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If Only It Was This Simple

Source   If only it was that simple.  The wind shifts and the mask lifts.  Or somebody asks him about something and he starts a rant about gathering up all the Jews. It’s not that easy. If we end up … Continue reading

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Too Big for Britches

I was raised by the kind of parents who would lift you up when you were down, and knock to flat if you became arrogant.  The worst thing you could be was “too big for your britches.” Melissa Harris-Perry has … Continue reading

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The American Idea

Originally posted on David J. Bader:
America isn’t a country. She has no borders. She has no government. She has no President and no Congress. She has no Supreme Court, nor police force. There is no location on a map…

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Beware the Ides of March…

…I mean, any band that’s gone 46 years without charting- just sayin’. Swear to God, I thought this was Tom Jones. — Dave Alexander

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Absolute Undeniable Proof

Originally posted on A Conservative Christian Man:
I am an Orthodox Priest who wears a beard, my wife dresses modestly and we reject much of ‘modern’ society. The image of Amish believers above also represents all true fundamentalists, including the…

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What I’ve Learned Lately

Thursday and Friday were important days.  Part two of my heart surgery — or as my cardiologist calls it,  ‘a new boat’ — went well.  I’ve learned a few things: You can do just fine with 95% heart blockage as … Continue reading

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Schmalfeldt Sez Krendler Makes Some Good Points

I hadn’t seen this post on Bill’s site, until tonight.  I’m a few days late but here goes: It’s always nice to see Bill Schmalfeldt and Paul Krendler trying to find common ground. Krendler came up with a list of … Continue reading

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