Spot the Big Error and Huge Bit of Stupidity

Diane Ravich is a respected education writer:

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced that it would not run the Dakota pipeline through the tribe’s lands.

(CNN) The Army will not approve an easement that would allow the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline to cross under Lake Oahe in North Dakota, the Army’s assistant secretary for civil works announced Sunday.

The pipeline was never planned to go through the tribe’s land. Three miles away.  But it is near where the Dakota Sioux long ago buried their dead, but never put markers down. Or wrote down where they buried them.  Or anything else resembling what any society recognizes that people did once they declared lands ‘sacred.’  

As a way to make sure precious water is never polluted.  The oil pipeline will now go under a lake.  

I cannot make this up.


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Original Plan



Good luck building anything other that a sweat lodge or a casino in what used to be “Indian Territories.” Which is like, everywhere in North America.



Discrimination is Bad


From the Gotta Be More to This Dept:

From One News Now, a conservative news outlet:

A discrimination case currently before a Chicago federal appeals court is being watched closely. 

Attorneys for lesbian teacher Kimberly Hively allege she was denied a full-time position and later fired at Ivy Tech Community College, located in Indiana, due to her sexuality, a claim the school denies.  

But it’s her attorneys’ claim of a Civil Rights Act violation that is raising eyebrows, since the landmark 1964 law includes sex but not sexual orientation.

“I didn’t get tenure because I’m gay…” seems unlikely at a university, but this is a community college.  At some point the college probably needed to have some other reason, although tenure is not a given in all circumstances.

This is one of the parts of North Carolina HB2 — aka the bathroom bill.  LGBTQ and LMNOP activists are hoping to make sexual orientation a protected class.  I made up that last group.  My preacher is pretty sure somebody made up the LGBTQ group, too.

In other news, guess what case just won’t go away? 

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A same-sex couple is seeking to reinstate its case against the Kentucky clerk who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

The case against Kim Davis, Ermold vs. Davis, was one of three dismissed earlier this year, including one that put Davis in jail for six days. Together, the dismissals were hailed as “a decisive victory in her fight for religious freedom” by her defender, the non-profit Liberty Counsel.

The legal group said Friday the plaintiffs in Ermold were seeking to force a “winner take all” decision between same-sex “marriage” and religious liberty.

The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments Monday about political and racial gerrymandering in North Carolina.


But lawyers for the state have argued that the legislature has been forced to grope for a nearly impossible-to-find Goldilocks zone between taking race into account and not overstepping an ill-defined line.1

“Racial gerrymandering doctrine is substantially complicated by the reality that the Voting Rights Act has been interpreted to sometimes require states to prioritize race when drawing its districts,” lawyers representing North Carolina wrote in a brief for the court.Changing districts

So it is okay to take race into consideration, just nobody says how much.  This was not a factor in the 100 or so years the Democrats were in charge of the process.  Look for calls to make the process ‘fairer’ by appointing independent boards.  


Hey! Does anybody know a conservative lawyer or law student who wants to write for the Craft blog.  He/she will get the same pay as Gus and David, which is equal to the pay of the detail-oriented  “Editor in Chef” Dave Alexander.



Reporter Missed the Point, I’m Sure Accidentally

If you heard a gay man call another gay man an anti-gay slur…the relative, um..gayness of the individuals would matter, right.

You wouldn’t ignore the fact that the name-caller is gay. And you wouldn’t publish the story without a picture which would make that gay thing pretty obvious, right?

You might if you type for the Charleston-Gazette Mail.*

Milo Yiannopoulos, the tech editor for a website that posts sexist and racist articles, spoke at West Virginia University Thursday and attacked a WVU professor, using an anti-gay slur to describe him and mocking his appearance.

Yiannopoulos, whose supporters often heap hatred on his targets, slipped in his remarks that Daniel Brewster, who is gay, is “still on Twitter” after showing a slide that called Brewster, who teaches sociology, a “fat f—-t.”

