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If Only It Was This Simple




If only it was that simple.  The wind shifts and the mask lifts.  Or somebody asks him about something and he starts a rant about gathering up all the Jews.

It’s not that easy.

If we end up with a President Trump, it will be because of a variety of unique factors.  Since the TV era began, we’ve relied too heavily on the caricature of the confident man as we choose a leader.  If Donald Trump is anything, he’s confident.

A slick-talking huckster with a perfect smile.  Shown here next to a picture of Bob Barker.

It’s a miracle we’ve gotten this far without electing a game show host.

We value the wrong things.  A portion of the country just wants to be told that we’ll be okay, and that somewhere there’s someone with a plan

Don’t tell us the plan, don’t mention the pain it might cause, just promise us we can have the good life.  We’ll vote for that.

No Donald Trump isn’t a Nazi. At worst he’s a narcissistic, egotistical blowhard who knows how to work a crowd and convince the common man that he’s on their side.  Haven’t we had enough of that?



Too Big for Britches

I was raised by the kind of parents who would lift you up when you were down, and knock to flat if you became arrogant.  The worst thing you could be was “too big for your britches.”

Melissa Harris-Perry has been fired from her job at MSNBC in the wake of an email which she sent to colleagues criticizing the management for preempting her show during the primary season.

Her earrings are made of tampons. But she is not a “little brown bobble head.”

The New York Times:

On Friday, she went public with an email that she sent earlier that week to staff members in which she complained that the NBC News chairman, Andrew Lack, and Phil Griffin, the president of MSNBC, were letting her twist in the wind.

“I will not be used as a tool for their purposes,” she wrote. “I am not a token, mammy, or little brown bobble head. I am not owned by Lack, Griffin, or MSNBC. I love our show. I want it back.”

She later explained in an interview she did not believe that her lack of airtime was because she was black.

I saw this while Googling her:

Melissa Harris Perry.png

You can learn a lot about someone from how they describe themselves.

I work part-time in radio.  I’ve been preempted by special events, weather events, and one year my station decided to run NASCAR, and I “lost” lots of work.  It’s the nature of the business that sometimes you have to be flexible.  As far as not being a tool for the executives purposes…apparently she wasn’t a useful tool.

Some people just lack the maturity.  Some have a great sense of their own worth.  I don’t know why Melissa Harris-Perry decided to throw away her career on TV, but I really hope she learns a lesson about britches.

The American Idea

A welcome antidote to the negativism of our political season. Thanks!mlk14

David J. Bader

America isn’t a country. She has no borders. She has no government. She has no President and no Congress. She has no Supreme Court, nor police force. There is no location on a map where you can place her. That is because America is, at her very heart, an idea. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher summed it up best by saying; “Europe was created by history. America was created by philosophy.”  The premise that America is an idea is critical in understanding how we, as Americans, should approach everything in our lives. If we are to be the superpower of the world, as well as govern ourselves justly, we must have a firm basis as to why we are distinctly different from every other nation on Earth. Other nations were founded on centuries of history. America is unique because we were founded on an idea, a philosophy:

“The American…

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Absolute Undeniable Proof

Father Paul Lemmon makes the case for non-explosive fundamentalism. Amen!

A Conservative Christian Man

I am an Orthodox Priest who wears a beard, my wife dresses modestly and we reject much of ‘modern’ society. The image of Amish believers above also represents all true fundamentalists, including the Orthodox Christian believers (myself included).

Source: Absolute Undeniable Proof

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What I’ve Learned Lately

Thursday and Friday were important days.  Part two of my heart surgery — or as my cardiologist calls it,  ‘a new boat’ — went well.  I’ve learned a few things:


Dave’s Heart

  • You can do just fine with 95% heart blockage as long as you are consistently lazy.  Which is how you end up with that much blockage.
  • If someone offers you a “Foley,” turn it down.
  • Staying in bed all day isn’t fun if it is not optional.
  • I’m not 20 anymore.
  • Nurses will nickname you based upon where your surgery took place.  For a full day I was a “groin patient.”
  • Never turn down Valium or breath mints.
  • If you take off the computer operated blood pressure cuff, it will automatically inflate — then go “poof” as all the air escapes.
  • Nobody actually comes running when you disconnect your EKG to go to the bathroom.
  • No mater how hard you look for them, at least one EKG sticker will be stuck to you when you get home.
  • Every operation is minor surgery to the people who are not actually being operated on.
  • By the time you need heart work, half of all nurses appear to be twelve years old.

I’m doing fine.  I should be able to return to a regular schedule on Monday, although my doctor wants me to sit less and exercise more.  Jerk.

Schmalfeldt Sez Krendler Makes Some Good Points

I hadn’t seen this post on Bill’s site, until tonight.  I’m a few days late but here goes:

It’s always nice to see Bill Schmalfeldt and Paul Krendler trying to find common ground. Krendler came up with a list of things which he says Bill did, and Bill says he raises some interesting points.


I’m very impressed about the agreement about the first two points.  “I recall doing that” is pretty funny.  Hoge needs to make it a coffee cup.

I’m interested in the other items.  Who published Lee Stranahan’s home address…etc. Here’s what Lee Stranahan says Bill did:


Bill says Lee Stranahan had sent his email and phone number to “anyone who asked….” That’s really not the accusation.  Did Bill Schmalfeldt publicize Lee Stranahan’s home address (not phone number, not email address) in the context of a rape threat by another individual?

If only Lee Stranahan posted the actual Tweet in question…


The video is lost – unless one of the good guys saved a copy.  Lee Stranahan noted that his address (home, physical address) was a part of the URL — guaranteeing that anyone really hoping to find Stranahan’s family would have no trouble.

The last two points up above.  It is my understanding that Bill is dead to rights as trying to call Sarah’s estranged husband, since he left a message on a cell phone.  Not much debate there.  It’s immaterial since all it does is label him a jackwagon.  And we knew that.

The last bit.  About Sarah’s grandchild.  Bill believes something very serious happened to a child.  So how does he refer to the child?  Brain-rattled.  In previous accounts he’s used phrases like shaken, not stirred.  This is the same child who Bill is barred from contacting by court order.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we’d like you to consider the character of the plaintiff, his lifetime of jack-assery, and we ask for you to award Sarah, Eric, and yourselves a big pile of whatever money Bill’s still got in the bank.  We’d furthermore ask that Your Honor enjoin the plaintiff from filing anything more complicated than his toenails.  And please, Your Honor, keep this guy away from the internet.”