“What? Un-British? Un-English? Anti-UK Sounds Silly, Init?”

Sam Hooper of Semi-Partisan Politics:

Will All Those In Favour Favor Of Open Borders Please Stand Up?*

Will the Left’s unspoken, newly-extremist position on immigration and open borders be their political undoing?

Using Brexit and Trump as a smokescreen, many leftists have quietly moved towards a de facto “open borders” position on immigrationwithout ever actually uttering the words or having the courage to declare their intentions in public.

Whether it is members of the anti-Trump “resistance” in America or bitter defenders of the European Union in Britain, opposition to what they see as an ongoing regressive right-wing coup is prompting many on the Left to adopt an uncompromisingextremely permissive stance on immigration which previously existed only on the libertarian fringes and which many leftists themselves once opposed.

I think Donald Trump and Brexit have caused both countries to look long and hard at immigration.  Rather than moderate their positions toward the enter, the left has taken positions which are more extreme than just a few years ago. Given a choice between borders and open borders…the left chooses a complete erasure of national boundaries.

I don’t know the British or UK equivalent, but around here we call it un-American.


*I changed the spelling to add a bit of American flavour.

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2 Responses to “What? Un-British? Un-English? Anti-UK Sounds Silly, Init?”

  1. I like the spelling correction, cheers for that! Since I’ll be moving stateside soon (the LEGAL way) I had better brush up on my American English spelling! 😉


  2. But did I use “init” properly? It seems to mean the same as the Canadian “eh,”


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