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“Let’s squeeze Trump into another story about Ukraine, okay?”

The year end report of a group called Index on Censorship was just published, and being a journalist can get you beaten up, harassed by mobs and even killed.  Here’s the picture The Guardian used at the top of the story: … Continue reading

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In one picture: why you shouldn’t get your climate information from the @dailykos

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:
From the department of photoshopped bipolar behavior comes this hilarious photograph that accompanies a headline of doom from the leftist cesspool known as the Daily Kos. It just doesn’t get any better than…

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Gus Bailey:The Constitution is not a Suicide Pact

Exactly why is it humanitarian for the United States or any western country for that matter to grant military aged males refugee status?  I hate that their they were born into a hellhole and their people and cult are too … Continue reading

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Not Alt-Right or Far Right

After a few weeks of listening to the leftist media bash America, I’m just fed up. I am a conservative.  I believe the United States should lead.  I think that everybody needs to be protected from government.  The U.S. Constitution … Continue reading

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How Soon Should We Discuss Presidential Investigations and Abuse of Power?

Do we wait until he is out of office? No.  Not that guy. On NPR’s Morning Edition, Steve Inskeep interviewed a House Democrat about the future of their party under Donald Trump.   Here are his first two questions: Do … Continue reading

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A Sexually Predaceous Christmas Song

Originally posted on The Recovering Legalist:
 “No!” Means “NO!” I don’t know about you, but “Baby It’s Cold Outside” absolutely disgusts me. Every time I hear it sung on the radio (usually by Dean Martin), primarily during the Christmas season,…

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The Election of Trump is Not a Failure of our Educational System, Just a Reaction to the Failure

The election of Donald Trump has a lot of people evaluating ‘how we got here.’  Some folks say the main factor is a lack of education, or proper education.   From Chappy’sWorld: Let’s look to countries like Denmark, Norway, Sweden and … Continue reading

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