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“Let’s squeeze Trump into another story about Ukraine, okay?”

The year end report of a group called Index on Censorship was just published, and being a journalist can get you beaten up, harassed by mobs and even killed.  Here’s the picture The Guardian used at the top of the story:
A Donald Trump supporter at a rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota, makes his feelings about journalists known.

The caption: A Donald Trump supporter at a rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota, makes his feelings about journalists known. Photograph: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

It’s been common to add Trump to any story you can, so I read the report:

During the third quarter of 2016, four journalists were killed; 54 incidents of physical assault were reported; 107 media professionals were arrested; 150 were detained and released; 112 reports of intimidation, which includes psychological abuse, sexual harassment, trolling/cyberbullying and defamation, were made; journalistic work was censored or altered 29 times; and media professionals were blocked from covering a story in 89 cases.

Sounds pretty bad.

None of the examples in the report were from the United States, or even the UK, where the Guardian is published.  Searching in the report for the word Trump, I got two instances of the word “trumped up.” 

So, why is Trump in the story at all?

With a marked increase in attacks in Europe, long considered a bastion of press freedom, the latest research does not reflect increased violence in Asia or the US, which has seen an increase in assaults and abuse during a highly charged US election during which reporters were put in pens by President-elect Donald Trump.

The cage accusation involves the press areas in the rallies during the campaign.  I don’t remember the reporters being injured or killed.  Forgive me if I’ve missed some stories.

I do know there were people hurt in anti-Trump riots, but that’s because they were attacked by thugs. Or as the Guardian says, there was a “…a marked increase in assaults.” 

Image result for anti trump riots california


So why is a Trump t-shirt a prominent feature of a story about people being killed in Turkey, Ukraine and Russia?  

Why do they lie?  Because they can.


In one picture: why you shouldn’t get your climate information from the @dailykos

Penguin. Arctic iceberg. Daily Kos. Some assembly required.

Watts Up With That?

From the department of photoshopped bipolar behavior comes this hilarious photograph that accompanies a headline of doom from the leftist cesspool known as the Daily Kos.

It just doesn’t get any better than this from the Kos kids. Thank you for making life entertaining with this epic failure.


Tom Nelson spotted it and wrote in a tweet:

In article about the Arctic, puts a photoshopped penguin on the “Ursus Bogus” iceberg, attribution NCAR!

It’s the same fake ice floe that caught out Science magazine a few years ago with the polar bear photoshopped in:


You can get one with a Penguin (or three) from the photo library, as seen below:

If you like the background it is also available with one penguin:

Or three penguins:

But you just have to remember one very important detail before using it:

Penguins don’t live at the…

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Gus Bailey:The Constitution is not a Suicide Pact

Exactly why is it humanitarian for the United States or any western country for that matter to grant military aged males refugee status?  I hate that their they were born into a hellhole and their people and cult are too backward to drag themselves above their petty tribal and sectarian feuds; but, not my effing problem. 
Folks love to partially quote Emma Lazarus’ “The New Colossus”, “…Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”.  We are and always will be a nation of immigrants.  (Yes, even the folks that were here before the 16th Century moved here.) 
BUT:  We should not be a nation of suckers.  What is there about an able bodied young man who really doesn’t like what America stands for that meets that passage?  What benefit are we providing him, other than avoiding fighting for his own freedom (pick a side in Somalia, I haven’t got a clue)?  He doesn’t want to be here, and while HE isn’t anymore, there are thousands more like him who have no business here at all. 
Maybe Trump is a racist.  It doesn’t make his policies wrong, just wrongly motivated.  I’m a computer program gone rogue; ask me how much I care about motives relative to results.
Give us refugees, not infiltrators. — Gus
Image result for emma lazarus the new colossus
From Chattanooga and Fort Hood to San Bernardino and Orlando, we’ve witnessed jihad through mass shootings. From University of California Merced and the first Columbus, Ohio stabbing last year, to the Minneapolis mall stabbing and yesterday’s stabbing and vehicular attack at Ohio State, we are witnessing jihad by other means.
The common thread is not the weapon of choice, but the jihadist motivation perpetrated on America by individual Muslim immigrants or children born to immigrant parents that have been admitted over the past two generations to this country.    

Not Alt-Right or Far Right

After a few weeks of listening to the leftist media bash America, I’m just fed up.

I am a conservative.  I believe the United States should lead.  I think that everybody needs to be protected from government.  The U.S. Constitution is the law, and those who ignore it, warp it or shred it for their own goals are evil.  

I believe that there are plenty of things the government does that really it has no business meddling with.  

I think that there are times to open the gates and let in more immigrants, and there are times to stop the flood.  I think we have imported enough unskilled labor for one generation. 

