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This came after this tweet.


The excerpt in the tweet about Sarah Palmer is from a Texas case decided in 1984: Frank B. Hall & Co., Inc. v. Buck, 678 S.W.2d 612 (Tex. App. 1984)2.  I won’t spend any time distinguishing the fact pattern in the case from the instant facts Our Oaf believes are at issue in his current federal case or tell you why I believe Hall is completely without any precedential value because it just isn’t worth the time- yours or mine.

That’s because… Wow!  Some fat targets here.

Let’s start with the DSM-III, all the iterations of which have been superseded since the publication of the DSM-IV in 19943.  The DSM-III was the first iteration of this mental health diagnostic manual to discard the previously used terms sociopath and psychopath in favor of the classification of such conditions as antisocial personality disorder4. The DSM-III was first published in 1980, three years after the events occurred that gave rise to the Hall litigation.  So, from a diagnostic standpoint, the terms sociopath and psychopath have not been used for over 35 years.  There is no doubt, at least in my mind, that the terms still carry heavy-duty negative connotations, but they are connotations within lay parlance5.  In any event Bill Schmalfeldt is simply wrong when he says “Sociopathy requires a DSM-III diagnosis.”

“Hey, wait a minute!,” you exclaim.  Our Oaf hasn’t said anything about psychopaths, right?  Aren’t we just dealing with his mischaracterization of the term sociopath here?  Well, apparently in the world of antisocial personality disorders there is really no current distinction between the two for the purposes of making a mental health diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder6.  The Houser paper quotes a source as saying that

It has been shown that people diagnosed with psychopathy means that the individual has no sense of morality or empathy amongst other traits, whereas people diagnosed with sociopathy do have a sense of morality and a conscience, but their morals do not reflect the culture in which they live7.

So maybe Schmalfeldt is on to something after all. If the distinction in the quote is valid, shouldn’t Palmer have properly deemed him to be a “frustrated psychopath” instead of a “frustrated sociopath?” Being of an inquisitive mind, I set out to see.

In 1995 a psychology researcher, Michael R. Levenson, developed and and published the “Levenson Self-Report Psychopathy Scale,8” which is a research tool designed for the lay public to self-administer and report in assessing where an individual fits on two axes: primary psychopathy (psychopathic emotional affect) and secondary psychopathy (psychopathic lifestyle) measured against the entire population of persons who have done the same.  This test instrument is available in an online interactive version9.  I followed the link and this came up.


Aha! I thought.  It really doesn’t matter whether Sarah Palmer thinks whether Our Oaf is a sociopath, a psychopath or whatever.  It doesn’t matter what I think.  Because, through the magic of paying attention, we can pretty much know what Bill Schmalfeldt thinks.  Yes, oh yes we can.  We can because the test is based on 26 pretty cut and dried questions and we have a ton of information about where Schmalfeldt would come down on each one.

So I held my nose and…


…stepped into Bill Schmalfeldt’s Birkenstocks.

Clicking on the “Start” button, the first thing we saw were the 26 questions.


We answered them based on everything I knew about The Oaf gleaned from more than a decade of his online postings.  I tried hard not to let my personal feelings color the answers I chose, and where I was truly unsure of an answer I tried to give the benefit of the doubt.  For most of the questions, though, the answer was immediately apparent, at least to me10.


I clicked “Submit” and held my breath.  This page appeared.


On Bill’s behalf11, I clicked “Yes” twice and hit “Continue.”


This page came up.  I didn’t think Bill would be interested in the new project, so we hit “Get results.”


We moved through a page where we entered Bill’s age, which I understand to be 62.


At last, the results.  According to the Levenson Self-Report Psychopathy Scale and presuming my answers standing in Bill Schmalfeldt’s shoes were accurate12, the test says that, on the “Primary psychopathy” scale he scored a 4.3 out of 5.  On the “Secondary psychopathy” scale he scored a 4.5.  The page explains what these axes represent.


At the bottom of the page these scores were plotted against the overall population of takers of the test.  I have enlarged this plot and added a “+” marker to show where Bill Schmalfeldt came out in relation to everyone else.  As is noted, his score for primary psychopathy is greater than 93% of all test takers.  His score for secondary psychopathy, which is the measure of “the antisocial aspects of psychopathy,” approaches the 99th percentile.


