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Things That Can Keep You Awake

The whiners and urban campers of Occupy Wall Street have given way to a more energized Antifa, and Social Justice Warriors who feel justified in violence. North Korea has nuclear weapons, and is working out the whole “missile” thing. There … Continue reading

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Everything in Moderation

It’s hard to read, but Bill Schmalfeldt tried to post this on Hogewash! earlier this month. He complains (I know, surprise) that John  does not let Schmalfeldt’s comments appear at Hogewash!. By Bill’s analysis, this then means that John is … Continue reading

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“How is this legal?”

Sometimes when you’re angry, you say exactly what you’re thinking. From a blog post here titled: THESE are the terrorists: How is this legal? How is this not considered to be hate speech? How is that our national news tonight … Continue reading

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Facebook Struggles to Limit Speech

It’s so hard to know what to delete: In the wake of a terrorist attack in London earlier this month, a US congressman wrote a Facebook post in which he called for the slaughter of “radicalized” Muslims. “Hunt them, identify … Continue reading

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Still Looking for that Perfect Quote

For the company coffee mug: Based upon a quote from SecurityFlunky here.

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Lester Klemper Second-Class JAG Off.

Season 3, Episode 7: “Where is Klemper?” ANNOUNCER:Previously, on Lester Klemper, JAG Officer, Second-Class Klemper: Your honor, the defendant has copied my Tweets, and used them to mock me. Judge: And this is the business of the court because… Klemper: … Continue reading

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“Democracy is now an all-out war”

 “This is war” seems to be a phrase used quite often by people who have never been to war. Really, if a veteran says it, you expect shooting. When Rob Reiner says it, what should we expect? More sappy movies? … Continue reading

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“No Smoking Gun”

Project Veritas catches CNN producer admitting that the stories are BS. I don’t really like undercover reporting, and ‘gotcha’ journalism, but how much can CNN complain?  I hate fake advocacy dressed up as news even more. CNN and the other … Continue reading

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Laughing at The Oaf

ADA… Ha ha ha ha-hah ha ha ha hee hee ha ha har har ha ha ha-hah hee hee ho ho ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hee hee ha ha har har ha ha ha-hah hee hee ho … Continue reading

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Church Wins Case About Playground

Missouri ran a competitive grant program to use scrap tires for playgrounds, but locked out all religious schools…because you know…Church and State. The Supreme Court reversed a lower court.  The Supreme Court ruled Monday that churches have the same right as other charitable … Continue reading

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