Yiannopoulos, who writes for Breitbart, was banned from Twitter after several of his followers tweeted racist comments to “Saturday Night Live” cast member Leslie Jones, who is black, at Yiannopoulos’ urging.

[That’s not actually true, but since the rest of the article is an exercise in ‘let’s hide the facts,’ they figure nobody cares. Breitbart doesn’t publish racist and sexist articles.  Milo never urged anyone to do anything. – Dave]

There was no mention in the article that Milo is gay.  For those who do not know of the high-profile Breitbart writer, I should point out that he is flamboyantly gay.  Maybe that’s not descriptive enough.  Marvelously gay.  So gay that Ricky Martin once asked him to ‘tone it down.’  

Not only did they not mention he’s gay, but they didn’t include his picture in the story. 

I told you he’s gay.

First things first: I don’t like name calling. It is, however, what Milo does. He does other things, but he really seems to enjoy stirring that pot.

He seems to want people either to lighten up about names, or he just wants people to pay attention to him.  Telling Milo not to use the word he used, is just as silly as asking a rapper not to use the word that I’m not gonna write, since I’m not stupid.

Secondly, I hate poor reporting.  Failing to mention Milo’s sexual orientation leaves the impression that Breitbart is a homophobic, probably sexist/racist/antisemitic workplace. Which is what the writer seems to be up to.

*I no longer honor lousy reporting as “writing.” It’s not writing, just typing, as Robin Williams once said in the voice of Truman Capote.  (A guy who would also have asked Milo to tone it down.”







It’s Saturday

Plan a vacation.



Looking for a Good Saturday read?  These folks can help:

If it’s popular with the alt-right…

…then it is bad, and therefore must be linked with the alt-right every time we can. — New Left Style Guide, Fall 2016 Ed.

From the Washington Post, in an article by  Karen Tumulty and Philip Ruckerabout an event at which Clinton and Trump people got mad at each other.

Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri condemned Bannon, who previously ran Breitbart, a news site popular with the alt-right, a small movement known for espousing racist views.    [Emphasis freakin’ mine. — Dave]

So, Breitbart the news sites are not racist, and we can’t find racist things there. They’re just popular with the alt-right, which isn’t necessarily racist-racist, but just known for espousing racist views.  Never mind that Breitbart sites do not espouse racist views.  Or that ‘espousing racist views’ is one verbal step away from the actually saying something racist. Espousing racist views these days is generally thought to mean a white person ‘saying something that makes Whoopie Goldberg mad.’


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I can tell you’re a racist by the way you look at this computer screen.  Stop oppressing me.

Notice also that the alt-right started out as a mysterious part of the internet.  Some tried to claim the Breitbart sites were a part of that group.  That didn’t stick. Now it’s a bunch of people, apparently.  Because a site can be popular with the alt-right. 

You know what else is probably popular with the alt-right, if that group was ever really defined?

Walmart.  Hot dogs.  Convenience stores.  Booze. 36-ounce sodas.  Trans fats. Very few other things with ‘trans’ in them. Alan Jackson music.  That yellow cheese that you can get melted on top of corn chips.  No, not the white queso that you might get at the Mexican restaurant. The really yellow stuff. 

Two for ones on anything. Michael Buble Christmas albums.  The alt-right also likes Levis, Wranglers and t-shirts. Some might even like Armani suits and nice ties. Since they’ve never actually been seen, this blog can only speculate.  Which is actually the next item in the New Left Style Guide, Fall 2016 Ed.

If we could locate these boogie men and women of the alt-right, we’d probable discover that personal responsibility is popular with them.  They like pizza. Carbohydrates. Most things with ‘semi-automatic’ in front on them.  The first sip of coffee in the morning.  Moving on after this election. Grandkids. 

The alt-right is the bad guy, but in order for them to be useful, they must find mainstream conservative things they can tarnish with their badness.  Breitbart, for instance. A sight which is popular, conservative, and employs a diverse staff.

Hey Tumulty and Rucker.  Your game is not working.