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Wars and Rumors of War

Bill Schmalfeldt might expect that David and I will act as some kind of  “digital Switzerland” — on the sidelines, neutral and making delicious chocolates.  We are not.  As David’s post indicates, if we can offer the good guys help, we will.  We’ll print the truth, and we’ve already figured out who are the “decent fellows.”

By the way, this is not “war.”  Using that word is an insult to those who train, fight and oftentimes are killed in battle.  

Rien à voir ici – Nothing to See Here


“PARIS — The French government is using the sweeping emergency powers it gained after the Paris terrorist attacks to clamp down on any possible disruption to the two-week global climate conference that starts on Monday, limiting public demonstrations, beefing up security and placing two dozen environmental activists under house arrest.”

This was apparently from The New York Times.

From Eatgrueldog:

You didn’t think that all those new laws were for terrorism did you?

Just wait until it comes here


This is shutuppery.  I’m sure there’s a Frence French word for it, or there will be one soon.  France is hosting a summit of world leaders and President Barack Obama, so they need to have some security.  Where do we draw the line?

As a Retired Lawyer…

…one of the small pleasures I have in life is using the knowledge and skills I have acquired over a lifetime of professional education, training and practical experience to help friends who are dealing with legal issues of one kind or another.  I do this, of course, in careful contemplation of Alaska Bar Rule 63 which defines what the “unauthorized practice of law” is and Alaska Rule of Professional Conduct 5.5 which applies Bar Rule 63 to members of the state’s bar.  Most of my compliance with the two rules is easy- I don’t hold myself out to the public as a practicing attorney, don’t have an office, don’t charge fees of any sort, don’t appear for anyone in a court or other adjudicative forum, and don’t prepare and file pleadings on anyone else’s behalf.  While some might complain that I would freely offer my opinion about legal matters to anyone who will listen, it’s my opinion that the rules don’t regulate such conduct, as it is beyond their scope and would in any event directly conflict with my right of free speech under the First Amendment.  I am also free to do whatever legal research I feel like I have the time, energy and competence to undertake and provide the results of that research in whatever form I choose to others, again as my opinion as to what I believe the results to be.  As I consider myself to be reasonably skilled at legal drafting, I am happy to look documents over for my friends and give my opinion as to things that might be changed or which might be presented or argued differently.  Anyone who would carp about my doing these things should note that, in doing so, I’m not providing legal advice or assistance.  I’m just an old guy with time on my hands and a particular set of skills that I hate to see rust away from disuse.

And I hate to see injustice done.  And especially done to my friends.

No Peace without Justice Tattoo


What Makes This Stuff So Fascinating

To me the most fascinating part of the Bill Schmalfeldt story is the fact that Schmalfeldt is totally, completely convinced that he is the victim.  I really don’t consider that to be plausible, but yet it is true.

We all have internal systems which protect us from our mistakes — otherwise we’d be emotionally crippled by them.  We cut somebody off in traffic, them yell at them because they gave us a one second horn blast instead of the beep-beep which is typically given.

In Bill, this system has run amock.  Take this quote from last night here:


So, according to this, Bill Schmalfeldt’s involvement in “all of this” started with Lee Stranahan sending the cops to his house.  That was the primary, initial moment in which Bill Schmalfeldt became entangled.

From Lee

Bill Schmalfeldt: The Stranger Who Harassed My Family

Starting in June 2012, my family and I have been cyberstalked, bullied and harassed by a total stranger; a Maryland man named Bill Schmalfeldt. Among other things, Mr. Schmalfeldt has :bill cartoon

  • Made repeated, direct contact with me and members of my family via email & Twitter, demanding I answer his questions about his ‘investigation’ in me and my family
  • Continued this direct contact after being asked not to ; sometimes directed over 100 messages a day directly at us with questions for his ‘investigation’

The list goes on.  My apologies to the Stranahans for once again posting about these incidents.  The only way to refute the “whopper” is to link the Stranahan’s version.

Now, folks can believe Lee Stranahan or Bill Schmalfeldt.  I get that.  Bill actually seems to believe Bill.


‘The ram has touched the wall.’