I think there should be a safety net, and mercy when poverty and disease strike.  I think if you can work, you should. 

This doesn’t make me alt-right or far right or even a nationalist, though I can’t see why loving your nation is a bad thing.

I will not see right leaning political though demeaned and shoved aside by the media. Sure there are racists and idiots in the right side of the political spectrum. Same is true of the left, whose bigotry has caused more damage to Americans — black, white and otherwise — than anything Trump has proposed. 

If I’m on the extreme right, why was Socialist Bernie Sanders never on the extreme left?


Don’t stand for the blowback from the liberal media — which has begun to mischaracterize  the Trump victory as if the brownshirts were loose in the streets. They will not get away with it.

Over my dead keyboard.

How Soon Should We Discuss Presidential Investigations and Abuse of Power?

Do we wait until he is out of office?

Image result for president obama white

No.  Not that guy.

On NPR’s Morning Edition, Steve Inskeep interviewed a House Democrat about the future of their party under Donald Trump.   Here are his first two questions:

Do you think there are Republicans – while you say they may disagree with you on most issues – are willing to join Democrats in serving as a check against the president if he should abuse his power?

How much power if any do Democrats have to trigger investigations of this administration?

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but in the past, haven’t discussions of the abuse of power usually been reserved until at least after the inauguration? Don’t we usually wait until there has been abuse of power before we openly talk about providing a check against the president?

No shame. 




A Sexually Predaceous Christmas Song

The “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights” of Christmas Songs reviewed by Anthony Baker, a pastor who is just getting around to reviewing music of the 1940’s.

The Recovering Legalist

 “No!” Means “NO!”

A Winter Romance album coverI don’t know about you, but “Baby It’s Cold Outside” absolutely disgusts me. Every time I hear it sung on the radio (usually by Dean Martin), primarily during the Christmas season, it makes my blood boil! But what happens when I complain? Nothing. It’s “just an innocent song,” they say.

It’s just a “cat and mouse” thing, they say.

But seriously, would you just consider the lyrics? Have we not progressed to the point in society where we recognize red flags when we see them? Or, are we still in the age when it’s perfectly acceptable to coerce a woman, to interpret her “no” as a “yes”?

Is it acceptable these days to care nothing about a girl’s feelings and reputation all because your pride might get hurt if she says no to your advances? Well, that’s all “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is: an aroused sexual predator…

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The Election of Trump is Not a Failure of our Educational System, Just a Reaction to the Failure

The election of Donald Trump has a lot of people evaluating ‘how we got here.’  Some folks say the main factor is a lack of education, or proper education.  

From Chappy’sWorld:

Let’s look to countries like Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland who spend some of the most money on education as a percentage of their gross domestic product, according to the World Bank. These Scandinavian nations all ranked in the top third of Best Countries istock_000014186302mediumby Education, generally outperforming Asian nations. (Source) We can take what works and improve on the rest. These countries, not coincidentally, also rank among the top 10 places for quality of life for all it’s citizens.

The conspiracy lover in me thinks that the defunding methodically, over the last 20 years of public education and demonizing the educated has been a slow and deliberate plan to make the electorate ignorant, uniformed and susceptible to believing just about anything. It is much easier to rule an uneducated population. H.G. Wells was not wrong when he created the Eloi. All you need is to scare them enough and they will pretty much do whatever you tell them.

The Eloi are a group of childlike people in The Time Machine.  Again, the assumption is that Trump voters are uneducated and easily manipulated dunderheads.

This election is a wake up call for all of us. Once the protesting and fervor dies down, I hope we will all get to the hard work of fixing what lead us here. [I agree for totally different reasons. – Dave]

Read this article by Nate Silver: LINK

The Nate Silver link takes you to an article about the differences in voting patterns based upon college education.  The Democrats are thinking — but not saying aloud — that high school educated folks are so dumb that they fell for Trump’s lies.  The Republicans I know figure FINALLY, the blue collar voter caught onto the fact that Democrats are not looking out for their best interests.

A 2013 CBS News report makes me think Chappy’s statistics are a bit off:

The United States spent more than $11,000 per elementary student in 2010 and more than $12,000 per high school student. When researchers factored in the cost for programs after high school education such as college or vocational training, the United States spent $15,171 on each young person in the system — more than any other nation covered in the report. -snip-


As a share of its economy, the United States spent more than the average country in the survey.

If the American voter is so dim that high school graduates cannot make critical decisions for themselves…then the school system is just one cause. Don’t blame people who won’t throw more money at a broken system.  

So many things have not been going right for so long, that eventually something dramatic needed to be done.  

By the way, those folks with college educations but who still voted for Hillary Clinton. Man. That’s stupid of a different kind.