowadays.

Things I Know about Doctors and Cops — Because of TV

  • No matter the killer’s psychological makeup, “He won’t stop until we catch him.” (Dangerous Minds)
  • Police put up pictures of suspects, witnesses and victims on a blackboard right there in the squad room.  Because they’d never keep it all straight otherwise. (Law and Order)
  • Doctors can talk freely about any patient’s case in the hallway. (Grey’s Anatomy)
  • When being questioned by the homicide squad, most guys in New York City will continue to unload their truck.(Law and Order)
  • Police very often arrest the wrong person, but luckily the evidence usually is inadmissible.  (Law and Order)
  • Every high ranking officer has a bottle of liquor in their desk.  (Law and Order)  Cragen is an alcoholic, and he has a bottle there.
  • Some doctors also keep a bottle around.  Nobody thinks this is odd.
  • The process for quitting the police force is pretty simple.  Set your badge and gun on the boss’ desk and walk out. (Every cop show ever)
  • Rejoining the force is just as easy.  Pick up your gun and badge. (Every cop show ever)Featured image
  • Police can use databases to cross-reference any number of demographic data including prescription drug use, childhood friends and frequency of bowel movements. (Dangerous Minds and NCIS)
  •  At least one police officer feels the need to explain simple things to his colleagues. (Dr. Reid on Dangerous Minds)
  • Doctors have one patient a day, and sometimes one patient a week. (Grey’s Anatomy)
  • DNA tests come back in a day or a month, depending on nothing at all. (All cop shows)
  • The only effective cops “break the rules” or “go with their gut.”  Rules and evidence are for dweebs. (All cop shows and movies)

The Culture of Offendedness

Update, and a picture of Kirsten Powers below this post

My pet project this year is Shutuppery.  This is the use of lawfare, public shaming and social media to shut down debate. Express doubt that there is a “rape culture” on college campuses, or ask out loud if men and women have different talents, and the digital townspeople will grab their torches and mice.

The April 2015 Decision magazine from the Billy Graham Evangelistic AssociatioFeatured imagen has a great article from Al Mohler, the president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary which is a part of the of the Southern Baptist Convention.  Dr. Mohler’s article “The Culture of Offendedness” is not online, but an article with the same title and similar focus from 2009 is online at his personal site:

These days, it is the secularists who seem to be most intent on pushing a proposed right never to be offended by confrontation with the Christian Gospel, Christian witness, or Christian speech and symbolism. This motivation lies behind the incessant effort to remove all symbols, representations, references, and images related to Christianity from the public square.

Of course, the obvious examples of offendedness include Muslims who demand that no one ever, anywhere draw Mohammed.  (I did not write “the Prophet” in part because I respectfully do not consider him one.  Likewise I figure no Muslim should feel the need to say the phrase “the Savior Jesus Christ.”  Next time you hear a reporter say “The Prophet Mohammed,” please consider the idea that they’re not very consistent.

Muslims are not the only ones who seem to be offended easily, and who likewise demand that others moderate their speech.  Stacy McCain has written an entire book on the subject of liberal feminist offendedness.  I dare you.  Find a 2015 Women’s Studies graduate — hint: she’s working at Starbucks — and call her a “gal.”

Dr. Mohler:

The very idea of civil society assumes the very real possibility that individuals may at any time be offended by another member of the community. Civilization thrives when individuals and groups seek to minimize unnecessary offendedness, while recognizing that some degree of real or perceived offendedness is the cost the society must pay for the right to enjoy the free exchange of ideas and the freedom to speak one’s mind.

This of course might be the point:Some people don’t want the free exchange of ideas, and they’d rather cry “racist, sexist” or some other nonsense when introduced to ideas which challenge their world view.  Bill Schmalfeldt and Brett KFeatured imageimberlin are making a name for themselves for suing people who object to their online writing, or in the case of Kimberlin, his criminal past.  One of these guys is insisting that John Hoge police the comments section of his blog, lest there be something which is offensive there.  Both are arguing that if someone writes about them, and it makes them upset, then they can sue for damages.

Dr. Mohler’s too nice to say it this way, but “butthurt ain’t a tort.” Or in the words of Sergeant Hulka, “Lighten up, Francis.”

What does it all mean?  I think we are in a kind of battle  It’s being waged by the hecklers — who want their veto — and good people who know that they must speak out.  Some folks say a cartoon or a blog post offends them enough to get someone fired, or to riot in the streets.

You know what offends me?  Planes smashing into skyscrapers.  It offends me when people assert their total control over their bodies — but insist on controlling what I say.  It offends me that saying something controversial can get you suspended or fired.  If offends me that college student who are practically adults are demanding trigger warnings before someone tries to teach them. It offends me that so many people think that freedom OF religion is actually freedom FROM religion.  It offends me that Americans think offending another person is hate speech or equal to shouting “fire” in a crowded theater.  It’s not.

If this continues, pretty soon, our words will be our crimes


Featured image

Liberal Pundit Kirsten Powers seems to agree.

I started looking into it and interviewing people who are free speech activists. I discovered that there was something much bigger going on here–it wasn’t just a few one-offs it was a pretty wide-ranging silencing.

Silencing.  Wish I’d thought of that.

Shutuppery — With an Update (Fisking Bill)

Update: Bill Schmalfeldt has commented.  For the sake of simplicity I’ll comment below — so everything is chronological.  I’ll give you a hint:  He’s wrong, I’m right and I can prove it.

Lately I’ve been writing about Shutuppery.

Shutuppery is the practice of shouting down or punishing those who dare write something controversial. I got involved in this when an internet troll named Bill Schmalfeldt published a Google maps picture of my house, some publicly available documents about me, and my photo from Facebook. He wasn’t breaking the law, I suppose. He just wanted me to stop writing about him.  Oh yeah.  He also wanted me to inform on my fellow commenters at Hogewash.  He wanted their real names and IP addresses. Jerk.

