Because Not Punishing Lawless People Will Cause…?

Campus Reform:

A University of Southern California professor recently argued that punishing protesters who disrupt conservative speakers can reinforce “white supremacy.”

Charles H.F. Davis, a professor of education at USC, argued in an essay for Inside Higher Ed that punishing protesters contributes to white supremacy because it can unfairly “suppress and criminalize” students, especially in light of protesters’ valiant goals.

LA Times:
Some anti-fascist protesters, wearing black and with their faces covered, chased or beat Trump supporters and organizers who had scheduled and then canceled the “anti-Marxist” rally, citing concerns over safety.

“Issuing a punishment…is a clear form of criminalization by deeming protest unacceptable.” Tweet This

For example, Davis argues against punishing students who shouted down a recent Ben Shapiro talk at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, since students were fighting against “racist rhetoric advanced by Shapiro.”

In an interview with Campus Reform, Davis explained that “punishing protesters unfairly criminalizes students,” and that colleges who do so “run the risk of creating an unsafe and threatening environment.”

Davis defines protesters as those who “use disruptive tactics to shut down hate speech as well as those holding signs, protesting outside of speaker venues, and engaged in other forms of resistance against white supremacy.”

Students who protest “are disproportionately students of color and students representing other marginalized groups,” Davis noted. “Issuing a punishment, especially in these cases, is a clear form of criminalization by deeming protest unacceptable,” he added.

Further, while hate speech is protected by the First Amendment, Davis warns that colleges should “resist the constant conflation of hate speech and free speech,” adding that this is justified because hate speech is “violent and invites violence, which should not be allowed on-campus.”

The violence seen in Charlottesville, Virginia and Berkeley, California earlier this year, seen when far-right speakers clashed with protesters, is indicative of this potential for violence, Davis notes. (Actually the violence seems to have been instigated in some cases by the leftists who tried to suppress free speech. — Dave)

Instead of punishing protesters, Davis encourages senior leaders to “spend substantive time listening to student protesters’ concerns.”


They are “concerned” that they are not getting their way.

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5 Responses to Because Not Punishing Lawless People Will Cause…?

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    It isn’t white supremacy to enforce the laws of the nation against what is obviously a crowd mostly made up of other white guys breaking the law. They don’t have the right to determine who is allowed to speak. Rather, in this country, including the government, no one has that right.

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  2. Pablo says:

    Our violence is speech, your speech is violence.

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  3. This Other Latin F*cker says:

    And this guy is why we have teachers that are eagerly shoveling this kind of garbage down our kids throats every day at school.

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  4. DeplorableRican says:

    “Far Right” Geez my mom and dad were registered Democrat all their lives and today they would be seen as “far right!”


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