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You Know What Would Really Generate a Radio Audience?

Frequent references to blood and warts. Plus the word stab.



At some point, people at Hogewash!, BillySez and Thinking Man’s Zombie might start to wonder if Bill Preston-Schmalfeldt is intentionally living his life in an attempt to convince a judge that he cannot be held responsible for his own actions. 

It’s one thing to find a “Kick Me” sign on your back. It’s another thing entirely if you notice that it is in your own handwriting.





I Struck a Nerve

I usually go out of my way to avoid references to Bill Schmalfeldt’s size, but as he is apparently trying to hide from the truth and John Hoge’s process servers…I couldn’t help myself. And I hit a nerve.


Apparently Bill now lives in South Carolina. I didn’t fear him when he lived in Maryland, and nothing has changed.

More at BillySez. Sarah doesn’t sound afraid, either. 

Paul Krendler seems pretty calm also.




Has a Civil War Begun?

Or is there a nationwide surplus of hyperbole, one which can only be neutralized by essays like this on in Front Page Mag:

The Democrats have become a terrorist party. And their commitment to a radical revolution has plunged our political system into chaos. The left is now exactly where it wanted to be.

And a civil war has begun.

The thesis seems to be that the left has become the radical left, intent on a #resistance to the point of tearing America apart. Oddly, the left says this sort of thing about the right every now and then:The extreme right-wing of the Republican Party has taken over the party, and will harm America with their pro-life, anti-LGBT, gun-toting, blah…

I suggest that the American left just wants power, not destruction. If the off-year elections go their way, the stupid will die down. 

The Antifa and the astroturf warriors are only a tiny slice of even the most radical elements on the left. They are less committed to the struggle than the right, and less inclined to get up once their knocked down.

Social Justice Warriors are that in name only. If trashing a Starbucks is their idea of Lexington, or Fort Sumpter…I wouldn’t worry.

UK Student Left-wing NUS






A Classic of Virtue Signaling

Do you dislike racism, anti-gay insults and stuff like that? Good. The left, I’ve learned, thinks you don’t. Take this section of an essay on hate speech here — which makes the classic error of advocating against free speech by pointing out that some speech is hateful. 

Ciara Hall:

The same thing applies to beliefs that are harmful towards specific groups of people. You can hold onto ideas that are transphobic, racist, sexist, homophobic, whatever, but at the end of the day, you should understand that these are people who deserve rights and respect. They shouldn’t be invalidated, they have just as much of a right to take up space and be themselves as you do, and if you do make an active attempt to undermine their existence, then you should expect a response, just like you should expect a response if you actively walked up to someone and insulted them. In a society where free speech is allowed, you are free to hate as much as you want, but you should also expect to have it pointed out to you that what you are saying is hate, and you should respect their perspective just as much as you want your own to be.

Good gosh, people. I had no idea how folks have been willy-nilly undermining the existence of people. Don’t you know they deserve rights and respect? 

And apparently folks can still hold onto ideas that are transphobic, racist, sexist… I don’t hold these views, but it’s nice to know the parameters of ‘acceptable thought.’

The post is well-written and passionate. The writer thankfully avoids specifics about how we can enforce the undermining of the existence of people. 

As far as constitutional and human rights, I’m on board. Compared to this writer, I probably can be counted on more consistently to support the rights of minority groups in America, including transgender individuals, Amish bloggers, Republican sociology professors, ethnic minorities, people who stop at one or two piercings, women married to radical Muslim men, homosexuals, Lutherans, battered women, beer battered fish sticks and free thinkers. 

I support the rights of these folks to speak what they figure is the truth, without the hate-speech police accusing them of undermining the existence of people. I also support without reservation the right of this writer to type those ideas on the internet, without fear of reprisals (other than more words typed onto the internet.)

I don’t pine for a society which is more polite, if that politeness is bought with basic human rights.

This is just virtue signaling — the left-wing tactic of choosing to state support for things which sound nice in the abstract but which are impossible or terrible in actual application.

The whole essay is worth a read, if only to find out what strategies are being employed these days in the culture wars.



Alexander’s Law of Dissimilarities and Bathrooms

Alexander’s Law of Dissimilarities:  Just because something reminds you of a past event, that doesn’t mean the situations are actually similar.

Comparisons are always tricky, but sometimes a writer comes upon a unique idea which fits Alexander’s First Law.

Erin Matson:

Toilet Paper Is Free In Public Restrooms; Why Not Menstrual Products?

Toilet paper, soap, water, and hand towels or hand dryers are provided free of charge in public restrooms. So why are women supposed to pay for a tampon or a pad?

Just like peeing and pooping, menstruation is a predictable, routine bodily function that people take care of in public restrooms every single day.

Menstrual products are basic public health supplies that allow people to maintain sanitary health standards — just like toilet paper, soap, water, and hand towels or hand dryers.

Access to menstrual products is critical for the full dignity, equality, and participation of women and girls worldwide — in South Africa, for example, poor girls have stayed home from school because they didn’t have access to pads.

Because I have the time, I searched out answers to the more basic question: Do businesses have to provide toilet paper? As I figured, the idea was so odd, that it did not occur the the authors of the American’s With Disabilities Act or the Occupational  Heath and Safety Administration.  There’s that small chance I missed a mandate, but it looks like paper isn’t regulated by either, except that bathroom facilities for employees must be sanitary, etc.

Even according the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, public toilet facilities themselves are not mandated in all businesses, and not even all restaurants. And if toilets are not mandated, then toilet paper must be optional, as well. The link goes to a Village Voice columnist answering a question about restaurants without bathrooms. 

Knowing that my internet searches are used by Google to determine my future poopup advertising, I didn’t look further. 

And now, the answer to the blogger’s question:

So why are women supposed to pay for a tampon or a pad?

Provided is not the same as free. They are similar, but not the same.

Toilet paper seems to be a non-mandated product, but is provided without cost, because nobody puts in a bathroom in a public place without planning on buying toilet paper. A public place with a toilet but without toilet paper is actually more troublesome than a public place without a bathroom. It is provided without cost. The cost is ‘rolled into’ the overhead of the facility. Prices for the goods or services are then adjusted to meet the overhead. Nothing at a business or government facility is ‘free.’ 

Then the proper question is “Why are feminine menstrual supplies not provided in bathrooms located in airports, restaurants and other public places?”

The answer is simple:

Buy your own darned pads, you moocher.