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Subliminal Signals and Dog Whistles

Apparently Donald Trump is the Subliminal President, sending out subconscious dog whistles which are hard to pinpoint as the are deviously woven into the fabric of his communication. These camouflaged anti-Semitic coded messages are not easy to decipher.   They … Continue reading

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The Death of Literature: Sensitivity Readers

Washington Post: Before a book is published and released to the public, it’s passed through the hands (and eyes) of many people: an author’s friends and family, an agent and, of course, an editor. These days, though, a book may … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day. Maybe forever.

“We don’t think poison is the way to go,” said Eydin Hansen, Vice President of the Texas Hog Hunters Association. courtesy Dave Barry and CBS News.

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Guess Which Government is Threatening to Censor Free Speech?

Trump’s America? Nah. The European Union Parliament — which I’m guessing is just a tad more ‘liberal’ in the American understanding of the word. Again, it is the progressive who advocates mandated ignorance — even of things which are being … Continue reading

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All We are Saying is Give Peas a Chance


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Race Traitor? No. Liar.

Daily Caller: Former NAACP branch president Rachel Dolezal, who lied about being black but still identifies as black, is now jobless, living on food stamps and expects to lose her home next month. YouTube/MSNBC “There’s no protected class for me,” … Continue reading

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Not Juicing, but Transitioning

Strangest wrestling story this week. AP: Beggs, who reached the state tournament after two opponents forfeited, was dogged throughout the event by questions about whether his testosterone treatments made him too strong to wrestle fairly against girls. It’s hard to … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

While some believe there has been an increase in ‘hate speech,’ I believe there has actually been an increase in ‘whiny-ass bastards.’  — Johnny Longhair, Native American Shaman* *Okay. I made that up. 

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Righteous Riots and the Heckler’s Veto

From a fairly left-wing blog:   Even in our politically-correct, ultra-sensitive-to-verbiage times, folks have every right to express their feelings and beliefs about others, even the nasty ones, but only if they don’t trigger violence. Absolutely a paper-thin difference at … Continue reading

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Real Headline

State Department writes anti-leak memo, which promptly leaks The State Department legal office prepared a four-page memo for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warning of the dangers of leaking by State Department employees. It promptly leaked, to me. That’s only … Continue reading

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