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Wars and Rumors of War

Bill Schmalfeldt might expect that David and I will act as some kind of  “digital Switzerland” — on the sidelines, neutral and making delicious chocolates.  We are not.  As David’s post indicates, if we can offer the good guys help, … Continue reading

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Rien à voir ici – Nothing to See Here

  “PARIS — The French government is using the sweeping emergency powers it gained after the Paris terrorist attacks to clamp down on any possible disruption to the two-week global climate conference that starts on Monday, limiting public demonstrations, beefing … Continue reading

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Rock Lines I Wish I’d Written

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As a Retired Lawyer…

…one of the small pleasures I have in life is using the knowledge and skills I have acquired over a lifetime of professional education, training and practical experience to help friends who are dealing with legal issues of one kind … Continue reading

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What Makes This Stuff So Fascinating

To me the most fascinating part of the Bill Schmalfeldt story is the fact that Schmalfeldt is totally, completely convinced that he is the victim.  I really don’t consider that to be plausible, but yet it is true. We all … Continue reading

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So Why Are We Still Here?

UPDATE: Bill visited Billysez last night also.  It’s very much worth a visit.  Remember of course that Morgana was the target (NOT victim) of very disgusting comments by Bill, and I was faildoxxed by Bill.  David E. was doxed and … Continue reading

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Anyone still…

…play board games?  

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