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Found in the Rubble of the Former Supreme Court Building, 2025

My time traveling colleague Kyle delivered a dossier from our future. The document here is undated, but seems to have been written sometime in the near future, or perhaps this year. 


From: Overlord

To: Top Levels

Re: The Necessary Elimination of so-called Free Speech in America


No one will willingly offer up their own right to free expression. But take someone aside and suggest that “we need to figure out how to stop these other guys…” and the job is much easier.


Supreme Court, Old Washington, D.C., 2025

These hateful people saying hateful things. They must be stopped, by any means. Fighting in the streets, campus free speech zones/codes and limits to social media.

Whatever can silence these haters.

Anytime you can convince a vegan who drives a Prius to punch a so-called Nazi, you’ve converted someone to the cause. Globalism is destroying the planet, so let’s trash a Starbucks. The Free Speech rally in Berkeley is tied to the Trumpers, who are aligned with big money to destroy the rights of LGBTQ individuals, and corrupt the political process with fake news and hate speech. So bring masks and mace to the anti-protest.

Incorporate that idea into a simple phrase, like “Stop Hate,” or F— Haters.”


The total control of free expression cannot be accomplished in a single year, or a single decade. Begin by telling all that some words are banned. “You can’t say that…” is step one. Stop people from offending others. Later you can ban just the ideas, because as you know, some writers will be more nuanced than others.

Some will refuse to use the banned words, but will promote the bad ideas. They, too need to be stopped. Demonize, use your broad brushes, and push the narrative that the bad ideas are just a cover for racism, sexism, or any ‘isms’ which are out of favor.

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Rewrite history to reflect half-truths. Bull Connor and Abe Lincoln had no political affiliation, and MLK was not Republican. The winners and the wiser historical characters are always those from our side.

Frame all historical discussions to match current approved mores. Let the concept of forefathers expire through disuse, or be silenced out of charges of sexism. Historical examples of individualism, gun culture or self-reliance are to be written out of history. There must be strict adherence to these new historical interpretations, and swift punishment for those who veer from the approved thoughts.

Step by step, the Lower Levels will accept the new limitations on other people’s speech, and resulting penalties. Over time, even those who once advocated reduced “free speech” only for others will accept if for themselves. After a year or more of voicing “You can’t say that…” all but the most self-aware will internalize the notion that “I can’t say that…”

As the process continues, there will be hardly any need to remind the Lowers of their responsibility. Observe Europe as a template. The strategy has been very effective.



Quote of the Day

Vice President Mike Pence:

“If the emanations of free speech were charted on a map like infrared heat signatures, one would hope that universities would be the hottest places — red and purple with dispute; not dark blue and white — frozen into cant, orthodoxy, and intellectual stasis,”


Image result for milo berkeley

Anti-Milo Riot, UC Berkeley  2017

Those Nazi Pugs Need to Be Stopped

I don’t like hate speech, don’t approve of it, all races deserve respect, don’t kill people, my God demands that I love my enemies.

Gotta say this things otherwise people will believe I actually support Nazi…dogs.

Freedom Crossroads:

A Scottish YouTuber by the name of Markus Meechan is about to go to trial on a charge of hate speech sparked by a video he created last year.

In the video, Meechan begins by saying: “So, my girlfriend is always ranting and raving about how cute and adorable her wee dog is, so I’ve thought I’d turn him into the least cute thing I could think of which is a Nazi.”Nazi Pug

He then proceeds to ‘show’ the dog a clip of Hitler and teach it to do the Nazi salute and to respond to the phrase “gas the Jews.”

With about two minutes of content which has not even received 2.5 million views since it was posted, Meechan has found himself facing up to a year in prison.

The Daily Caller:

“…or part of their sanity…??

The German parliament is debating a proposal to force social media platforms to either delete hate speech quickly or risk hefty fines. [Up to 56 million dollars. — Dave]

The problems that many critics point out are the vague definitions of the term “hate speech” and the restrictions that the proposed law may have on freedom of speech. Justice Minister Heiko Maas disagrees, arguing it will only help protect freedom of speech in Germany.

I’ve posted a lot of words about this subject…but I’m going to explain again, just in case someone thinks these cases are actually appropriate.

Hateful speech ought to be legal, as long as no violence is incited. Why? Because you really shouldn’t want others to decide what you can say. No, you shouldn’t. I’m not saying “Let’s go kill some…” is okay, because you know I don’t think that. 

These examples are from outside the U.S., but my country’s founding documents talk of inalienable rights — from a creator, and not from governments. No, Germany does not have a “First Amendment” but freedom of speech should be universal. It is an embarrassment that so-called democracies seek to mussle their citizens in the name of stamping out hate speech.  

If you are a liberal who wants to squash Nazi groups, or dogs, before they take over…or you fear hate speech because it diminishes your personhood, so you want to take speech rights away from others…or you want to stop those who would advocate discussions of taboo subjects like immigration, assimilation, gender, race and such…


If you are such a person, and you think hate speech shouldn’t be free speech, the listen closely.

Congratulations. You have become the fascist you claim to hate.


Governor, you are wrong. Also, generally the First Amendment is capitalized.


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Sorry, Chris. The phrase “except hate speech” isn’t there.


Ohio Law Criminalizes “abusing, threatening, or harassing…” Speech

Yeah, good luck with that. But wait, there’s more! Guess who is exempt?

