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If I Made Video Games


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Celebrate Religious Freedom for All(most) Everyone

The Center for American Progress calls itself progressive, which I’d interpret as liberal. Still, I was interested in the article on religious freedom.  I noticed an odd focus from the outset: This weekend, millions of Americans will gather with family, … Continue reading

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Bill Schmalfeldt Thinks John Hoge is Crazy

  UPDATE in red below the post. Bill Schmalfeldt has apparently petitioned for a mental health exam for John Hoge: This is a part of a multi-year strategy to turn the Schmalfeldt controversy into an argument between two old guys. … Continue reading

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Terror Alert Orange

The lockdown at Andrews Air Force Base this morning was apparently related to a planned drill.  They were in the middle of an active shooter drill, when somehow somebody got the message screwed up.  Better safe than sorry. Carrot Top … Continue reading

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Whatcha Gonna Do?

When do you call the police?  Don’t laws have to be broken, or safety be at risk before the police get a call? On June 16, police were called to an unlikely scene: an end-of-the-year class party at the … Continue reading

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Censor Ourselves So We Don’t Anger Muslims?

  So, should we give up our liberty without a fight?  To avoid upsetting a people who keep killing us? No only no.  Hell no. h/t counterjihadreport [Update: I added the word upsetting to a sentence above because it didn’t … Continue reading

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Dear Judge, are you as lonely as me?

Bil Schmalfeldt has sent this to the judge who has already requested that he file no more stuff.  There’s a legal term, but who cares at this point.  Smell the desperation: The last two paragraphs are absolute gems.  He is … Continue reading

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That Just Don’t Make No Sense

From Brett Kimberlin’s request for somebody, anybody to write anything to save his already-dismissed lawsuit against Senators McConnell and Grassley:    Point one: Let’s not wait for the senators to respond to the request because this dog got tossed over … Continue reading

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Why I Shouldn’t Be Trusted With the Internet


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Walker Gets Help in His Free Speech Case

This post is an old one, but the mother of the child for whom Grace’s Law is named has found the post and commented.  Aaron also commented.  Rather than let their comments sit on an ancient blog post with no … Continue reading

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