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Best Humanzee Story Pic

Thanks, Sun!  

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I Suggest Fingers in Ears

The right to practice one’s religion will be severely restricted in the 21st century. Oh sure, you can go ahead and chant, burn incense and make pleas to your gods within the walls of your church.  But try to pray … Continue reading

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So, Death Camps in Poland are Not Polish Death Camps?

From this blog, August 19, 2016: Don’t Call Them Polish Death Camps Those places are German Nazi camps which were and are located in Poland. The government is trying to dictate vocabulary.  (CNN) A law proposal making phrases like “Polish labor camps,” “Polish extermination … Continue reading

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If You Think Sex is for Marriage, and Marriage is for Children

And if by thinking this centuries old idea, you are necessarily hateful.  You don’t actually get a choice in whether you’re a hater, it’s just so. Who says so? The student paper at Georgetown University, a Nominally Catholic University™.  The Family … Continue reading

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I Have a Hate List for Next Year’s “Hate List”

  Journalist and author Karl Zinsmeister points out the hate hustle: (h/t Michael Wilson) The video is a part of Prager University.  Of course the Southern Poverty Law Center has a right to keep an eye on hate groups, but … Continue reading

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Transcript of Trump Deposition

Meuller: So, when did you first think of firing the FBI Director?   Trump: You know. It’s in my calendar, but gosh darn. I can’t seem to find it anywhere.   Mueller: Did you ever meet with Russians about getting … Continue reading

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After Multiple Lawsuits, Peace Orders, Accusations, Lies, Counter-suits and PLM…

The internet drama between John Hoge and Bill Schmalfeldt is finally… Going to start up again: (Update below this post.) From John’s Team Kimberlin Post of the Day: “I’m not through with him yet.” Regarding me, a failing Maryland alt-right … Continue reading

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