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It’s Saturday

Spend some time with the kids. (Bonus points if you recognize Dad.) Source: Shorpy These excellent blogs send traffic here, but even if they didn’t, I’d thank them for inspiration and friendship: Thinking Man’s Zombie Billy Sez

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Stop the Presses! NPR Slightly Fair to Religion

Get Religion compares two NPR stories on religious freedom and finds at least one with a decent balance: The lede of today’s story: (2/28/17) The collision of two core American values — freedom of religion and freedom from discrimination — … Continue reading

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Democrats Believe “It’s the Messaging”

But not the message. The NPR and WAMU production 1A: The Democratic party is out of power in Washington and in two-thirds of state legislatures. Even with the country’s changing demographics on its side, the party is more removed from … Continue reading

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Too Big for Britches

I was raised by the kind of parents who would lift you up when you were down, and knock to flat if you became arrogant.  The worst thing you could be was “too big for your britches.” Melissa Harris-Perry has … Continue reading

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The Department of Corrections

Earlier this week I looked at, but did not listen to, a podcast by Bill Schmalfeldt.  It was 72 minutes long.  I marveled.  I assumed it was about his current situation.  It was not.  I apologize.       I … Continue reading

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Are You Done Girding Your Loins, Schmalfeldt?

  Some tidbits from Bill Schmalfeldt’s Twitter feed.  The WAR iconography and vocabulary is a bit much: Seventy-two minutes.  Seventy-two minutes.  And we’re obsessed.   Once again, for background.  Bill Schmalfeldt is an internet blogger, former writer for the Daily … Continue reading

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Lester Klemper, Private Dick – Reign of Terror

Welcome readers!  Look around for a while!  This is like an instalanche, but more selective. Music: Slow jazz up and under. Anncr: We return again to the Adventures of Lester Klemper, Private Dick.  Klemper has found himself unarmed and out-manned, … Continue reading

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