Not Alt-Right or Far Right

After a few weeks of listening to the leftist media bash America, I’m just fed up.

I am a conservative.  I believe the United States should lead.  I think that everybody needs to be protected from government.  The U.S. Constitution is the law, and those who ignore it, warp it or shred it for their own goals are evil.  

I believe that there are plenty of things the government does that really it has no business meddling with.  

I think that there are times to open the gates and let in more immigrants, and there are times to stop the flood.  I think we have imported enough unskilled labor for one generation. 

I think there should be a safety net, and mercy when poverty and disease strike.  I think if you can work, you should. 

This doesn’t make me alt-right or far right or even a nationalist, though I can’t see why loving your nation is a bad thing.

I will not see right leaning political though demeaned and shoved aside by the media. Sure there are racists and idiots in the right side of the political spectrum. Same is true of the left, whose bigotry has caused more damage to Americans — black, white and otherwise — than anything Trump has proposed. 

If I’m on the extreme right, why was Socialist Bernie Sanders never on the extreme left?


Don’t stand for the blowback from the liberal media — which has begun to mischaracterize  the Trump victory as if the brownshirts were loose in the streets. They will not get away with it.

Over my dead keyboard.

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1 Response to Not Alt-Right or Far Right

  1. I’m not really conservative, I’m more of a right-wing radical. I find myself allied with non-statist conservatives on many issues, and not disagreeing all that much even when in conflict. It’s the statists on both sides, the budding and full-grown totalitarians, against whom I vote, and with whom I will war, should it come to that.

    That includes nearly all of the media types you mention.

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