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I Was Looking Through Some Old Emails

And I came across a memo which purports to be a quality control document which apparently was shared between members of Team Kimberlin.  I happen to know that Team Kimberlin has known about the document, but has not refuted or debunked it, and as such it is provably true, as far as I know,  Allegedly.  The first part is here:


There were two number ones, and that alone makes me convinced that it is allegedly created by Team Kimberlin, as far as I know. The rest is here:

  1. Learn to ‘freeze time.’ If a judge once said something critical to John Hoge, but later decided in Hoge’s favor, focus on the comment.  If you visited a 24-hour mini clinic for an assault which did not happen, and they diagnose you for “a possible concussion,” the eventual diagnosis is no longer significant. Forevermore, you were hospitalized for a ‘possible concussion.’  Even if you were never admitted.  Hey, the ER is the hospital.  Being there is being hospitalized.
  2. If an individual cannot help you, but lets you know who can help you, in all documents from that moment on, they “told you to do something” or the “advised you to…”  This works in the above scenario of a mini clinic “telling you” to get to the emergency room.  If a security guard explained that he doesn’t actually arrest people, but the police station is down the block, all references to the event should say “…the security personnel told me to file assault and battery charges…”  
  3. Repeat similar accusations across all media. In a court appearance which will involve a printed transcript, repeat things about participants which were already proven false in a previous jurisdiction.  Nobody checks.
  4. Base your entire public persona on the notion that there is no Team Kimberlin, but that there is an active conspiracy against Team Kimberlin. Even if we drive to court appearances together, harass participants and spouses at each other’s court hearing and share documents, we are not affiliated. On the other hand, every comment on Hogewash!, BillySez, the Zombie thing or that other blog that nobody remembers…every word is written by an enemy of the cause.
  5. Consistency is not necessary. John Hoge and Stacy McCain are totally useless, mouth-breathing dolts, but next week they will be tools of a major conspiracy involving the Chamber of Commerce, the U.S. Post Office, and the Knights Templar.  
  6. On the subject of consistency. Try to remember if you are unable to do certain tasks before posting photographs of you performing those tasks.  I think you know who I mean.
  7. Additionally, some of you have been hesitant to mention that a certain individual is married to an immigrant, and that concern seems to be about offending the boss. Please do not let this stop you.  we’re vicious, not consistent.
  8. Whenever possible, scare the women.  Those of you with very little experience with women might want to go upstairs and ask mom how to do this.
  9. Remember, we are the victims.  Start every harassing action with the mental attitude described by this phrase: I will hit you first, because I am tired of being a victim. Team Kimberlin does not go on offense, we just defend ourselves from the truth with vigor.  Sometimes this means going after people first.
  10. Incompetance is a virtue in certain cases. The boss could easily use a computer to number his court exhibits.  He doesn’t, because he wishes to reinforce his lack of technical savvy.  He scribbles ‘Ex. A.” like a nine year old.  You think that’s an accident?  The same with the post office stuff.  He can easily claim ignorance of some things, because he has established his inability to do others.  Bill, this section is not for you.  You’re just fine in this area.

I’m publishing this without the headers, email addresses or any other identifying marks.  This is in keeping with the Schmalfeldt Newsriting Style Guide, 2nd. Edition, which states that ‘we don’t reveal sources.’  

We also don’t think first, plan ahead or consider how much we just defiled the pooch.

Just to Review

Discovery will take place this week for the Walker v. Kimberlin civil suit.  Here’s what Aaron Walker is alleging:


Twice the Kimberlin family has tried to use the criminal courts to intimidate Aaron Walker They’ve called Aaron Walker a stalker and claimed he injured Brett Kimberlin in a vicious attack which couldn’t be seen on the courthouse security photos.

It is about time that Brett Kimberlin is called to task for his accusations against Walker – and for that matter – John Hoge.

John Hoge also seems to be closing in on the Laurel and Hardy of internet lawfare, Brett Kimberlin and Bill Schmalfeldt.  It can’t come soon enough, as Bill Schmalfeldt continues to Tweet nonsense:


Oddly enough, the only person accused of improper dealing with a child is Brett Kimberlin, who failed to produce a scintilla of evidence to refute the accusations that he is or was a pedophile.  He did deny being a ‘pedo,’ but had a hard time making his case.  

And a reminder to budding internet journalists, the lack of denial does not equal a confession, as Paul Krendler so aptly demonstrates.


Thanks Kimberlin Unmasked!


