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Part V – Brett Kimberlin TV: The Video Files

BK_Comic_Btv_525x800The Brett Kimberlin story has consumed — and some say wasted — thousands of pages of court documents, testimony and blog posts.  For those who want some perspective on Brett Kimberlin, the swatting accusations and his musical career, today’s post is a video sampler.
This video bears the label “Bett Kimberlin Swatting Cases” but no one actually makes the accusation on the video that this is Brett Kimberlin on the 911 audio.  The swattings occured after bloggers and commentators wrote about Brett Kimberlin.  Erick Erickson is clear about this.
The Other McCain writes it up. He quotes Instapundit: “Really, if the goal is to keep people from writing about Brett Kimberlin, this doesn’t seem like the way to do it.”
Glen Beck interviews Patrick Frey of the blog Patterico.  Pat Frey is a skilled attorney, and is careful not to say the Brett Kimberlin swatted him.
Breitbart covered the fact that the LA Weekly covered it.

This interview starts out poorly, so either be patient, or fast forward to about 29 seconds in.  Lee Stranahan, Libry Chick Mandy Nagy and Aaron Worthing (Aaron Walker.)

Patrick Frey published a comparison of the voices of the 911 call in his swatting case and Ron Bryneart, a Kimberlin associate.  The editing on this audio and video file makes a strong case that the voices are very similar.  Much more forensic work should be done.
Brett Kimberlin has recast himself as a Rock Singer, but according to court documents he has been unable to make progress as certain bloggers have defamed him and caused him emotional distress.
Cant Sing Cant Work
There may be other reasons why his music career may be stalled.
Ironically, this first video shows Brett Kimberlin in exactly the place where many conservative bloggers would like to see him.
Dave Alexander & Company makes no guarantees concerning the condition of your computer speakers after listening to Brett Kimberlin’s music.  In our experience, listening to Brett Kimberlin sing will not damage your computer speakers provided you turn off the video when the music becomes listenable.  In other words, nobody we know actually knows what the end of a Brett Kimberlin song actually sounds like.

Starting Tuesday: The Anniversary of the Speedway Bombings

Speedway population CROPPED

Starting Tuesday, an exhaustive* study of the Speedway Bombings.  If you would like to know why bloggers John Hoge, Aaron Walker, and Pat Frey of Patterico have been sued for reporting on Brett Kimberlin, please come here Tuesday.

If you want to find out why the story needs to be told, please read this blog starting Tuesday.

*We know it is exhaustive because we’re not even done writing it yet, and we’re pooped.