Nothing? You see nothing wrong in putting this in front of a judge?

You can find the longer version here.  I mean the extended text.


This is part of an exhibit in a lawsuit in which Bil Schmalfeldt is trying very hard to earn back his good name.  Because people made fun of him.

As a part of that long term strategy, Bill has produced for the court transcripts of three comedy recordings in which homosexual acts are discussed between cub scouts, a scout leader and another character who talks at length about urine smells.  All available a the link above.

All that’s missing from the suit is a Daily Kos essay about forced anal rape.  Well, next time.

Bill is also apparently taking up the copyright battle over the ownership of a picture of his wife in a hospital bed which some numskull emailed to strangers.  It’s now on the internet — because putting something like that in an email means putting it on the internet.






Hillary Clinton’s Email Explained

Finally!  Somebody turn this into a :60 ad for The Any Candidate Except Hillary PAC


National Review:

Imagine that you own a large department store called Foggy Bottom. Your most frequent customer is a superbly connected globetrotter with some one million miles on her passport. She never uses a standard shopping basket like everyone else. Instead, she strolls in with her own gigantic, custom-made, black-leather handbag. Quite often when this 68-year-old grandmother visits Foggy Bottom, you catch her shoplifting. Indeed, you have pried 1,340 pilfered items that magically tumbled into her black bag. How does she get away with it?

Whenever you call the police, she gives them the same excuse: “I did not take anything marked with a price tag.” You keep wondering, “Why don’t the cops arrest her already?” The authorities seem to accept her unprecedented justification. But everyone believes she knows better: Just because a sweater lacks a price tag doesn’t make it free of charge.

Deroy Murdock points out that it is Hillary Clinton’s own staff who have been removing the tags — well, the evidence that Hillary was sending and receiving secret stuff.

Everything a Secretary of State does is potentially TOP SECRET.  She needs to be charged.

Volokh on Kimberlin

Eugene Volokh reports on Brett’s loss this week:

From the Washington Post :

Next stop for Kimberlin, I expect, will be a petition for review by the Maryland Court of Appeals; but I doubt that court will be inclined to review the matter (and of course there is no question of federal law here for the U.S. Supreme Court to review). So it looks like this case might be almost done.

I pray.

Apparently, Light Editing is a Crime

John Hoge has had to deal with lots of Kimberlin fantasy, but this one is funny.  Brett


Aaron! Go easy on the red pen.

Kimberlin is accusing Aaron Walker of writing John’s court documents.  The story is here.

Something to remember in the Kimberlin fiascos.  Brett Kimberlin has studied law but has never learned it.  John Hoge never formally studied law, and occasionally needs minor editing help.

Aaron has his response here.  Part of it is an explanation I clipped from Aaron’s response.  Apparently, lawyers help out clients in this way all the time, ans it’s not a big deal.


There’s so much dumb being flung, it’s getting too easy.  Team Kimberlin needs a lawyer.