Can I say, based on this exercise, which was not done as a scientific undertaking and was not intended in any way to substitute for formal evaluation of Bill Schmalfeldt by qualified skilled mental health professionals, that Bill Schmalfeldt is a psychopath? No. Why? I could be wrong in the answers I gave while in his shoes, and probably was, although as I noted, I did my best to give honest answers supported by all the evidence I have available. Beyond that, though, it just isn’t for me to say. It is plenty for me to have concluded that Schmalfeldt is an Oaf, a lout and a jerk. But here’s the results of a test, which Bill Schmalfeldt is welcome to seek to refute if he chooses. You are likewise welcome to reach your own conclusions.

David Edgren

1 The DSM V was published in 2013.  It takes about 1.3 seconds of Internet research to figure that out.

2 The opinion is online at

3 A Southern Illinois University Master’s candidate’s graduate research paper: Houser, Mallory C. “A HISTORY OF ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY DISORDER IN THE DIAGNOSTIC AND STATISTICAL MANUAL OF MENTAL ILLNESS AND TREATMENT FROM A REHABILITATION PERSPECTIVE.” (Apr 2015), published online, while not a classic “learned treatise,” presents some helpful info in a very accessible form, and I cite to it in this post as a result:

4 Houser, p. 5.  With further refinements the DSM IV and V continued to use antisocial personality disorder as a diagnostic term.

5 Like calling someone an “idiot” or a “moron,” both of which used to be formal mental health diagnoses.

6 “Today, psychopathy and sociopathy lay within the realm of antisocial personality disorder even though many push for them to have separate diagnoses again, or to at least be understood as two completely different disorders.” Id.

7 Houser, p. 5, citing Pemment, J. (2013) Psychopathy versus sociopathy: Why the distinction has become crucial. Aggression and Violent Behavior 18, 458-461.

8 Levenson M., Kiehl K., Fitzpatrick C. (1995). Assessing psychopathic attributes in a noninstitutionalized population. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 68, 151-158.


10 While I don’t seek to interact in any way with Bill Schmalfeldt and have no idea whether he will ever even read this, in the interest of being fair-minded (and unless Dave, the boss here, objects), if he would disagree with any particular answer I would have given in his stead, he is allowed in the comments here to both ask about my reasoning in providing the answer and provide the answer he would give so long as he gives a brief explanation of why he would take exception. He needs to play nice and otherwise follow Dave’s rules, but we’ll let him take his best shot at demonstrating my answer wasn’t right.

11 Please note that nowhere while taking the test was Bill Schmalfeldt’s name, or anyone’s name for that matter, associated with taking the test except for in this blog post. The process provides for complete anonymity of the person being tested.

12 They were certainly truthful, at least by my lights. I would believe I can produce at least three distinct items of documentation that would support every “1” or “5” response I provided to the various questions.

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Total Victory in Civil and Twitter Courts Anticipated

As many of you know, I have been vexed by nefarious vexers who refuse to surrender to my superior intellect. Until now.

I have found a court decision which will vindicate me, and allow me to smite the unholy rabble.* Here it is:


Yes, I got the jurisdiction wrong, and it was overturned by the Entscheidungsstichworte, but it demonstrates that I am correct. And it will give me the leverage to become victorious.

Context. (The Twitter feed of Bill Schmalfeldt, who is sure that a case from Texas in 1977 will help him silence Sarah Palmer. 

More context at Hogewash!

  • Actually, nobody has ever sued me. I’m told it’s not fun.
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So, I Can’t Do WHAT?

The Washington Post has an article on Senate Bill 720.

Dumb doesn’t cover it.

From the Congressional website, part of the summary.

The bill prohibits U.S. persons engaged in interstate or foreign commerce from:

  • requesting the imposition of any boycott by a foreign country against a country which is friendly to the United States; or
  • supporting any boycott fostered or imposed by an international organization, or requesting imposition of any such boycott, against Israel.


By David Cole and Faiz Shakir (who work for the ACLU)

The Israel Anti-Boycott Act, legislation introduced in the Senate by Benjamin L. Cardin (D-Md.) and in the House by Peter J. Roskam (R-Ill.), would make it a crime to support or even furnish information about a boycott directed at Israel or its businesses called by the United Nations, the European Union or any other “international governmental organization.” Violations would be punishable by civil and criminal penalties of up to $1 million and 20 years in prison.

