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That’s Called a Convenience Store for a Reason

Rural Alabama gas station. I was there getting a Snickers. — Sarah Kendzior (@sarahkendzior) March 18, 2018 The store has a federal and state license to sell guns, I assume. It’s a gun store that also sells candies and … Continue reading

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Stupid and Evil

In the world there are two things to fear: evil and stupidity. Stupid will get you long before evil rolls outta bed and gets a cup of coffee. NY Post: A California teacher who also serves as a reserve police … Continue reading

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NC Teachers Say No to Guns in School…Kinda

I teach. I have already said I would carry. I don’t want to, or look forward to it, but some things you do. Protecting kids is one of them.  I’d like to never be a sitting duck. I don’t want … Continue reading

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Give ‘Em Hell, Huckabee

Hollywood-where grownups pretend for a living & pretend to be smarter & morally superior;condemn walls but live behind them; rail against guns but protected by them & use guns in their films; and espouse free speech while screaming if someone … Continue reading

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At Least They Asked?

When you write a survey, you should consider each question carefully. Are you guiding the respondent to one answer or another? Are you showing bias? I once answered “incorrectly” on a psych test for a job by saying “no” to … Continue reading

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Problem Solving and Planning

It seems sometimes if the dominant media and opinion-makers on the left (but I repeat) are seemingly deficient in two areas: problem solving and planing ahead. Strange, since in order to become somewhat successful they needed to do both things. … Continue reading

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Arming Teachers? A Response from a Teacher

For nearly 20 years I have been an elementary school teacher. I would carry a concealed gun in school. No one really knows how they’ll react to a shooting. A school resource officer failed to enter the Florida school, and … Continue reading

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Guns and Erring on the Side of Freedom

The events in Las Vegas should have us all questioning things. How could this happen? Why didn’t anybody know this was in the planning stages? And what about the “bump stock” which allowed this shooter to spray a crowd?   … Continue reading

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Gus Bailey Suggest This From Ace

Over at the very shy and demure ‘Ace of Spades HQ’, CBD brings up a very salient point.  The Left keeps foisting “rights” onto society for society to slavishly embrace, respect, uphold and celebrate; but so many of these “rights” … Continue reading

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Bob Owens of Bearing Arms Discovers the Bottom of the Barrel

And a robber discovers the end of one. h/t Freedom is Just Another Word… The parents of a dead armed robber are very angry over his death, and are demanding to know why his innocent victim was allowed to be armed. … Continue reading

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