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Just Over a Week to Go!

I leave for Minnesota and Lake Itasca on the 24th, a week from yesterday.  We’ll be pedaling south on the 26th.  I’d like to see as many folks along our route as would care to come out and join us … Continue reading

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Antifa is the American JV ISIS

From a blog called Common Sense Political Views, by RealDJSlash: Link The only reason that I call ANTIFA the JV is so far they have not gone for the deaths and killing that ISIS has done, but they have caused … Continue reading

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“Next, give me an example of a question that is moot.”

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Now People Are Making Things Up So I Can Mock Them

@MTA will alter Time Sq subway tiles that look a little like Confederate Flag. MTA says it's not that. News reports differ. #1010WINS — NYRogerStern (@NYRogerStern) August 18, 2017 The Daily Caller says the tiles will be changed because … Continue reading

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What Did Sarah Say That Was So Defamational?

Bill Schmalfeldt has caught Sarah Palmer of BillySez in another defamatory statement which he will put right into the folder! Right into the folder! Bah da dummmmmmmmmmm! What exactly did she say?  Sarah concluded that Bill Schmalfeldt would show up … Continue reading

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News Flash!!

“We now go to Lickspittle Central, where a spokesperson says…” Well, that’s the news from Pretendyland. In the real world, The Oaf doesn’t come off so well.  In fact… well, in addition to the reasons already posted, let’s see. Such … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Here’s the moral solution, as always: Condemn violence and evil wherever it occurs. The racist philosophy of the alt-right is evil. The violence of the alt-right is evil. The communist philosophy of Antifa is evil. So is the violence of … Continue reading

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