British Police Look into a Political Speech as Hate Speech

This IS coming here. Logical, mature, smart people are being hoodwinked by this stuff. Jonathon Turley has been following this all over Europe:

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Now a recent complaint filed by a professor against Home Secretary Amber Rudd illustrates vividly how hate speech has become for some people an extension of political disagreements.  The complaint by Prof Joshua Silver, an astrophysicist, will not result in any serious investigation but it was recorded as a hate crime allegation under the existing standards.  [The Home Secretary is a cabinet level domestic policy person.]


So what did she say?


The complete text is here. A part:

Twenty years ago levels of immigration weren’t really an issue in British politics.
As net migration has risen, that has changed.

I’ve seen why as a Member of Parliament for Hastings and Rye.
Hastings is a seaside town that has experienced relatively high levels of migration over the past two decades.
That’s led to legitimate concerns around the pressures put on housing, public services and wages.
The Prime Minister recognised this, and took action to reduce net migration in the areas she could when she was in my position.
And now as Home Secretary it is my responsibility to do the same, and to make sure people’s concerns are addressed.

Looking for the hate? Yeah. Check the full speech. No hate.

Nothing was hateful in the speech, though she suggested that the UK needs to look into the sex scandal in Rotherham Pakistani-Indians were/are involved in years of abuse of children, and the police in the UK didn’t stop it. She also spoke about Daesh, which is the European term for ISIS/ISIL.  She’s against it.

Jonathon Turley:

[Professor] Silver is an example of how people who abandoned free speech values in seeking to silence or punish those with whom they disagree.  It is particularly chilling to see an academic adopt such an anti-free speech position but we have seen the same trend on U.S. campuses with academics leading the fight to curtail or prohibit speech.  

He told BBC News: “Some politicians have been using hate crime as an instrument to foster support for their political aims.”

Man, that sounds familiar. Trump and others are being accused of hate speech, though we have no such laws here. Yet. These laws will come here — and sooner rather than later.

I don’t think there will be convictions — but as we know the press and the lefties will use the phrase “Dave Alexander, who was accused of hate speech…”  We’ve seen phrases like these in the writings of Brett Kimberlin and his minion as tools to disparage others.  When NGO’s like the Southern Poverty Law Center want to smear somebody, they just add them to a list full of racists and let their cousins online cite the accusation.

I’m sure the BBC now introduces the Home Secretary as “Home Secretary Amber Rudd, whose speech on immigration was called hate speech by a prominent academic…”  

This stuff is exactly why people in the UK voted to drop out of the EU, and people in the U.S. are refusing to let the so-called elites run our lives.


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The Game Has Changed

“If journalists are going to fulfill their mission to inform and equip citizens to participate in our democracy, they’ll have to overturn decades of tradition, they’ll have to resist the reflex to view the president’s every utterance as news.  They’ll have to report on the context before the tweet and to choose which facts to check. They’ll have to use more independent judgement than they have in perhaps a hundred years.”

That’s Bob Garfield of WNYC and Public Radio’s On the Media, in an episode titled The Game Has Changed, explaining why journalism in the Trump era will be different. 

Assume for a moment that you think the media has been fair, balanced and professional up until this very moment. I know. That’s difficult.

Garfield and others in the media are signaling a different plan. In the Trump era, the ‘old’ rules won’t work, because…um, ah…

Well because Bob says so.  

I’m totally in favor of reporting on context, and fact-checking the president. Journalists might be a little rusty on those two skills, as many have spent nearly a decade taking presidential utterances as news, and as gospel. 

Donald Trump seems to say things on impulse. Some might be true, but they are all news by virtue of his position. Explaining the context is good.  

If Donald Trump calls the actions of a police officer stupid, as in “…acted stupidly…” or if an attack on an American consulate is blamed wrongly on a YouTube video, then context is needed. If promises are made about the affordability of health care under an ‘Affordable Care Act,” and things obviously become more expensive for nearly everybody, then reporting is needed. If the president has foreign policies which help to create instability in the world, and he claims them to be successful…by all means, go for it. If documents and data go missing from crashed computers, wiped servers and private e-mail in the Trump administration, please treat it with seriousness. That would be a nice breath of fresh air.

