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Because You Can’t Slap ’em Up

You can at least grab a YouTube of Sgt. Joe Friday. “To all the generations before us,” Cameron Kasky, one of the Parkland survivors recently said on HBO’s Real Time, “we sincerely accept your apology. We appreciate you’re willing to … Continue reading

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Drudge Headline Placement

Never a coincidence.

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Children of Darkness

A 1970’s voice over of a documentary on teenage mental illness, over clips of social justice warriors. Whoever did this is a genius. Also, I think that’s Peter Thomas (on part two of the video) who narrated Forensic Files. Great … Continue reading

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That’s Not Really the Choice, Is It?

Source. (I really can’t figure out the artist’s name, and the site is ‘’  They have an art site?) It you create art which angers, and you are not already dead…you can thank those who with strength and resolve defend … Continue reading

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The Intellectual Yet Idiot

 Nassim Nicholas Taleb has identified a well-known class of person, who my dad would have called an educated idiot. The only folks who can’t actually see the Intellectual Yet Idiot would be the IYI. (h/t Instapundit) The IYI has been … Continue reading

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