So Why Are We Still Here?

UPDATE: Bill visited Billysez last night also.  It’s very much worth a visit.  Remember of course that Morgana was the target (NOT victim) of very disgusting comments by Bill, and I was faildoxxed by Bill.  David E. was doxed and sued by Bill.  Hoge…well, there’s a fair amount of history there, too.

Yet all of us, for the time being allow Bill Schmalfeldt a larger audience than he has ever had on his own.  


From a comment left here by Bill Schmalfeldt:

bschmalfeldt53235November 26, 2015 at 9:40 pm
Let me see… you want to move on from this topic, but you keep writing about it. And for once, Mr. Hoge is correct. He’s just wrong about whose wall has been hit by whose ram.You leave me alone, I leave you alone. Try it. See how it works.

(I cut a tiny part of it out, as it didn’t seem to be directed at me, or this blog.)

It was a response to a very important post by David Edgren here.  Good reading.

The first comment from the post was from me, and I stand behind this:

David and I both wanted to move on from this topic — and indeed we had. I’d like to talk/write about silly college kids, shutuppery, environmental foolishness and other fun stuff. On the other hand, I won’t back down.
We really would like to move on, and in some ways we have.  With the exception of two “warnings” to Bill Schmalfeldt, David has kept away from the entire topic.THREAT TO PUBLISH
I’ve only jumped in when there is something newsworthy, say, like Bill Schmalfeldt trying to extort the identity of Krendler from a reader of this blog.  Or when he humorously claimed to be Krendler.  David and I spent a week writing about no one except Brett Kimberlin — and we didn’t even connect Schmalfeldt to Brett.
And when Bill proposes to publish every word which belongs to another writer, then a book turns up with Bill’s distinctive silhouette and Krendler’s writing…yes I’m going to write.
But since hostilities are at a high level, Bill cannot expect me to drop out of this topic.  He’s welcome to come here, read and complain, but even though I have been threatened with lawsuits, I’m still interested in shining the light until all the roaches have skittered away.  
head down
Yes.  There are times that it is best to ones head down.  Sadly, Mr. Schmalfeldt has never learned from his own advice.  
At the same time, I’m still trying to find a word that is the opposite of intimidating.  Perhaps Schmalfeldt.  

Your Websites Make Me Seasick


Dear Washington Times and Breitbart:

This is a simple request: Stop making me seasick.
Your websites can be useful and moneymaking journalistic institutions, or they can be a rollercoaster ride of popups and sliding text.
Breibart. Jeesh. The whole site slides over for an ad three seconds after I get there. I get it. You want my attention. In reality, the slide is like you’re pulling a book away from my face. Very annoying.
Washington Times: You guys are the worst. This is a screen grab of your site today:

Washington Times.png

See the words under “ANALYSIS/OPINION”???
That’s called content. The rest of the blinking, overlapping, autostarting mess is not. The stuff on the bottom slides, and changes every few seconds. The AdChoice stuff on the right for Williams Sonoma actually blocks other links to articles. I know you have to make money, and links, popups and other ads pay the bills.
Can you figure out a way to make your website blink, slide and block less?

There’s Always an Alternate Theory

Mental state.png

In this case there are several:

  • lawsuitMr Bill
  • Hoge will write a book which will outsell even the plagiarized books cut and pasted by Schmalfeldt
  • lawsuit about a book, including previous copyright agreements
  • Hoge is playing chess vs. checkers
  • The old, deleted  blogs contain material which demonstrate illegal harassment, plagiarism or funny things
  • Mr. Hoge can do whatever he wants with his time, including but not limited to running a blog with a bigger audience than all Bill’s closed up/defunct/spoliated blogs put together

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A Second and Final Warning to Bill Schmalfeldt by David Edgren 




You Can Spy On Your House – And So Can Others

You can buy a product called Nest Cam, which lets you look in on your house from anywhere in the world.



You can also turn it off.  Or can you? (Cue dramatic music!)

From Slashdot:

The truth is: the Nest Cam is never “off” despite an effort by Nest and its parent Google to make it appear otherwise. That, according to an analysis of the Nest Cam by the firm ABI Research, which found that turning the Nest Cam “off” using the associated mobile application only turns off the LED power indicator light on the front of the device. Under the hood, the camera continues to operate and, according to ABI researcher Jim Mielke, to monitor its surroundings: noting movement, sound and other activity when users are led to believe it has powered down.

The company says there’s nothing to be afraid of. (Cue dramatic music.) But isn’t that always what the company says?


Kerry fears Israeli-Palestinian conflict may ‘spin out of control’, Notes ‘Rest of world pretty screwed up, too.’

I made up that last bit.  Also: I think I have made up a word.

From Yahoo News:

Boston (AFP) – US Secretary of State John Kerry warned Wednesday that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is at a “pivotal point” and could worsen beyond repair unless both sides make rapid compromises.

“As you know, we’re very concerned about the violence and the potential for the situation to spin out of control,” Kerry told reporters as he arrived home in Boston after visiting leaders from both sides in Jerusalem.


Taking a deep breath.  Visiting my happy place.

Okay: Does he get a newspaper?  Has he looked at Iraq?  Syria?  Does he not understand that nearly 8 years of nincompooping by American community organizers has led to the world on fire?

We didn’t do it all, but we coulda helped stop some of this.  Worst presidency ever.


Dave’s New Word:


nin com poop ing — verb.  ruining a situation with inaction or foolish action. See nincompoop – noun. See nincompoopery – noun  See nincompoopish – adj.  See also Obama Foreign Policy 2009-2017.