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It’s Time to Reconsider What Things I Will Approve Other People Saying

According to a Lawyer, Andrew W. Blackwell. It’s time to reconsider protection for hate speech (More at the link) America’s legal system would not break new ground if it began to impose common sense restrictions on hate speech. In other democracies … Continue reading

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Who Thinks This Way?

Politico posted, quickly deleted this: Texans don’t seem to be anti-government as much as they seem to be anti-stupid. Which is exactly why I never want Texas to leave the union. But the geniuses at Politico again are short on … Continue reading

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Quotes of the Day

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. —-Abraham Lincoln “The #Berkeley police have stood down. A sea of black masks as far as I can … Continue reading

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Heckler’s Veto Works Just Fine

Talking Points Memo: UNC-Chapel Hill will not allow Richard Spencer to rent out a space on campus, because of safety concerns. This makes UNC at least the sixth school to rebuff Spencer, who has made a strategy of speaking on public college … Continue reading

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“Hungry for supremacists…”

One News Now: Chasing down ‘Nazis’ with batons and Birkenstocks Among the victims was a photographer who was struck in the head by a baton-swinging Antifa member as she tried to run from the black-clad crowd encircling him. A student at Berkeley … Continue reading

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Narrowcasting is the opposite of broadcasting to the widest possible audience. It means focusing on a niche. A specific subject or audience about which you are expert. This might be an excellent plan. I hope Bill Schmalfeldt has found a … Continue reading

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Hate is the New Nazi

You know the Southern Poverty Law Center list of Hate Groups? It’s not just Nazis and White Supremacists: Daily Business Review: A Florida-based evangelical ministry is suing a liberal watchdog organization that called it a hate group because of its … Continue reading

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