What the hosts of On the Media did this weekend was to signal that Donald Trump is different. So different that there must be a new kind of journalism. Since news writers have been liars and cheerleaders for so long, I guess that’s true. 

I just didn’t expect the announcement to be so public. 

“Break out your so-called independent judgement guys, we’re going to tear this Trump guy down.” — Translated Bob Garfield.


My Second Favorite Nazi…

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Please, just call me John.

Okay.  I hate Nazis, but the Netflix  Amazon Prime Man in the High Castle, Season Two is out and I just watched it all. That’s good TV.

The setup is amazing: What if the Nazis and the Japanese Empire won World War II, and carved up America.  After a period of time which we do not see on screen, the old United States is replaced with a Japanese section, and the American Nazi Reich. Kids pledge Allegiance to Hitler in schools, and there are very few Jews.  

She actually has another eye, and it’s just as pretty.

I hate Nazis. I have to mention that.  On the other hand, this alternative history series based on the book is excellent. Oberguppenfrueregruppen John Smith (I never could even say it right, but his title is kinda long and German) tries to avoid war, even as he manipulates everybody in his life, and a few people he’s never met.

Alexa Davelos is a very watchable Juliana Crane, the heroine who bungles her way into screwing up everything she touches. Frank Frink is her ex boyfriend — who also screws up pretty much every he touches. The theoretical love interest for Juliana is back, the tortured Joe Blake.  He’s a Nazi, or Resistence supporter depending on whether Juliana is looking into his eyes. None of the three main characters in this paragraph can change a light bulb without betraying the groups they are pledged to support.

Somebody hand actor DJ Qualls a best supporting trophy as Ed McCarthy — the mDJ Qualls Pictureost
likable individual in the whole series. Second place goes to Nazi Youth member Thomas Smith, played by Quinn Lord. He reminds me of Wesley Crusher from Star Trek:TNG.

I hate Nazis. Did I mention that?

The best Nazi turns out to be a guy who risks everything to avoid war. Best Japanese ruler is the Trade Minister Tagomi — who goes on an interesting vacation in season 2.

The Nazis and Japanese overlords plot war, or try to avoid it, and everybody smokes like it’s the ’60’s. 

The bad guys are almost good guys with flaws (yes, they are still Nazis) and the good guys manage to bungle most of what they try to do.

It is a weird series with an odd premise, but worth your time.

These Clowns Can’t Even Get Jobs as Clowns

The Blaze:


“It feels like there are just thousands of us trying to find a job, and there are no jobs,” longtime Clinton aide Mira Patel, who worked for Clinton in her Senate, State Department and 2016 campaign offices, told the outlet.

Following Trump’s surprise victory Nov. 8, Democratic operatives no longer have some 4,000 presidentially appointed jobs for which to apply when the billionaire businessman takes the oath of office Jan. 20.

The Democratic workers who were expecting to see a Clinton White House are reportedly finding the transition especially difficult:

Fox News:

Ringling Bros. circus plans to shut down ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ after 146 years

After 146 years, the curtain is coming down on “The Greatest Show on Earth.” The owner of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus told The Associated Press that the show will close forever in May.

The iconic American spectacle was felled by a variety of factors, company executives say. Declining attendance combined with high operating costs, along with changing public tastes and prolonged battles with animal rights groups all contributed to its demise.


Because He Likes Pissing People Off, That’s Why


The Tweets which are dominating the news today come after the Congressman said he did not consider Trump to be legitimate…whatever that means.

Lewis said during an NBC interview on Friday that he didn’t view Trump as a “legitimate president” after reports that Russia had worked to influence the election in Trump’s favor and to discredit Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. 

I can’t presume to advise the president — since I woulda told him to grow up long ago. I don’t really think President Obama has been totally mature at times, as I heard a handful of clips on Sean Hannity’s show of Obama mentioning Hannity. Bill Clinton…well.  Bill Clinton. Presidents of the United States of America shouldn’t punch down like this.

Missing from some stories about the Tweets…

Lewis used Trump’s attack as part of a fundraising plea from the Democratic National Committee and his own congressional campaign later on Saturday…

Trump should have just written Lewis a check.