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Heckler’s Veto

Daily Caller: CNN host W. Kamau Bell declared on Thursday the cancellation of college speakers like Ann Coulter is a matter of protecting students from so-called hate speech, and has nothing to do with free speech. In an appearance on … Continue reading

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Protecting His Students

Sometimes you just have to take a break. Get a cup of coffee. Review your options. Stop acting like an idiot.  

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Wrong On So Many Other Things…

But so right…or at least correct on this: Source Our freedom of speech is not negotiable, and is not subject to the veto of a masked mob. America was liberated from the British Empire in part because of the words of … Continue reading

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They Don’t Know Anything Outside the Bubble

Politico points out that reporters and editors live in places where Hillary Clinton and other Democrats are winners: It’s more than just location. When you’re a fish, you can barely imagine living in water, much less living in a desert. … Continue reading

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Do You Know Why the Cameraman Kept on Filming?

Because that’s his job. He’d be fired for not filming. If he stopped he’d be in trouble. Man, I hate the internet sometimes. I mean, would you stop? Also, a lot of those teaser ads about ‘saying goodbye’ to celebrities … Continue reading

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Has a Civil War Begun?

Or is there a nationwide surplus of hyperbole, one which can only be neutralized by essays like this on in Front Page Mag: The Democrats have become a terrorist party. And their commitment to a radical revolution has plunged our political … Continue reading

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Quotes of the Day: Sebastian Gorka

“Eight out of ten times, I can read something written in the daily paper about an event that occurred the night before, and it is literally 180 degrees incorrect,” said Gorka in his remarks to the crowded room. “It is totally … Continue reading

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Howard Dean and UC Berkeley are Wrong About the First Amendment

But you expected that. The college is scared of Ann Coulter, and Howard Dean is concerned that Coulter might incite violence, despite lots of proof that it is the left which has picked up rocks ‘in the wake of the … Continue reading

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Footnotes in Legal History

John Hoge’s latest filing in the Hoge v. Kimberlin et al, suit is nominally the Plaintiff’s Opposition to the Kimberlin Defendents’ Motion For Sanctions, but we’ll just call it the definitive response to the Kimberlin lawfare. For those just joining … Continue reading

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Team Kimberlin Strategies

There are some basic strategies in the TK Official Playbook™, including accuse the accuser, weaponize the family and blame the blogger for his commenters. But the least effective strategy is “hide and seek.”  In Mat 2016, Brett Kimberlin hid from … Continue reading

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