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Stupid and Evil: More Dumb TV

OK, Good Point, It’s all Pretty Much Dumb I just found a very smart blog about the UFO phenomenon. reports on the TV show ‘Chasing UFOs” on the National Geographic Channel.  The show has the most ridiculous teaser video in the … Continue reading

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Freedom of the Press When the Press is a Computer

Update: Patterico has written a Reader’s Digest version of this story.  It seems that blogging has grown up the the point where people are starting to notice — and that’s not always the best thing.  This new medium is being attacked … Continue reading

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Welcome to Dave’s blog.

Traderdave on Newsradio680 WPTF, ukuleledave and Dave Alexander are the same guy.  Thanks for stopping by.  Feel free to comment, lurk or link.  Everything here is the product of, or byproduct of the mind of Dave Alexander.  Which explains a … Continue reading

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Alexander’s Law of Dissimilarities

Alexander’s Law of Dissimilarities:  Just because something reminds you of a past event, that doesn’t mean the situations are actually similar.  If every time I saw a priest with a cross I immediately thought of vampire hunters, it would be … Continue reading

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Alexander’s Law of Evil and Stupidity

 Alexander’s Law of Evil and Stupidity: Of the two great negative forces in the world, stupidity will get you long before evil does.   In fact, evil sleeps late, avoids heavy lifting and finds a way to quietly enter your … Continue reading

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Dennis Ryan

A quick story about somebody I worked for twenty years ago.  Dennis Ryan was the General Manager of Adirondack Radio in Lake Placid, NY.  In those days I was  hotshot newshound.  When I interviewed with Dennis, and Program Director Bob … Continue reading

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Non Sequiturs

Random thoughts which are connected to nothing except my brain: I was once a member of a Christian singing group called “The Abstinence Quartet.”  We added two extra singers, and had to disband. I really didn’t know that “disband” would end … Continue reading

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If Books Were Like the Intertubes

Every page would have the same graphics and links to the left and right of the new content.  The links would include new writing by the author, which you might be interested it, but there would be a lot of … Continue reading

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Change : The Magazine of Learning

But they are Still Being Taught to Teachers

Learning styles were a big thing at my grad. school.  It seemed like every class required an adherence to the theory that each student had an individual style of learning, and that if teachers could match their style of teaching to the student, then kids would learn more.

Guess what?  Nobody really bothered to test ot the theory.

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Tesla According to The Genius at The Oatmeal

 We Gotta Have a Party!

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