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And Now, For Something Completely Different

A Samurai cutting an 80 mph fastball in half:    

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So Long, and Thanks for All the Clicks

I had an epiphany this week. Maybe it was a Zoloft. No, definitely an epiphany. I don’t enjoy the internet. Odd, for someone who has enjoyed writing here, commenting at other sites, and promising to defend the First Amendment “over … Continue reading

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You Can’t Take it Away

Benjamin R. Dierker in The Federalist: In a properly functioning America like the Founders envisioned, a repeal of the Second Amendment would be virtually meaningless. The right existed already; the Constitution merely secures it. Unfortunately, our society has loosened its … Continue reading

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The Pope Has Never Worked in Special Education

Drudge. Apparently lost souls simply disappear. Makes as much sense as eternal damnation.  

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In Order to Develop a Theory, We’ll Need to Find Experienced Researchers

A theory of jerks… Picture the world through the eyes of the jerk. The line of people in the post office is a mass of unimportant fools; it’s a felt injustice that you must wait while they bumble with their … Continue reading

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“The UK Today” by a Top Ace of Spades Columnist

From Ace:     “So Great Britain is rapidly turning into a surveillance state that would make old Joe Stalin green with envy. You can actually go to jail there for posting a disparaging comment on Facebook. Monty Python would … Continue reading

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My Chickens Have Walked Away

I don’t know why. This morning we found an egg on the deck. So, we got that. In the kitchen, we have four bantam chicks under a heat lamp.  Thus ends the Artisan Craft Blog Farm Report. Tune in next … Continue reading

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I Have Organized a Walkout at My School

4:30 sharp. Every teacher. Gone.

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I Hate You, Internet 2018

Update: My crazy ex-girlfriend (that’s what I call my wife now) has been illegally accessing my data on Facebook. She knows everything! On Ace:    

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For this,…

Originally posted on Vermont Loon Watch:
… we spend large sums of money on salaries for local legislators, state Poobahs and the Great Elite in DC to get wonderful results. We know you sleep more soundly knowing your street is…

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