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When Debating Issues of Faith and Morality, It’s Best to Get the Best Information

Personally, I’d do an economic impact study.

TEXAS – In an effort to keep Texas from enacting a so-called “bathroom bill” and a “religious freedom” bill in the state, business organizations are stressing the economic impact of such legislation.

At a press conference Tuesday at the Texas State Capitol, Keep Texas Open for Business and the Texas Association of Business (TAB) unveiled an economic impact study that looked into the effects of the proposed bills on the Texas economy.

North Carolina’s ‘bathroom bill’ caused real economic impact.  I actually don’t think the economic impact will sway Texas politicians.

Governor Pat McCrory was defeated in his gubernatorial reelection bid in part because he signed HB2.  

But getting back to my main point, if something is right, and you can justify it…the economic impact is not a reason to fold.


Discrimination is Bad


From the Gotta Be More to This Dept:

From One News Now, a conservative news outlet:

A discrimination case currently before a Chicago federal appeals court is being watched closely. 

Attorneys for lesbian teacher Kimberly Hively allege she was denied a full-time position and later fired at Ivy Tech Community College, located in Indiana, due to her sexuality, a claim the school denies.  

But it’s her attorneys’ claim of a Civil Rights Act violation that is raising eyebrows, since the landmark 1964 law includes sex but not sexual orientation.

“I didn’t get tenure because I’m gay…” seems unlikely at a university, but this is a community college.  At some point the college probably needed to have some other reason, although tenure is not a given in all circumstances.

This is one of the parts of North Carolina HB2 — aka the bathroom bill.  LGBTQ and LMNOP activists are hoping to make sexual orientation a protected class.  I made up that last group.  My preacher is pretty sure somebody made up the LGBTQ group, too.

In other news, guess what case just won’t go away? 

Image result for country singer kim davis


A same-sex couple is seeking to reinstate its case against the Kentucky clerk who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

The case against Kim Davis, Ermold vs. Davis, was one of three dismissed earlier this year, including one that put Davis in jail for six days. Together, the dismissals were hailed as “a decisive victory in her fight for religious freedom” by her defender, the non-profit Liberty Counsel.

The legal group said Friday the plaintiffs in Ermold were seeking to force a “winner take all” decision between same-sex “marriage” and religious liberty.

The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments Monday about political and racial gerrymandering in North Carolina.


But lawyers for the state have argued that the legislature has been forced to grope for a nearly impossible-to-find Goldilocks zone between taking race into account and not overstepping an ill-defined line.1

“Racial gerrymandering doctrine is substantially complicated by the reality that the Voting Rights Act has been interpreted to sometimes require states to prioritize race when drawing its districts,” lawyers representing North Carolina wrote in a brief for the court.Changing districts

So it is okay to take race into consideration, just nobody says how much.  This was not a factor in the 100 or so years the Democrats were in charge of the process.  Look for calls to make the process ‘fairer’ by appointing independent boards.  


Hey! Does anybody know a conservative lawyer or law student who wants to write for the Craft blog.  He/she will get the same pay as Gus and David, which is equal to the pay of the detail-oriented  “Editor in Chef” Dave Alexander.



New Pronouns

I recently applied to my county sheriff for a document showing my lack of felony convictions and “good moral character.”  No kidding, that’s what the certificate says.

The document has changed since I last got one.  It now includes a sentence with the phrase…”his, her or their…”  I guess they’re just trying to cover all their gender-bending possibilities.

The University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee LGBT Resource Center has created documents to help, including this advice in the FAQ section:

It’s okay! Everyone slips up from time to time. The best thing to do if you use the wrong pronoun for someone is to say something right away, like “Sorry, I meant she.” If you realize your mistake after the fact, apologize in private and move on.


Pronoun cards 2016-02

I have no earthly clue what this chart is supposed to say except, this is a strange, new world.



Random Hate Crime Against Transgender Woman Actually Wasn’t So Random

A transgender woman — and I have lost track really what that means — reported a violent, random assault upon her this week in Charlotte.  Investigators found the alleged perpetrators, and I hope they are punished to the max.  They cut the individual, who occasionally goes by the name Ralayzia:Image result for hairy legs


Detectives conducted an additional interview with Ralayzia and said she admitted that the assault was not a random act of violence. They also determined that Ralayzia had sexually assaulted the the 15-year-old before the attack.  

I’m not condoning violence of any kind.  I’m not justifying violence of any kind.  <– Very important!

I am just pointing out that Ralayzia has now been arrested in a sexual assault on a 15-year old.  

I won’t speculate on the circumstances except to say that everybody is innocent until proven guilty, though it is probably pretty rare for police to arrest everybody involved in a single case.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Lt. Tom Barry stopped short of saying that the sexual assault may have triggered the hatchet attack hours later.

“There’s information that leads us to believe that there’s potential drug activity involved, we’re still putting those details together,” Barry said.

She is charged with one count of statutory sex offense and one count of indecent liberties with a child. Ralayzia was arrested Thursday night in Cincinnati, Ohio where she was staying with relatives.

This is in the very state which has been considered unfriendly to transgender folk because they need to use the bathroom matching their birth gender.  

Remember — you should be especially skeptical of cries of ‘hate crimes.’  Too many turn out to be something else, altogether.


“Too many turn out to be something else.”


North Carolina Loses NCAA Tournaments Over HB2

NBC News:

The NCAA announced Monday evening it would pull seven championship tournament games out of North Carolina because of a controversial state law that critics say is discriminatory to the LGBT community.

“Based on the NCAA’s commitment to fairness and inclusion, the Association will relocate all seven previously awarded championship events from North Carolina during the 2016-17 academic year,” the NCAA said in a statement.

Millions of tourism dollars will be lost.  North Carolina lawmakers reacted to a Charlotte ordinance allowing transgender folks to use the bathroom labeled with the gender they ‘identify with.’

The organization said “current North Carolina state laws” don’t align with its commitment to “promote an inclusive atmosphere for all college athletes, coaches, administrators and fans.”

The strongest argument about HB2 states that transgender individuals just want to fit in, they never commit crimes in the bathroom and that men would never sneak a peek.  

Here’s Kate, and her story.  She had her kids with her.  He had a phone.  In the women’s locker room.  Watching other women shower.  


Gender and Sexuality

Are not my areas of expertise, and I don’t want to get good at writing about them. However, The American Spectator writer Janice Shaw Crouse writes about a new report on the psychology and biology of sex:

The article pointed out that the phrase “I’m born gay” or lesbian, queer, transgender etc. might be incorrect.  The same with gender identity.

there is no evidence in the peer-reviewed research literature to support the idea that children who behave in gender-atypical ways will inevitably continue that behavior and, thus, should be encouraged to become transgender through hormone therapy or surgical alternation. Quite simply, a girl wearing jeans and playing with trucks or a boy who enjoys playing dolls with his sister will not inevitably grow up gender-confused and needing to be guided toward transgender identity.

The significance is actually huge considering the many assumptions the left has made about gender.

NPR ran a story this morning about a gender clinic, and it featured a 15-year old biological female who was starting testosterone treatments to begin the process of transitioning to male.


I don’t have any pithy, witty comebacks.  This scares me, that society is operating on a number of assumptions which might be very wrong, and acting as if we have all the answers.  We don’t, and chemical treatments for kids who figure they are in the wrong gender is dangerous.