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Campus Hate Crimes: Hoaxes Edition

I’m actually surprised there were not more confirmed hoaxes.  According to The College Fix, there have been a few examples of activists who couldn’t find enough hate, so they had to make their own: November 2015: Remember that awful bag … Continue reading

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If Something Bothers You, Don’t Read It

  From xkcd:   Now, John Hoge has been tracking one particular reader with interest. My understanding is that the individual might in the long term benefit from some non-internet time. As I’ve said before, in the Schmalfeldt controversy,  one … Continue reading

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Arctic Water Too warm, Seals Affected

The latest news from 1922:   Snopes says “Fact:” That article in turn was based on information relayed by the American consul in Norway to the U.S. State Department in October 1922 and published in the Monthly Weather Review: The … Continue reading

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What Liberals Think Conservatives Are All About

  I love reading material from the web site Skepic.  It’s associated with a solid science group which debunks and educates about pseudoscience and fakery.  Sometimes it’s pretty interesting stuff. This gem was in an essay titled “Once Upon a … Continue reading

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Top Microaggressions of 2015

From Campus Reform, a short list of things some college students found offensive, because they’re victims, you guys! 4. ASU students: ‘walk-only zones’ are ‘microaggression’ to disabled people In May, a group of students at Arizona State University petitioned the … Continue reading

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Very Hard to Prove Some Things

  What follows is not legal advice, just an observation.  Bill Schmalfeldt is suing people who write about him in part because of what he figures is false light.  Brett Kimberlin sued under the same issues. In August 2014, he … Continue reading

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This Idea Will Come Here: A ‘Basic Income’

The idea that everybody should get a basic wage, paid by the government, is getting traction in Denmark and the UK. From the Guardian: “We don’t call it a basic income in Utrecht because people have an idea about it … Continue reading

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Samuel L. Jackson, Man of the World

H/t National Review and originally at The Hollywood Reporter: He continues, “And then I looked around at the world and I was kind of like, ‘Okay, that’s the Catholics and the Protestants — that’s sort of the Crusades.’ And then I started … Continue reading

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Double Check the Cue Card!

From Quiner’s Diner:

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Some of the Reasons We Don’t Like Bill Schmalfeldt

Bill Schmalfeldt wants for you to think that he is suing a bunch of folks who just won’t let him rest.  He is not a victim.  Over the last few years he has been one of the most vicious trolls … Continue reading

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