Deny Free Speech Because…

Hate speech is violence.

Not a novel approach to the hate speech/free speech debate, but at least it was clearly stated by the Editor-in-Chief of the student paper at Delta University, in Mississippi. The article was called Is Hate Speech Violence?

Events like this have sparked a debate around free speech, and if and where we draw a line around what we protect under free speech. People are arguing that Hate Speech should be protected under the First Amendment. Many of the people making this argument, while not white supremacist themselves, believe that we should protect the right for white supremacist to openly speak their views.

This graphic accompanied the article, apparently indicating that fists will be needed to prevent a KKK, fascist USA.

They believe that white supremacist should have as much of a voice as anyone else, regardless of how dangerous that voice is. However, the voice of white supremacists is one that seeks to oppress the voices of numerous people groups that already face marginalization on a daily basis. White supremacist seek to do this through means far worse than simply stating their views. These people’s aim goes beyond speaking about them, and it is dangerous to attempt to divorce white supremacists words from their actions.

You know what violence is? Violence is violence. Real, actual violence is worthy of government intervention. Threats — especially credible threats of violence — deserve government intervention. Racism, sexism and the like do not deserve government intervention.

Should the FBI and local police take note when a group looks dangerous? Of course. Should acts of violence be prosecuted?  Yes.  

Seeking to oppress “the voices of numerous people groups that already face marginalization on a daily basis…” is not a reason to put police or government in the position to censor. [People groups? What’s a people group? – Dave]

Our young people are so willing to toss away basic constitutional rights in the name of “being nice.” That’s sad, really.  

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3 Responses to Deny Free Speech Because…

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  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    There are a surprising number of people being called white supremacists who merely believe:

    Theft, assault, murder, lying for personal profit should be illegal as well as variations on the before.
    Contracts are obligations to both parties and should be completed.
    People have the right to speak, defend themselves and their property, and to have their grievances heard.
    A nation has the right to set the standards required to gain citizenship to itself.
    Goods, land, labor, and services may only be exchanged between consenting parties under terms both agree to.
    Baring a contract, no one is obligated to do what another wants.
    People below a certain age are not able to enter into most contracts and are thus under the guardianship of their parents and families to the extent that this is possible.
    The government exists to protect the above.
    The government is not obligated to grant it’s citizens any other service besides the above.

    Which is to say western values is white supremacist. Even if you aren’t white and don’t think they’re especially supreme. I think they’ve decided to use white supremacist because racist firmly applies to many of their own, but you can’t accuse the Linda Sarsours of their side of being white supremacist.

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  3. JorgXMcKie says:

    I have a standing offer to my students. If they believe hate speech is violence they may call me any vile, hateful name they like and every time they do I get to whack them hard with a cane. Whoever gives up first is wrong about what violence is.

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