Breaking Stupid

The Internet is still agonizing slow up here on the mountain today.  I’ll post this, and come back later to write the things around it that I have to say.  I may have to drive down into town and park at a McDonalds.



I’m going to take the initiative since I’m the editor here, and it pains me that poor David has poor wifi.  Alaska is like that.

I have seen this posted, but didn’t understand it, since I’m not Bill.  This is clipped from the Bill Schmalfeldt website, that usually turns up a “404” error, which is a blessing.


Bill wrote the shaded area, and the darker comment starting with “Oh, poor stupid…”

So this is Bill, Sarah, Bill.  I have to guess at the meaning of some of this, because it is written in Schmalfeldt.

Bill says “…everybody…asked for it by being a knob shine and leaving profane comments…”

Sarah says she never sent a comment to Bill.

Bill says she is stupid for not understanding conjunctions, like and.

I have made critical errors before, but I actually teach conjunctions to small children, so I’m hoping my skills are appropriate to the task.

In Bill’s statement above, he is setting out the criteria by which he doxxes.  There are two criteria.  They must be a knob shine and they must have sent profane messages.  Let me demonstrate using the fictional character Brett Speedway.

Brett Speedway will only be interested in a girl a woman if she is small boned and she likes unintentionally awful rock music.

  • He does not date heavy-set girls women who enjoy awful rock music.
  • He also does not date small-boned  girls women who can’t stand no-talent aging rock star wannabes who can’t get a job singing in public. and who live in their mother’s basement 

As someone (I believe it was Sarah) said.  The word Bill needs there is “or.”

“…everybody…asked for it by being a knob shine or leaving profane comments…”

There’s only one problem with being arrogant.  Your talent must match your hubris.  I prefer to remain humble.  Bill, Sarah, Krendler or anyone else can comment, correct or agree below.

I sure hope David Edgren’s internet gets fixed.  I hope Bill’s gets broken.

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The Difference in Protests…Left vs. Right

Thank you, rantsbybill for collecting stills and video from leftist and right-leaning protests. We clean up after ourselves, almost never bust up police cars (OK, never) and we only deliver Crowder-style verbal beat downs when we’re being shouted at by idiots. (Crowder for VP. Anybody’s VP!)


So, I have been watching these far-left safe space loving cry babies get all wound up over words that are being spoken at college campuses and GOP events during the past few months.   For a group of people that tout free speech and peace they sure don’t show that when faced with opposing views.  Take the epic verbal smack down Steven Crowder delivered this week at a bunch of protesters at the UMass Conservative Forum:

Watch Video of Steven Crowder Here


These people need a dose of reality and being babied all these years and demanding only their speech is free speech are going to have a tough life ahead.  Fast forward a couple of days and at two separate Trump events, things go ugly, very ugly.  Here are some pics from the California event in Costa Mesa California:

Now I support the freedom to assemble and peacefully protest…but when…

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‘Transgender Woman’ Busted

Everybody wants to be a bathroom Rosa Parks.  Well.  Rosa was sitting, but you get the idea.

The WTVD video at the link shows Alexis Adams claiming she was accosted by a janitor in a female restroom in Durham and embarrassed into leaving with a security guard escorting her out.   Alexis Adams made the transition to a women five years ago according to the story.


The big problem?  There’s no security guard on the video.  WTVD’s reporter confronts her, then gets a lame “…well you just had to be there…” response.  Total time between Alexis enters the bathroom, and the arrival of the female janitor? 4 minutes.  So, there was no immediate security reaction.  Just a woman janitor going to the bathroom.

Apparently security guards at the Durham Transit Station are invisible.  Or Vampires.  They don’t show up on video.

Video here. (Sorry,  it will not embed.)   Fast forward to 1:43 to see the “busted” moment, and Alexis totally rocking the wig #2.

This will continue in North Carolina.  I predict – in order to get some response — progressively uglier and more masculine transgenders will be used.  I expect the next participant in this obvious hoax to be very hairy.

Background on why this is happening here.   HB2 requires men to use men’s restrooms and women to use the women’s restrooms.





Get Off My Ass, Bill

UPDATE from Dave Alexander below.

Hi Yo 800px

I have a lot of stuff to post, but the Internet has been slow as molasses all day here.  The kind of day when a badly photoshopped image of my head from before my cataract surgery last December- with a surgical cap on and all- has probably spent a lot more time on my browser than it would have otherwise.

I’m not a handsome guy any more.  The years have taken their toll.  My wife tells me that in my good moments I look like a wise old Norwegian ship captain,


that’s Captain Olaf to you, sailor...

but I think she’s just trying to make me feel good.

Anyway, long posts illustrated with lots of fun stuff are beyond me today, so I need to fall back to Plan B.

Hello Information 800px

See you all around tomorrow.  You too, Bill.  I have a few things for you.

Update from the Editor-in-Chief: Right after John Hoge filed a lawsuit against some internet typists about their pecking about John, I published a list of suggestions for those interested in writing about John.

They are here, and they also cover the likelihood that someone is writing about Dave Alexander and David Edgren.  They include the helpful advice that getting factual information about news events from a perjurer might be a mistake.  Scratch out John’s name, and add David Edgren and Dave Alexander, and it’s all good advice.

My Face Has Been Added to a Religious Painting Why?

I have no earthly idea.

According to John Hoge, this was posted on Twitter:


The two faces are myself (Dave Alexander) and David Edgren, the attorney who so clearly kicked Bill Schmalfeldt’s ass in court.  He writes commentary here and is my co-blogger.

I wondered if there was any logical reason that Bill would say we’re beating a dead horse.  I checked over our blog posts, but find a variety of subjects: Free speech, culture war and even cartoons.  I wandered to Bill’s web site but saw only this:


If you have some time look to the right side of this blog post, click on April 2016 archives and you’ll see a great mix of topics. Bill’s writings are more repetitive.

One thing I always like if a free flow of information.  This is the only web sites covering the legal and emotional failures of Brett Kimberlin and Bill Schmalfeldt which welcomes comments by all.  Families are off limits, but Bill is always welcome to comment.  He has said in comments here that he does not mind truthful things written about him.

Are untruthful things being said about me elsewhere?  Beats me.  Can’t see it.  Not interested in looking really.

And many thanks to John Hoge for continuing to guide people here.  The list of folks who have thrown me a link is here:


Anti-Trump Activists Wave Mexican Flag, Damage 5 Police Cars in Peaceful Show of Opposition

In an effort to prove that immigrants are not rapists and murdering thugs,


Dyah think?

Los Angelenos vandalize police vehicles.  

LA Times:

Hundreds of demonstrators filled the street outside the Orange County amphitheater where Donald Trump held a rally Thursday night, stomping on cars, hurling rocks at motorists and forcefully declaring their opposition to the Republican presidential candidate. – snip –

I’m protesting because I want equal rights for everybody, and I want peaceful protest,” said 19-year-old Daniel Lujan, one of hundreds in a crowd that appeared to be mostly Latinos in their late teens and 20s.

“I knew this was going to happen,” Lujan added. “It was going to be a riot. He deserves what he gets.”  [Same guy from previous paragraph. – Dave]

Video footage showed some anti-Trump demonstrators hurling debris at a passing pickup truck. One group of protesters carried benches and blocked the entrance to the 55 Freeway along Newport Boulevard, with some tossing rocks at motorists near the on-ramp.

– snip –

To Arianna Perez, 19, the flaring of tempers over Trump were a necessary reaction to the inflammatory rhetoric of his campaign.

“We could be peaceful and do things different,” she said, “but if we did, we wouldn’t get our voice heard.”