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Trump Rolls!

I’m not as convinced of the outcome, in part because I can’t predict Trump. I also can’t predict a loaded canon rolling on the deck of a wayward ship. While I have not come up with a good reason to … Continue reading

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‘Virginia Man’ Indicted for Conspiracy

Here’s the Justice Department release, or a part of it: As far as I know, the article is correct, but it seems to leave out a fact or two.  I don’t blame the Justice Dept.  Gosh, not everybody can use … Continue reading

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Things I Want a Judge to Say

John Hoge of Hogewash expects a substantially interesting week in the various Team Knucklehead lawsuits.  I have been imagining what might be coming: Judge: Mr. Kimberlin, a little while ago you stopped listing your address on your filings, and this … Continue reading

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Memorial Day, too

Cross-posted from my facebook page… It’s Memorial Day- I think about my grandfather Dewey Steffen, my dad Jack Edgren, my uncle Don Edgren, my cousin (Don’s son) Denis Edgren, my nephew Jack Kidder Sr., and my son Jonathan Edgren, all … Continue reading

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Anti-Trump Protester Cries At Anti-Trump Disturbance

They can’t deal with truth. Or even different opinions.

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Memorial Day

The Internet isn’t cooperating today I actually don’t have anyway to post except to use my phone. I would repost some wonderful pictures about Memorial Day but that’s just not possible. I was thinking of reprinting the Gettysburg address. If … Continue reading

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Do right and wrong exist?

The word wrong only exists if we have some kind of morality — and for that, you need God. Of course, you need God for a lot of other things, too.

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I Still Don’t Know What This Commercial Means

Is it actually possible that this is a real Chinese detergent commercial? h/t:

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Book Burning Alert: Portland School Board Will Have No One Question Climate Change

As I’ve said before, the science and the law are “settled” precisely at the moment the liberal wins!

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I would appreciate some help…

…with a list I’ve started for pre-bike trip to-dos. The list is here [linkie]. Thanks in advance for your comments, suggestions and recommendations.  

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