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Not the Real President

Are judges deciding these immigration cases this way because they somehow think of Donald Trump as ‘not the real president?’ If so, the greatest threat to the United States might not be poverty, debt, Islamic radicals or the failed educational system.

The greatest threat might be from judges, protesters and elites who don’t give a damn about what is right. They care only that by raw power, violence and fear that their will be done.  

From the blog Lawfare (h/t to Eugene Volokh)

It goes, not to put too fine a point on it, to the question of whether the judiciary means to actually treat Trump as a real president or, conversely, as some kind of accident—a person who somehow ended up in the office but is not quite the President of the United States in the sense that we would previously have recognized.

That is exactly what the rest of the shadow government – the bureaucracy – has been doing. Just to reiterate: Donald J. Trump is the Commander in Chief, and folks who don’t get that are living in a fantasy world.

During the election, many folks doubted Trump’s candidacy, even after he secured the nomination. There were many formerly rational people who supposed the Republican Party was prepared to ‘step in’ and prevent his candidacy. Later, others figured an Electoral College revolt could correct this ‘mistake.’justice_SRB 1

Similar fantasy scenarios also played out with Hillary Clinton.

Fact is, votes matter.  

He’s in the White House, and yes there is a fellow trailing him with a nuclear football. Folks gotta deal with the reality.

Perhaps everything [Judges] Blackman and Margulies and Bybee are saying is right as a matter of law in the regular order, but there’s an unexpressed legal principle functionally at work here: That President Trump is a crazy person whose oath of office large numbers of judges simply don’t trust and to whom, therefore, a whole lot of normal rules of judicial conduct do not apply.

If that’s what they think, they’re no longer serving the Constitution. They are undermining the framework of the country in a way in which Donald Trump has not.

Imagine if the military took that position.

The judiciary actually has greater domestic influence. Frankly, I fear the judges more.

(Update:typo fixed.)

Die Wahrheit ist, was wir sagen, ist es.

The truth is what we say it is.

(Germans probably don’t phrase things this way, but that’s what Google translate did with the sentence.)

German Justice Minister Wants Fines of $53 Million For Hate Speech, Defamatory “Fake News” on Social Networking Sites 

the news

Not covered? Newspapers.

The proposal would require companies to provide a round-the-clock service for users to flag illegal content, which would have to be removed by the site within seven days. All copies of the content would also have to be deleted and social media companies would need to publish a quarterly report detailing how they have dealt with such material.

Sites would also have to nominate a person responsible for handling complaints, who could face fines of up to 5 million euros personally if the company fails to abide by mandatory standards.

Within your lifetime, there will be licenses for journalists, truth commissions and fines for sharing untruths online. Here. In the United States.

Unless we speak up.

Alexander’s Law of Dissimilarities and Bathrooms

Alexander’s Law of Dissimilarities:  Just because something reminds you of a past event, that doesn’t mean the situations are actually similar.

Comparisons are always tricky, but sometimes a writer comes upon a unique idea which fits Alexander’s First Law.

Erin Matson:

Toilet Paper Is Free In Public Restrooms; Why Not Menstrual Products?

Toilet paper, soap, water, and hand towels or hand dryers are provided free of charge in public restrooms. So why are women supposed to pay for a tampon or a pad?

Just like peeing and pooping, menstruation is a predictable, routine bodily function that people take care of in public restrooms every single day.

Menstrual products are basic public health supplies that allow people to maintain sanitary health standards — just like toilet paper, soap, water, and hand towels or hand dryers.

Access to menstrual products is critical for the full dignity, equality, and participation of women and girls worldwide — in South Africa, for example, poor girls have stayed home from school because they didn’t have access to pads.

Because I have the time, I searched out answers to the more basic question: Do businesses have to provide toilet paper? As I figured, the idea was so odd, that it did not occur the the authors of the American’s With Disabilities Act or the Occupational  Heath and Safety Administration.  There’s that small chance I missed a mandate, but it looks like paper isn’t regulated by either, except that bathroom facilities for employees must be sanitary, etc.

Even according the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, public toilet facilities themselves are not mandated in all businesses, and not even all restaurants. And if toilets are not mandated, then toilet paper must be optional, as well. The link goes to a Village Voice columnist answering a question about restaurants without bathrooms. 

Knowing that my internet searches are used by Google to determine my future poopup advertising, I didn’t look further. 

And now, the answer to the blogger’s question:

So why are women supposed to pay for a tampon or a pad?

Provided is not the same as free. They are similar, but not the same.

Toilet paper seems to be a non-mandated product, but is provided without cost, because nobody puts in a bathroom in a public place without planning on buying toilet paper. A public place with a toilet but without toilet paper is actually more troublesome than a public place without a bathroom. It is provided without cost. The cost is ‘rolled into’ the overhead of the facility. Prices for the goods or services are then adjusted to meet the overhead. Nothing at a business or government facility is ‘free.’ 

Then the proper question is “Why are feminine menstrual supplies not provided in bathrooms located in airports, restaurants and other public places?”

The answer is simple:

Buy your own darned pads, you moocher.  