.Now, I didn’t pick some random guy out of the phone book and start writing about him. Here’s a post about my interaction with Bill Schmalfeldt. Of course you could just Google him.

His latest tactic is to threaten lawsuits against folks who use his likeness or his name without permission. He expects some other writers to negotiate a licensing agreement for the use of his name. On behalf of all non-fiction writers, I must respond: Bill Schmalfeldt, no. Never.

Krendler/Grady needs to contact me so we can set up a licensing agreement for the use of my name and image. No license, no permission. – Tweet by Bill Schmalfeldt, 5/23/2015

Bill Schmalfeldt, who writes internet virtual pron about Cub Scouts, harasses people with such regularity that he has had 5 Peace Orders/Anti-stalking Orders written against him. (The orders are called different things in different states. Basically a handful of regular folks have convinced judge that Bill Schmalfeldt needs to leave them the hell alone.)

And now, some more from the Shutuppery Files:

Sister Toljah takes on the inventors of the so-called “rape culture.
Feminists have even gone so far as to accuse those in favor (gasp!) of due process for college men accused of sexual assaults of being “pro-rape”, while at the same time suggesting that the “default” position for anyone listening to a woman accuse a man of rape is to believe it without question. In other words, guilty until proven innocent.
I feel an obligation to say that I do not condone rape, micro-aggression, sexism, violence against women/by women. Apparently I’m obligated to write this since otherwise I might be accused of heinous thoughts.  (Heh.  Heinous rhymes with….nevermind.)
Finally, some books I’d love to read soon. I can’t say I’d agree with both authors, but here’s a review of So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Ron Johnson John Ronson and Hate Crimes in Cyberspace by Danielle Keats Citron.  Without reading either book, I can’t offer much of an opinion, but hate crimes in not a phrase I like to see.  The Ministry of Truth should work on a better term.

(Fixed the name for the author of So You’ve Been…  He’s Jon Ronson. 5/27/15 3:52p)

Update on 5/27/2015 at 10:22:

Bill Sez:
I have never threatened a lawsuit against someone who uses my name or image without permission. I stated the Restatement (Second) of Torts says in § 365 (I believe) that we each have our own right of publicity. If people want to write about me, that’s fine. All I ask is that it be true. If you use my image, you need my permission. That’s the law, junior. You have fallen short in being truthful, so I’m afraid I am going to have to ask for a retraction.

The following is available at this link.  Random caps in the original:

This takes effect immediately, is retroactive, and will be enforced in our instant lawsuit.

Argue with me if you like. But show this to a lawyer and save yourself some expensive trouble.

I will reciprocate by removing all reference to you, all likenesses of you, from my website.

I am a private person. I have the right to use my own name, my own likeness. You do not have that right to use my name and likeness without my permission, which I do not give.

I will await your response. If you have not removed all references to me, all uses of my name, all images of me from your website by our motions hearing on June 3, I will amend my complaint to include this fact and will ask for significant damages for the two years you have abused my name and image.

Bill, you’re busted.  You threatened someone that using your image/name would be ADDED to an existing case.  Same thing as suing.  Oh, and if I have to drag out all the many hints that you’re gonna sue us all, I will.  And don’t call me junior.

Bill Sez:I have never written virtual ANYTHING about Cub Scouts.

Wrong. I own a copy of the hateful, disgusting comedy clip. If you want to argue that you wrote and performed an audio comedy virtual porn act about BOY Scouts, and not CUB Scouts, the ages of the fictional boys in the recording is consistent with CUB Scouts. I’m sure most people would agree with my interpretation.

We all know you think it was funny, and that no actual children were involved.  Doesn’t matter.  It’s sick.

Bill Sez: While the number of Peace Orders and such is accurate,, you neglect to mention the lies people told to get those…

So, you are still complaining that Hoge said he wouldn’t press his case…and you didn’t know enough to show up for your court date?  Good God man.  Let it rest.  Either you got played like a cheap violin, or Hoge changed his mind.  If you really have/had five POs in 4 states, NOBODY will assume everybody else lied. It’s inconceivable.  And yes I know what that word means.

Bill Sez: Grady lied about my calling his employer and his wife — never did that. The Causeys said that I was a convicted domestic abuser. Never even charged with that. They also said I called his wife and employer. Never happened. Ask them for proof of these allegations before you publish defamatory lies,

I just reported the fact that you have all those POs. You think it’s ‘MY job to re-litigate all the cases that you’ve lost, just so I can write about you?   I suggest YOU appeal anything which was decided in error.   I really don’t need proof of the allegations.  The judges presumable already looked at the proof.

Bill Sez:  …because I’m not in the best of moods these days with scoundrels mocking my wife’s terminal illness. So please, double check your facts and issue the proper retractions and we’ll consider this matter concluded.  I’m sorry about your wife’s terminal illness.  I’m sorry she is a subject of discussion among people who dislike you so much.  I’m also sorry that you published intimate details of her illness along with pictures of her bra-less in a tank top. Nobody with any respect for the dignity of a loved one does that.

My sorrow is for her, not you.  When it suited you, you hid behind your disease.  Now it suits you to blame your sour moods on scoundrels mocking your wife’s terminal illness.  Get yourself to a qualified counselor.  Parkinson’s and depression have been linked.  Long term illness, grief and internet trolling are a very poor combination.  If you can get hFeatured imageelp, it may be the best thing for your wife.

And finally, a note about irony.  I wrote an article about Shutuppery.  It was all about how people use legal threats to stop people from writing.  You responded with legal threats.  Baseless legal threats designed to convince me to shut up.

No retraction.