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Why Ukulele?

Why Not?

A couple of Christmases ago, I got up in front of my church and played ukulele and sang Silent Night.  The uke is perfectly suited for that song, since it has such a sweet, light sound. 

I have to admit I don’t practice much, and when I do it is more of a mental health break that a musical break.  I suggest the ukulele as an instrument for those who never mastered the guitar or tuba, in part because of its happy sound.

The ukulele also has the advantage of having just four strings.  Take a look at your left hand.  Four fingers.  That’s not a coincidence.  (Your thumb doesn’t do much in this case except hold the neck of the instrument.  My daughter sometimes forms the D chord using her thumb, but I figure that’s cheating.)

This Christmas, I have a Jimmy Buffett mashup planned called Son of a Son of a Santa. 

Brudda Iz had some great talent.  I enjoy and envy Jake also.