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More Great TV

It’s been a while since I wrote about some TV shows I’m enjoying. In a previous thread Clyde suggested Shetland. The series is on Netflix, and is worth it for fans of police procedurals.  The series takes place on the … Continue reading

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Thanks, Netflix. I’ll give it a try.

Because I watched a documentary about the 2012 murder of a British family and a cyclist along a deserted road in the Alps, Netflix figures I’d enjoy the educational exploits of Ms. Frizzle and her students aboard a shape-shifting school … Continue reading

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You Know it Must Have Happened…at Least Once

Director: Cut! Samuel L. Jackson: What? Director: It’s okay, Mr. Jackson. We’ll just go again. Samuel L. Jackson: Did I fubbing say God-dang conch-sucker again? Director: No, sir. This time it was monkey-flippin’. Samuel L. Jackson: I’m so sorry guys. I don’t … Continue reading

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Marshmallow Farming – Classic Video

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Case: Amazon Cop Show

The police are unattractive, can’t sleep and need to bathe.  After a full episode, I still can’t figure out who did it, or even if an actual crime has occurred. The pace is slow and everybody smokes. The suspects include … Continue reading

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Must See TV on Netflix

Heartland My wife has discovered a great Canadian TV show called Heartland.  It has been on Canadian TV forever, and has become the longest running show there.  No cursing.  Very little sex, although you can tell they want to. Great … Continue reading

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Must See TV

I’ve given up on watching television. Oh, I’ll binge-watch. I’ve been watching Amazon, Netflix and British TV through an Amazon subscription to Acorn TV. Foyle’s War is on PBS and Amazon. At the beginning of the series, it is 1940, WWII is … Continue reading

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