Perhaps Cardin and Roskam envision a way we could all petition the government for permission to support a boycott of Israel. Maybe the “furnish information” section could be amended to allow, if please Sirs, that we buy a stamp which would signify the information has been approved by the government. 

On the other hand, there is the ballot box. We still have the right to vote stupid, overbearing Senators out of office. Sadly, this might not work with the bureaucrats who are equally dismissive of the freedoms which we enjoy.

FYI: I have no position on a boycott of Israel, except to say that those folks seem to be the least likely to slash our throats in the middle of the night, as compared to their neighbors. Maybe I got that all wrong, or I’m being too blunt.

Perhaps this information which I’m furnishing…is itself in defiance of some previous piece of legislation. I don’t fear the knock on my door. 

You can have my keyboard when you pry it from my cold, dead hands. 

Actually, I spilled soup on this keyboard, the “n” key sticks, and need to get it replaced. So…

You can have my next keyboard when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

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Stranahan: DNC Involved in Kimberlin Plot to Buy Anti-Trump Documents

Remember those fake Trump documents which turned out costing Brett Kimberlin thousands? Lee Stranahan is looking closely at the whole situation. Link



Alexandra Chalupa, the former Clinton White House staffer and DNC operative at the center of the Ukrainian election collusion scandal, was actively working with Democratic lawmakers just after the election on the Trump/Russia narrative, enlisting the aid of convicted serial bomber Brett Kimberlin as she brought a foreign national into the country to meet with lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

Aspects of this story have been previously reported by Buzzfeed News in a story discussing fake documents that Kimberlin helped to pay for and acquire in order to smear Pres. Trump.

We are reporting exclusively for the first time, however, that the connection to the operative who flew to Rome to acquire those fake documents existed longer than has previously been reported.

It’s an interesting story, but by virtue of the complexity, and the fact that it doesn’t make Trump look bad…it won’t gain traction. 

Forget everything else about the story. The point man for the DNC to buy fake documents which made Donald Trump look bad was Brett “The Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin.

Update: Sen Chuck Grassley wants to know more, but is at least one step off the mark.



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Now Google is Just Being Creepy


No. Not today.  It was a a while ago. I really didn’t need Google reminding me of all they know about me.

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I Tweeked

Man, I hope that’s not a sexy dance.

I hope the site is easier to read. I also changed the order of the masthead, and discover that there’s room for another name up top. Maybe two. HR office is right down the hall near the boxes of pixels and the shrinking supply of 12 year old scotch.


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Why the Schmalfeldt and Kimberlin Issues are First Amendment Conflicts

Too long? Won’t read? Scan down to the blue paragraph.

The Brett Kimberlin and Bill Schmalfeldt situations are basically First Amendment issues. I believe that they are both public individuals with thin skins, and a warped idea of what others should be allowed to do.drawing-brett

When you commit crimes, or write books…you put yourself in the public arena. When you sue others just for writing about you, you become newsworthy. If either of these guys think Team Free Speech will go away, they are wrong.


Brett Kimberlin has sued people including John Hoge and Aaron Walker over their writings. They wrote the truth about a felon whose own public writings display an inappropriate interest in teenage and even pre-teen girls. He set off bombs, planned to kill a prosecutor, and was suspected as co-conspirator of a murder of a woman who attempted to keep Brett Kimberlin away from that aforementioned teenage girl. 

Patrick Frey, also known as Patterico, has been fighting a lawsuit for a very long time, based upon Frey’s suspicion that Kimberlin was involved in a SWATting event at Patterico’s home.  Frey’s “crime” was writing about the event and sharing his suspicions with law enforcement. Kimberlin clearly wanted to silence Frey, who wrote about Kimberlin.

Walker, Hoge and others have commented on Kimberlin’s marital problems, including the fact that he tried to have his wife committed for mental health issues. They have also pointed out that at various times his wife has claimed to have been born in 1978, and occasionally has claimed to have been born in 1980. 

During a period of time when she was estranged from Brett, Tetyana Kimberlin claimed they had sexual relations when she was 14 and that Brett married her at 16. A couple of years makes a big difference.

These two Hogewash! articles are worth your time.


Bill Schmalfeldt is an author, blogger, radio personality and creator of recorded comedy. On Amazon, there are twelve titles attributed to Bill as books, though some are unavailable. Sadly, Undercover Trucker and Hunky Dunk are out of print. One title is available in the used book market, but seems out of my price range.

No Doorway.png

Maybe that’s typo.



