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That’s Called a Convenience Store for a Reason

Rural Alabama gas station. I was there getting a Snickers. — Sarah Kendzior (@sarahkendzior) March 18, 2018 The store has a federal and state license to sell guns, I assume. It’s a gun store that also sells candies and … Continue reading

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Stupid and Evil

In the world there are two things to fear: evil and stupidity. Stupid will get you long before evil rolls outta bed and gets a cup of coffee. NY Post: A California teacher who also serves as a reserve police … Continue reading

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NC Teachers Say No to Guns in School…Kinda

I teach. I have already said I would carry. I don’t want to, or look forward to it, but some things you do. Protecting kids is one of them.  I’d like to never be a sitting duck. I don’t want … Continue reading

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Give ‘Em Hell, Huckabee

Hollywood-where grownups pretend for a living & pretend to be smarter & morally superior;condemn walls but live behind them; rail against guns but protected by them & use guns in their films; and espouse free speech while screaming if someone … Continue reading

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At Least They Asked?

When you write a survey, you should consider each question carefully. Are you guiding the respondent to one answer or another? Are you showing bias? I once answered “incorrectly” on a psych test for a job by saying “no” to … Continue reading

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Problem Solving and Planning

It seems sometimes if the dominant media and opinion-makers on the left (but I repeat) are seemingly deficient in two areas: problem solving and planing ahead. Strange, since in order to become somewhat successful they needed to do both things. … Continue reading

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Arming Teachers? A Response from a Teacher

For nearly 20 years I have been an elementary school teacher. I would carry a concealed gun in school. No one really knows how they’ll react to a shooting. A school resource officer failed to enter the Florida school, and … Continue reading

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