Who is ukuleledave?


I’m a dad, husband, radio host and teacher.  Email me at dgalexander1963@gmail.comUkuleledave

An internet troll tried to extort information from me with the threat of contacting my employer.  It didn’t work, primarily because they like me more than they like internet trolls.  So, if you’re here to cause trouble, you’re out of luck.  I’m too poor to be sued, and I’m too stubborn to shut up.

Enjoy yourself here, and let me know what you think.

5 Responses to Who is ukuleledave?

  1. Bill Schmalfeldt says:

    I’m guessing you’re not at WPFT any more?

    Oh well…

    ’m not making any deals or offers here, Dave.

    But you might want to consider telling me what you mean by this.

    “There are other places where bread crumbs are being dropped all the time.”

    Really? Where. And by whom?

    Also, who is Grace? Who is Krendler? Who is Howard Earl?

    Take your time. It’s 2:03 right now. I figure that if I hear from you with answers to all the above questions by, say, 7pm tonight, then you are sorry you said such mean, actionable things about me that might cause your former radio station some difficulty as I determine whether or not any of these things you say about me were written on their time or equipment.

    But I’m not making any offers or deals. I am just saying a token of “understanding your position” here would be considerably helpful in my decision-making process.

    Bill Schmalfeldt


  2. jay352 says:

    Oh God, not the Schmalfeldt


  3. jay352 says:

    Yes, I can do that. I usually reblog so it gives credit to whomever did the legwork on it


  4. papapound says:

    Thanks for the link to GodBlessAmerica. You don’t have to show on your about page, just want to say ‘thanks.’


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