Ohio Rev. Code § 2917.21 provides:

(B)(2) No person shall knowingly post a text or audio statement or an image on an internet web site or web page for the purpose of abusing, threatening, or harassing another person. …

(F) Divisions (A)(5) to (11) and (B)(2) of this section do not apply to a person who, while employed or contracted by a newspaper, magazine, press association, news agency, news wire service, cable channel or cable operator, or radio or television station, is gathering, processing. transmitting, compiling, editing, or disseminating information for the general public within the scope of the person’s employment in that capacity or the person’s contractual authority in that capacity.

So if you say anything online about anyone — from the president on down — you could be criminally punished, so long as a prosecutor and jury conclude that your motive was “abusing” or “harassing” someone. 

Forget the obvious: how can you determine if something is published for the purpose of abusing, threatening, or harassing? Put that aside for a moment.

Look who is exempted. The professional class of news men and women. This is clearly a step toward outlawing speech from we amateur keyboard jockeys in our pajamas.

[True fact, I blog fully dressed, but sometimes read other blogs in my PJs. – Dave.]

This is a big deal. This is a virtual license for those who are a part of the legacy media. They are protected, and they will likely ignore this law as a result.

Exempt from this law.


Volokh is not ignoring it. From the legal motion he and his team filed:

Unlike laws which merely protect unwilling listeners, Section 2917.21(B)(2) criminalizes public commentary about particular people, and thus prohibits far more than the dissemination of speech to people unwilling to hear it.


No, it doesn’t. Words don’t do that. 




Yeah, this sort of law pretty much shuts down the internet, since the traditional liberal notion is that “if you offend me, then you are abusing, threatening and harassing me…”  We cannot go around criminalizing writing simply because it “causes” emotional upset in the subject.

Good on Volokh and the others for bringing this to our attention, and for fighting it in the courts. 




Who is in Charge of Facebook Content? Austria?

Breitbart News:

Facebook is appealing an order to impose Austria’s social media laws against hate speech on the platform worldwide.

“The court case involves comments posted to Facebook about the leader of Austria’s Green Party, which the party claims are illegal under the country’s hate speech laws,” reported Fortune. “An appeals court in Vienna agreed and ordered Facebook to take them down not just in Austria but everywhere else as well.”


According to Reuters, the court also said that “merely blocking them in Austria without deleting them for users abroad was not sufficient.”

The order would mean that citizens of other countries where “hate speech” laws are non-existent could have their free speech restricted under Austrian law to stop negative posts being made and shared.

“Should Facebook comply globally with Russia’s anti-gay laws, or Thailand’s laws against insulting the king, or Saudi Arabia’s blasphemy laws?” asked Daphne Keller, a lawyer at the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford University.

Should they? No. No company should be forced to edit content for all audiences just because someone is offended. Or a certain nation deems it ‘hateful,’ or even illegal.

We are moving in this direction, and it’s going to be bad. Western liberals have decided to censor ideas and opinion based upon the perception of the reader. If your writings offend someone, then poof, they are offensive. And therefore ‘hate speech.’ 

As I’ve said before, I hate hate. I’m not a spokesman for offensive writers. On the other hand, if my words offend you, I have only offended you. I have not really caused you to be hurt. 

And you have no right to impose your censorship rules in my country.

Openly discussing ideas = Nazism, according to leftists

Free Speech Dies an Ugly Death

 TL;DR? The sign carrier is hecked and insulted by the mob around him. He’s pushed, and the jerks call him a Nazi. All for holding a sign promoting freedom of expression, and honest, peaceful debate. — Dave

Some people just want to watch the world burn.


Rise Of The Everyman

These leftist street thugs assault a man and steal his property, i.e. his sign that simply says “The right to openly discuss ideas must be defended.” That is enough nowadays to be harassed in the street and called a Nazi. Surely nobody is surprised that leftists are not interested in the exchange of ideas, they are only interested in their ideas being forced upon everyone – but everyone else is the fascist, I’m sure you will understand.

Hats off to the brave man in this video, standing his ground for as long as possible.

And heads hung in vicarious shame for the police (at least one officer visible at the scene) for allowing this to happen. Thanks to them, people like Blach Lives Matter UK-leader Gary McFarlane get to decide whose voice are heard in public and whose are not.

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Has a Civil War Begun?

Or is there a nationwide surplus of hyperbole, one which can only be neutralized by essays like this on in Front Page Mag:

The Democrats have become a terrorist party. And their commitment to a radical revolution has plunged our political system into chaos. The left is now exactly where it wanted to be.

And a civil war has begun.

The thesis seems to be that the left has become the radical left, intent on a #resistance to the point of tearing America apart. Oddly, the left says this sort of thing about the right every now and then:The extreme right-wing of the Republican Party has taken over the party, and will harm America with their pro-life, anti-LGBT, gun-toting, blah…

I suggest that the American left just wants power, not destruction. If the off-year elections go their way, the stupid will die down. 

The Antifa and the astroturf warriors are only a tiny slice of even the most radical elements on the left. They are less committed to the struggle than the right, and less inclined to get up once their knocked down.

Social Justice Warriors are that in name only. If trashing a Starbucks is their idea of Lexington, or Fort Sumpter…I wouldn’t worry.

UK Student Left-wing NUS