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Rational People Allow Rational Disagreement

But again and again, irrational people are turning to violence to silence others. This is not acceptable anywhere, but it is particularly galling in a civilized country. UK Telegraph: Violence breaks out as protesters storm King’s College London event featuring … Continue reading

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Point, Counter-Point With a Liberal

  This guy made sense for a while… Link With progressives disinviting not only conservative speakers but even centrist or left of center freethinkers—and others shouting down anyone they disagree with rather than engaging in thoughtful dialogue—conservatives have been vocal … Continue reading

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Ben Shapiro Lectures California Lawmakers on “Hate Speech”

He tells them the “heckler’s veto” must be stopped. Good for him. The Blaze: “And I’d like to make a point here about UC Berkeley,” Shapiro said. “The reason it cost $600,000 to bring me to UC Berkeley was not … Continue reading

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Antifa: “Any of You Guys Call Me Francis, and I’ll Kill You”

Hot Air: Reveal published a story Tuesday titled “Antifa has a rapid response team that targets alt-right organizers.” The kind of targeting the article describes is not just keeping an eye out for people on the streets, this is more organized … Continue reading

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Canada: Antifa Threatens Violence at a Conference Discussing Anti-Islamaphobia

The House of Commons passed an “anti Islamaphobia” motion. Not quite a law, but it could lead to some actual legislation. So, a statement against what some think is bigotry against Islam. Or a statement designed to quiet any criticism … Continue reading

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