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It’s a Wheelchair

Or a Mobile Command Post:  I wish Bill Schmalfeldt many miles of good service from his Mobile Command Center.  I encourage Bill to spend many hours with podcasting, writing and composing comedy in the high quality foam padded wheeled Mobile … Continue reading

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That was then, this is now…

OhmiGod!  The Oaf’s PD is in free-fall!  Huge deterioration in just four months!  From driving!  From holding a job!  From being able to stand for more than 10 minutes at a time!  From being able to be “on the air” … Continue reading

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I got this…

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, start your doom clocks. …no Brett, not you.  You’re no gentleman, in any event. The defendants in Our Oaf’s South Carolina lawsuit, hereinafter “Team Good Guys,” filed this morning their opening, and likely final salvo, in … Continue reading

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“Fakinsons” and Cowardice

Oh my.  Gut rumblings from Our Oaf. Now, I am not a doctor.  I have no ability to diagnose anything more complicated than a stubbed toe.  My “medical” opinion on anything, then, is worth just about as much as legal … Continue reading

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