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Have you now, or have you ever been a member of…

One of the most popular liberal tactics is to try to demonize individuals to take them out of public life. I’m told Saul Alinsky identified this as a powerful tool. If you or a group you associate with is deemed … Continue reading

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Jake Tapper Notices the World Hates Israel

The Algemeiner: [Jake] Tapper noted, “The United Nations General Assembly, from 2012 to 2015, has adopted 97 resolutions specifically criticizing an individual country, and of those 97, 83 have focused on Israel. That is 86 percent.” Tapper continued: “Now certainly … Continue reading

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Judge Rules That This Can’t Be Shown in the Washington Metro

Washington Post: A federal judge has rejected the Archdiocese of Washington’s request to force Metro to post its Christmas advertisements, affirming that the transit agency has the right to ban posters featuring a religious-themed scene. The issue first came up … Continue reading

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The Slippery Slope is Covered in Frosting

The Daily Signal reports on the Supreme Court arguments Colorado case of the Christian baker who refused to make a cake for a gay wedding: Finally, the oral arguments revealed the scope of how far the state of Colorado is … Continue reading

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Incomplete Journalism on Religious Freedom

Link. I think the lack of religious freedom worldwide can be linked to Lutherans. And the Amish.*   *What are they gonna do? Write a snarky comment?

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Hass Rede ist Verboten

(Blame Google Translate if that’s wrong.) Germany has some tough laws which limit expression. You really can get arrested in Germany for Holocaust denial, owning Nazi memorabilia, or hate speech. Breitbart points out that these laws might be turned around … Continue reading

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Terrorism: The Ultimate Heckler’s Veto

Think of a good reason not to approve a permit to build a synagogue. Parking issues, noise, poor road access…all legitimate things every community would address. It is true that you can’t just plop a big house of worship anywhere. … Continue reading

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