I No Longer Trust the U.S. Government

No. Not that one. The other one.

Gary Bauer of the Campaign for Working Families [and formerly of The Family Research Council] points out that Donald Trump’s charges relating to wiretapping by the Obama administration really are not that far fetched:

When Fox reporter James Rosen began filing stories that were embarrassing to the Obama Administration, the Justice Department seized his phone records and emails. They also went after his parents’ phone records.

The Obama Justice Department seized the records of 20 phone lines at the Associated Press too.

When Sharyl Atkinson was tenaciously investigating a number of Obama scandals, someone hacked into her computer. Experts brought in by CBS confirmed the sophisticated hack, which Atkinson later claimed was executed by a “government-related entity.”

We also know that the Obama Administration spied on allies such as Angela Merkel, as well as members of Congress who were skeptical of the Iranian nuclear deal.

I could go on. But, in closing, I’ll mention the most obvious abuse — the IRS operation to deny Tea Party organizations tax exempt status while conservative groups were being aggressively audited.

Of course, it sounds absurd that a president would spy on a candidate.

Image result for watergate hotel


On the other hand, if we learned anything from the Lois Lerner situation…we know that there are smug, arrogant individuals who believe they are justified in using the power of government to advance an agenda. Actually, that’s about all there is in Washington, D.C.


Oh, Now TheTimes Cares About Anti-Semitism

h/t Ace.

The Algemeiner: (Ira Stoll)

President Trump has been in office for barely a month, but he already deserves credit for at least one major accomplishment: He’s gotten the New York Times to discover a new interest in intensively covering antisemitism.

What am I talking about?

There have been several cases of vandalism which were not covered by The Times, or made to sound unimportant. Now,under Trump, these sorts of things are major news.

This is The Narrative.

The Narrative is the undercurrent of the news business. As soon as a sort of trend develops which seems to fit the reporter or editor’s mindset, then The Narrative kicks in. Any uptick in anything which can be hung around Trump’s neck, will be.

To summarize: Ten Jewish cemetery desecrations, of which two — one of which was outside the US — were covered by the New York Times. Both times the Timesbothered to cover the attacks, the newspaper did so in a way that minimized the potentially antisemitic aspect of the attack.

In November of 2016, Donald Trump was elected president.

In February 2017, there were two attacks on Jewish cemeteries. About 200 tombstones were affected at a graveyard near St. Louis, Mo., and about 100 at one in Philadelphia, Pa.

The Times responded in a markedly different way than it did to the earlier, pre-Trump attacks, which it had either ignored or minimized.


The article prominently noted that critics said the attacks “were an outgrowth of the vitriol of last year’s presidential campaign and Mr. Trump’s tone during it.” The Times reinforced this point with not just one, but two op-eds commenting on the attack…

In the old days, this would be missed, but now people are watching the news media. And we are finding them corrupt.

I’d write more, but the lights are flickering because of a line of thunderstorms moving through in the wake of the surprise election of Donald Trump, on a wave of racist, antisemitic and populist hate speech.  –snort – 



Guess Which Government is Threatening to Censor Free Speech?

Trump’s America?

Nah. The European Union Parliament — which I’m guessing is just a tad more ‘liberal’ in the American understanding of the word. Again, it is the progressive who advocates mandated ignorance — even of things which are being discussed in a politically elected parliament:

Cyprus Mail:

The European Parliament is to crack down on racism and hate speech in its own house by cutting its live feed during publicly broadcast debates if any MEP is deemed to be saying anything offensive, the UK’s Press Association reported on Sunday.

According to the report, representatives have granted special powers to the parliament’s president to axe the live broadcasts, and to delete any offending video or audio material afterwards so the public will have no inkling as to what has been said.

It says, however, the rules on what is considered offensive are not clear and there are concerns about manipulation and censorship. Often ‘hate speech’ accusations are used against those with different political opinions.

Yeah, that’s my point. Saying “there sure are a lot of people from outside Europe here these days,” would probably get you silenced.  How about “Maybe it’s time to really take a good look at who gets in…” That’s probably too much as well.

When governments censor political speech, there had better be a really good reason. “Not wanting to offend…” is not really a good reason.

The move is believed to be connected with the rise of populist politicians across Europe, some like France’s Marine Le Pen who have a voice in the European Parliament and who use it to send out their message via the live broadcast.
PA said that beyond routine shouting matches, members occasionally wear T-shirts with slogans or unfurl banners. Flags adorn some members’ desks.

Still, not my country. I’m just a guy who sees stupid ideas like this spread all over the world. 

Maybe Trump Meant “Tomorrow night…”

NY Times:

Residents of a Stockholm suburb predominantly inhabited by immigrants clashed with police officers after a man was arrested on suspicion of selling drugs.

The episode drew attention to Mr. Trump’s vague but pointed recent criticism of the country’s migration policies.

While Donald Trump apparently lacks an “off” button, or a level of tact we’d all appreciate, he is right about the increase in immigrant crime in Europe. It’s unseemly to call Mexicans rapists or Muslim immigrants criminals, but sometimes those things are true.

If your response to being called violent is to smash windows and torch cars, you are in fact an idiot.