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My Heart Jumped a Bit

I was looking for additional press mentions of the DNC/Brett Kimberlin document story and this came up on Google: No. Different Kimberlin. Nothin’ to see here. Still..

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To Be Able to Lose a Reputation, You Have to Have One to Begin With (Part II)

It’s over, it’s over Roy Orbison, “It’s Over” (1964) Back in Part I of this post [link] I addressed why, from a statute of limitations standpoint, Our Oaf’s libel claims in his South Carolina lawsuit1 were toast.  Here’s another reason. … Continue reading

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Over On Self-referential Radio…

…”Moron” is on heavy rotation. Uh, Mr. Oaf, I know it was probably in fine print in the GS-13 Editor’s Handbook, but shouldn’t that be “resistance to?” Just sayin’, poser. David Edgren

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To Be Able to Lose a Reputation, You Have to Have One to Begin With

Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh verse, same as the first A little bit louder, and a little bit worse Herman’s Hermits, “I’m Henry the Eighth I Am” (1965) An Oaf is suing a number of good folks for libel.  … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day, and from Stephen Colbert’s show:   “’I will say this: I refuse to live in a country where Donald Trump is president and I’m not leaving. So something’s got to change,’ Moore told Colbert. ‘We have to form an … Continue reading

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Dipped in Purel

Adam Corolla testified before a US Senate committee on the subject of speech on college campuses. The Hollywood Reporter: Carolla said he toured 100 colleges while doing Loveline in the 1990s without incident even though “many controversial ideas were exchanged,” … Continue reading

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Digging Through My Tax Forms

I found the blank IRS form printed the first time Sarah Palmer got a No Contact Order on Bill Schmalfeldt in January 2017. Link to the original story. According to the unofficial, yet trustworthy transcript of Sarah’s No Contact hearing, … Continue reading

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I Was Accused of Compassion

Co-Blogger David Edgren added a paragraph to my recent essay on Bill Schmalfeldt and Brett Kimberlin. My paragraph comes first: I have disagreed with the methods of the Lickspittles who are downright nasty to Schmalfeldt, but I know exactly where … Continue reading

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Hypnotist in the Speedway Bomber Case Has New Task: Finding a Murderer

Virgil Vandagriff was also a polygraph examiner. He is now searching for his stepdaughter’s murderer. Jessie Whitehouse was 30 and was shot to death days after posting something on Facebook about another unsolved case. Indianapolis Monthly: In 1990, after 23 years … Continue reading

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Quotes of the Day – Mark Levin

Pulled From Breitbart: “It makes these guys look stupid, moronic, pathetic! That’s not how you serve your president, in my view,”   “American people are not going to tolerate this in the next election if these guys don’t get their … Continue reading

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