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Quote of the Day

“You don’t need a college education, only a little common sense to know that some ideas some opinions, some solutions, some options are neither opinions, solutions or options, but are not fit to be repeated and are not fit for a society of humans. And … Continue reading

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I Live Here

Well, not exactly here, but yeah.  I live here. Carolina Vann took the picture, and many more, posted here. Highway 221 near the Linn Cove Viaduct.

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Avatar Being Replayed in the Northwest

Dr. Grace Augustine: Those trees were sacred to the Omaticaya in a way you can’t imagine. Parker Selfridge: Oh, you know what? You throw a stick in the air around here it’s gonna land on some sacred fern, for Christ Sake! … Continue reading

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Incomplete Journalism on Religious Freedom

Link. I think the lack of religious freedom worldwide can be linked to Lutherans. And the Amish.*   *What are they gonna do? Write a snarky comment?

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Point, Counter-Point With a Liberal

  This guy made sense for a while… Link With progressives disinviting not only conservative speakers but even centrist or left of center freethinkers—and others shouting down anyone they disagree with rather than engaging in thoughtful dialogue—conservatives have been vocal … Continue reading

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UK Government Refuses to Use an Adjective, Because it Excludes

All adjectives like, big, or small…exclude. They exclude and narrow the focus of the noun which comes after. (Or before if you are speaking Spanish.) The Times:  The government has said the term “pregnant woman” should not be used in … Continue reading

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This Has to be Fake News

Except that reputable outlets are running with it… Cub Scout Den Banishes 11 Year Old For Daring To Ask Legislator About Gun Control A precocious 11 year old Cub  Scout, Ames Mayfield dared to ask his Colorado State Senator Vickie Marble, … Continue reading

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Because Not Punishing Lawless People Will Cause…?

Campus Reform: A University of Southern California professor recently argued that punishing protesters who disrupt conservative speakers can reinforce “white supremacy.” Charles H.F. Davis, a professor of education at USC, argued in an essay for Inside Higher Ed that punishing … Continue reading

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“What? Un-British? Un-English? Anti-UK Sounds Silly, Init?”

Sam Hooper of Semi-Partisan Politics: Will All Those In Favour Favor Of Open Borders Please Stand Up?* Will the Left’s unspoken, newly-extremist position on immigration and open borders be their political undoing? Using Brexit and Trump as a smokescreen, many leftists … Continue reading

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A 92-Year Old War Memorial is Unconstitutional — Because it is Big

The Family Research Council: In a 33-page opinion, the majority insists that the 40-foot monument “aggrandizes the Latin cross… the core symbol of Christianity.” But amazingly, it’s not the symbol that bothers them — but its size. “Here it is … Continue reading

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