Do Brett Kimberlin and Bill Schmalfeldt have a reason to be angry at the folks who write about them?


In Brett Kimberlin’s case, merely bringing up the fact that he blew a guy’s leg off, and was deemed responsible for that man’s suicide…probably would be anger inducing. Brett wants to move on from that, and he also wants the world to ignore that he reneged on the financial award which he should have paid to the woman whose husband died… Sure. He’s angry.courtroom-artist

How about Schmalfeldt? Lots of people online have had some nasty things to say about him, his late wife and his current fiancé. Many of the toughest comments have been centered on Schmalfeldt’s public statements. That he asked a transvestite to dance in a dark nightclub. That he had sex in public in front of a paying crowd. His video analysis of a green bowel movement. His online statements surrounding the decline of his wife’s heath, the death of his wife and the near deathbed photograph of his wife, which he sent to strangers.

I could go on. Does he have a legitimate reason to be angry? I suppose, inasmuch any one can justify anger. He has deliberately put a ‘kick me’ sign on his back. In my quiet moments, I really think the man has it in for himself. 

I have disagreed with the methods of the Lickspittles who are downright nasty to Schmalfeldt, but I know exactly where they are coming from. I choose not to call Schmalfeldt names, like Cabin Boy or Dumbfuck, or even Shakey. Those are the only ones I can think of now. Somebody will probably add more in the comments.

Well Dave, that confirms it.  You are a nicer guy than I am.  When I see his photo any more, “that’s Bill Schmalfeldt” isn’t the first thing that comes to my mind.  I see Our Oaf, the Lardy Litigant, the Colossal Cyberstalker, that sort of thing.  He’s finally succeeded in turning himself into a cartoon character in my mind.  He’s no longer real to me and I no longer feel any sort of compassion for or empathy with him whatsoever. –de

But Bill Schmalfeldt has no moral high ground in terms of nastiness. His comments about the Stranahan family, his calls to local police and social services, his smarmy accusations directed toward Sarah Palmer… It’s impossible to see these things over the span of years and conclude that Schmalfeldt is being attacked by a group of meanies on the internet. 

He claims to just want to retire and live out his life blah, blah, with his new love, blah, blah. The people who have collected all those Peace Orders with Schmalfeldt’s name on them wanted peace in their lives too.

Why is this a First Amendment issue? Because if Schmalfeldt and Kimberlin are able to use the civil courts to force others to stop writing about them, then we might as well shut down the internet. If you can’t write or speak about these very public men – whose writings and deeds make them infamous, if not famous – then every felon and failed comedian will sue you into silence.

You want to live in that country? Where the Kimberlins and Schmalfeldt’s control your speech? I don’t and I won’t.

Will this ever end? Maybe. John Hoge’s attorney might get Schmalfeldt labeled as a vexatious litigant – someone who needs a judge to check over his lawsuits before they’re filed. That’s GAME OVER, since nothing in his lawsuits ever make sense.

Kimberlin might also get that title, and he has not actually had much success in his lawsuits.  A more likely outcome is that they will tire of losing, and will stop suing people. 

I can tell you this from personal experience. I run a very small First Amendment blog, and I can tell exactly how many people read here every day.

Over the past year, there has been an increase in the total number of individual readers of the Schmalfeldt and Kimberlin posts. I’m not bragging about clicks. I’m just saying that more people are reading this stuff than before.  More people know about Justice Through Music Project being run by the Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin. More people know that for a while there, if you wrote about Kimberlin online, you risked being SWATted. Probably a coincidence.

Many more people know about Bill Schmalfeldt. Of course he’s spent his whole adult life trying to become famous so maybe he likes this.  You’re welcome, Bill.

The First Amendment protects us against the state, but it also protects us from those who would use the state as a tool to silence their neighbors.  The actions of Brett Kimberlin and Bill Schmalfeldt are wrong. And, they are counterproductive. 

Sonoran Conservative is now well established as a daily visit for those who follow this. Bill ticked off the wrong guy, in MJ. So there are Hogewash!, Thinking Man’s Zombie, Sonoran Conservative, the Craft Blog (us), BillySez and at least one other web site devoted to this issue.

So far, Bill has lost every lawsuit.

Keep up the good work, people. Pass the word. Hit some of the tipjars at those blogs, and remember: Nothing good was ever accomplished without enthusiasm. Have fun.


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