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Heckler’s Veto

Daily Caller:

CNN host W. Kamau Bell declared on Thursday the cancellation of college speakers like Ann Coulter is a matter of protecting students from so-called hate speech, and has nothing to do with free speech.

In an appearance on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” host Wolf Blitzer asked Bell, who hosts the series “United Shades of America,” what were his thoughts about college free speech issues and the uproar at UC-Berkeley over conservative speakers showing up on campus.W. Kamau Bell (CNN screencap)

Actually she was invited.

“That’s not about free speech,” the CNN host said. “The reason why people’s speeches are being canceled is because it’s a safety issue. If your free speech leads to hate speech, and it makes people feel unsafe, then universities have the right to protect the kids on campus.”

Heckler’s Veto:

In the free speech context, a heckler’s veto comprises either of two situations in which a person who disagrees with a speaker’s message is able to unilaterally trigger events that result in the speaker being silenced.

In the strict legal sense, a heckler’s veto occurs when the speaker’s right is curtailed or restricted by the government in order to prevent a reacting party’s behavior. The common example is the termination of a speech or demonstration in the interest of maintaining the public peace based on the anticipated negative reaction of someone opposed to that speech or demonstration. The term was coined by University of Chicago professor of law Harry Kalven.[1]

In common parlance, the term is used to describe situations where hecklers or demonstrators silence a speaker without intervention of the law.

Urban Dictionary:

Educated Idiot:

An Educated Idiot is a person that went to college, but is dumber than a rock. The Educated Idiot feels like he/she is smart, but they screw up everything they get involved in. 

Wrong On So Many Other Things…

But so right…or at least correct on this:


Our freedom of speech is not negotiable, and is not subject to the veto of a masked mob.

America was liberated from the British Empire in part because of the words of patriots. The abolitionist movement, the civil rights campaigns of the ’50’s and ’60’s. the women’s lib movement…all could have been crushed with a few armed and motivated thugs.

The words of Martin Luther King, Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and all the other heroes you can name…could have been labeled hateful by someone somewhere. Labeled then silenced.

But we didn’t let that happen. 

The arc of American history is still toward liberty.  These Berkeley thugs are just a blip, like their fellow anarchists in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 

When even the old hippies start to agree with me, I beginto be optimistic. As the philosopher John McClain once said, “Welcome to the party, pal.”

Wall Street, Sept 16, 1920.

Berkeley, Feb. 1, 2017.

Berkeley, April 14, 2017.

The anarchists will lose, as they always do, because Americans would rather have freedom. — Radio host, presidential historian and human rights advocate Dave Alexander



They Don’t Know Anything Outside the Bubble

Politico points out that reporters and editors live in places where Hillary Clinton and other Democrats are winners:


It’s more than just location. When you’re a fish, you can barely imagine living in water, much less living in a desert.

The issue isn’t just with journalists, and it is not just a geography thing.

How many journalists, academics and elitist class individuals have worked – really worked hard – for ten to fifteen hours a day because they needed to? How many ever have been really broke? 

How many have had real experience with real poverty, or actual economic despair. Like, the mill closed down and not only are you out of work, but your neighbors are, too? Or all the skills you have are for jobs which don’t pay?

Too few.

Too few know the kind of character building living that takes place away from their enclaves. 

Have they ever been in a situation where they needed to hold their tongues because they really need their jobs? Or worked a job that was terrible, so that the bills mostly would get paid?

Have they ever worked 12 hour days hammering nails only to lose the job to someone who will work for a dollar less?

Really, how many pundits, adjunct professors, journalists and reporters ever lose their jobs to immigrants?

Many of us outside the bubble have clothed our kids in thrift store bargains, and bought from the Reduced for Quick Sale section of the meat department.

True story. I once bought nice sweaters and leggings for my daughters for school picture day, then returned the clothing to the store the next day. Those pictures hang in my bedroom, and they are a constant reminder.

My pastor once brought groceries, and a hundred dollars just before Christmas.

Have the so-called elites ever prayed, really honestly prayed to God that somehow things were different?

For those of us outside the bubble, the issues of freedom, poverty, American economic success and human rights are being played out in real time in our communities. 

Those folks in flyover country, and who live just a few miles from the elites, know very well the lies being told on TV, and in their newspapers. We’ve been called bitter clingers and fascists. To our faces, by those who should know better.

No wonder the country is split.


Has a Civil War Begun?

Or is there a nationwide surplus of hyperbole, one which can only be neutralized by essays like this on in Front Page Mag:

The Democrats have become a terrorist party. And their commitment to a radical revolution has plunged our political system into chaos. The left is now exactly where it wanted to be.

And a civil war has begun.

The thesis seems to be that the left has become the radical left, intent on a #resistance to the point of tearing America apart. Oddly, the left says this sort of thing about the right every now and then:The extreme right-wing of the Republican Party has taken over the party, and will harm America with their pro-life, anti-LGBT, gun-toting, blah…

I suggest that the American left just wants power, not destruction. If the off-year elections go their way, the stupid will die down. 

The Antifa and the astroturf warriors are only a tiny slice of even the most radical elements on the left. They are less committed to the struggle than the right, and less inclined to get up once their knocked down.

Social Justice Warriors are that in name only. If trashing a Starbucks is their idea of Lexington, or Fort Sumpter…I wouldn’t worry.

UK Student Left-wing NUS






Quotes of the Day: Sebastian Gorka

“Eight out of ten times, I can read something written in the daily paper about an event that occurred the night before, and it is literally 180 degrees incorrect,” said Gorka in his remarks to the crowded room. “It is totally contrary to what happened inside the building 80 percent of the time. That’s something that has opened my eyes to the lack of true investigative journalism.”

80 percent of the time they are 180 degrees wrong? Actually I’m sure the other 20% were mostly wrong, too.

Of course this is from Breibart News, which is also being smeared by astroturfed asshats, because the reporting is so different from the rest of the media world.

The truth can be like that.