But it’s not all about the Stranahans.  It also about the Hoges, the Hinkleys, the Alexanders and other families who have either had to change their online behavior, or who had to get Peace Orders to stop contact, because Bill Schmalfeldt wouldn’t stop.  People who have been threatened with loss of livelihood.  People who have seen their own faces pasted on porn, or their own children’s pictures on websites with unfair accusations about abuse.  He’s accused parents of abusing their children.   He’s tried so many tactics, I’ll bet he has forgotten some of them.

Have People Been Mean to Bill Schmalfeldt?

Oh hell yes.  They plan to continue.

People are like that.  Piss them off and they’ll trash you.  Write disgusting things online, and good folks will want to tell the world that you write disgusting things.  Touch their world, and they’ll touch yours.

I happen to think that if you write books, run websites, record podcasts and spend a lot of your life trying to become famous, you are a public figure.  Bill Schmalfeldt is not really successful at becoming famous, but that’s what he’s shooting for.  That means wearing big boy pants and putting up with criticism

Bill_Schmalfeldt_Kimberlin (1)

This is the worst possible way to get people to leave Brett Kimberlin and Bill Schmalfeldt alone.

They say Karma’s a bitch.  Well, Krendler is Karma’s big brother.  Howard Earl is Karma’s cousin with the John 3:16 prison tat.  Or is that Fr. Paul?  I get confused.  It really looks like Bill is stuck with Krendler, and all of the other folks who he complains about since they are anonymous.

Anonymous = “you can’t find my kids on Facebook.”

Anonymous = “you can’t sue me very easily”

Anonymous = “you can’t call my work to complain about my private writings” 

I am very sure that the shutuppery which Bill Schmalfeldt tried when he sued people will return.  Thin skin, arrogance and lots of  free time make a bad combination.  When the next round of stupid is tossed over the battlements, at least we can count on getting some laughs.  Keep the lulzmuscles limbered up.


So Why Are We Still Here?

UPDATE: Bill visited Billysez last night also.  It’s very much worth a visit.  Remember of course that Morgana was the target (NOT victim) of very disgusting comments by Bill, and I was faildoxxed by Bill.  David E. was doxed and sued by Bill.  Hoge…well, there’s a fair amount of history there, too.

Yet all of us, for the time being allow Bill Schmalfeldt a larger audience than he has ever had on his own.  


From a comment left here by Bill Schmalfeldt:

bschmalfeldt53235November 26, 2015 at 9:40 pm
Let me see… you want to move on from this topic, but you keep writing about it. And for once, Mr. Hoge is correct. He’s just wrong about whose wall has been hit by whose ram.You leave me alone, I leave you alone. Try it. See how it works.

(I cut a tiny part of it out, as it didn’t seem to be directed at me, or this blog.)

It was a response to a very important post by David Edgren here.  Good reading.

The first comment from the post was from me, and I stand behind this:

David and I both wanted to move on from this topic — and indeed we had. I’d like to talk/write about silly college kids, shutuppery, environmental foolishness and other fun stuff. On the other hand, I won’t back down.
We really would like to move on, and in some ways we have.  With the exception of two “warnings” to Bill Schmalfeldt, David has kept away from the entire topic.THREAT TO PUBLISH
I’ve only jumped in when there is something newsworthy, say, like Bill Schmalfeldt trying to extort the identity of Krendler from a reader of this blog.  Or when he humorously claimed to be Krendler.  David and I spent a week writing about no one except Brett Kimberlin — and we didn’t even connect Schmalfeldt to Brett.
And when Bill proposes to publish every word which belongs to another writer, then a book turns up with Bill’s distinctive silhouette and Krendler’s writing…yes I’m going to write.
But since hostilities are at a high level, Bill cannot expect me to drop out of this topic.  He’s welcome to come here, read and complain, but even though I have been threatened with lawsuits, I’m still interested in shining the light until all the roaches have skittered away.  
head down
Yes.  There are times that it is best to ones head down.  Sadly, Mr. Schmalfeldt has never learned from his own advice.  
At the same time, I’m still trying to find a word that is the opposite of intimidating.  Perhaps Schmalfeldt.