Pro Tip

Never read Fahrenheit 451 and Muggeridge’s The End of Christendom in the same week.Image result for the end of christendom It will not cheer you. On the other hand, I’m glad to find some truth in both.  More coming up this weekend if I can find the time.

Blogging has been too slow this week, sorry.

I will not be able to make the road trip to Winchester, Westminster or wherever the Hoge v. Team Knucklehead hearing is.  Those who can, please volunteer your insights.  Remember, Team Free Speech appears Tuesday, but everybody on Kimberlin’s side need to be in the courtroom by 8:45 AM Wednesday.  That’s local time.

I have petitioned the court to allow me to view the entire proceedings on FaceTime, using somebody’s smartphone.  In my petition, I mentioned that I’d probably be in bed.

Nah.  Kidding,

Nobody would put that in a petition to the court.  Well, nobody who wants to be taken seriously.

Image result for fahrenheit 451



Now, THAT I Did Not Know

Every now and then I read the exhibits presented in the ongoing lawsuits between Brett Kimberlin, Aaron Walker and John Hoge.  Hoge and Walker are on the offense, and seem to be doing very well compared to Kimberlin.

This was presented to the court by Kimberlin as part of his attempt to get Aaron’s wife to submit to questioning.  The form was written by Aaron Walker.  Document posted on Hogewash!

Assault rifle.png

Now that, I didn’t know.  Of course, owning or being in possession of a firearm would be illegal, as Brett Kimberlin is a convicted violent felon, and is still on parole.

If Brett Kimberlin wants to deny this, he could comment below, or have a surrogate do so. If he’s like to send a multi-page rebuttal to any of the articles about him on Dave Alexander and Company, he can go ahead and send all the pages in one envelope.  No reason to break it up into separate envelopes.  



Aaron Walker Would Like…

Aaron Walker is suing Brett and Tetyana Kimberlin, and lots of us agree somebody had to. The two of them made allegations about Walker’s conduct which turned out to be untrue. So untrue that I won’t actually repeat them here, since they were hurtful to Walker’s reputation.

Read more at Hogewash!

What would Aaron Walker like if he wins?


I like number five.  There are some individuals who have stopped commenting on Brett Kimberlin’s history as a serial bomber, his perjury conviction…and so on.  Posts and articles have disappeared from the internet. People should be free of Kimberlin’s shutuppery.

There really is only one problem with these demands.  The last line. Never gonna happen.

That Aaron Walker Guy Knows What Questions to Ask, Eh?

Aaron Walker is suing Brett Kimberlin, after years of abuse by the Speedway Bomber. Aaron sent interrogatories, and in some/most cases, Brett has not replied.  By way of Hogewash!, just a snippet from Aaron’s questions:


The answer to one of these is ‘nobody.’  At least I hope so.

One question here might bring a large volume of material. [To be fair, I also was once attracted to teenage girls, and longed to engage in relations with them.  But I was a teenager then, and I think I’m forgiven.– Dave]

The last one?  Holy crap.

The Kimberlin Effect is the process of using lawsuits to defend your reputation, and in the process increasing the number and scope of publicly available documents about you as well as the newsworthiness of those documents.  


Brett Kimberlin, Free Speech and Physical Intimidation

John Hoge published a treasure trove of Brett Kimberlin related documents Sunday. Most were written by Aaron Walker, who is suing Kimberlin and his wife.

Aaron Walker points out two completely different reasons to dislike Brett Kimberlin. One is highbrow, and the other lowbrow.

Let go to the constitutional argument.  Brett Kimberlin sues people who write about him and his history.  If your most interesting biographical fact is that you are responsible for the death of a guy who found the bomb you left at a high school football game… Yeah.  

So Brett sues people.  Hey, we have a First Amendment, right?

Counselor?  (Start at the red arrow.)

Walker Reasons to dislike K

Yup.  If Brett Kimberlin can file criminal complaints against people for honest reporting of his activities, then shut down the internet, because no one is safe.  

Just in case you still wonder why Aaron Walker is so motivated concerning Brett Kimberlin, there’s this incident from March 2013, which I had forgotten.  It’s one of many lowbrow reason to dislike Brett Kimberlin.  Aaron Walker:

Walker Reason number two

I believe that Aaron Walker told the truth in this document. I also believe that Kimberlin is the worst kind of bully — picking a woman to intimidate while her husband was at a legal hearing inside a courthouse.  

I also believe that all of his bullying needs to stop, and a judge needs to do it.

The coming weeks should be interesting for Team Free Speech.  Good luck to Aaron and John.