When Your Actions Are Nixonian…

…pretty soon people catch on.

Source (or at least the blogger who scooped it up before I saw it.)

Tyler Derden/ZeroHedge:

Once a politico has to declare “I am not a crook” based on legalese rather than a moral foundation, that politico’s ability to lead has vanished. Hillary and her supporters rely entirely on legalese parsing of wrong-doing rather than on a self-explanatory, basic moral foundation of right and wrong.

Declaring “I am not a crook” because the wrongdoing escapes prosecution is the same as declaring “I am above the law.” If the foundation of one’s ability to lead is a reliance on legal parsing and allies in the Department of Justice squashing investigations while handing out immunity like candy on Halloween, the political capital required to lead no longer exists.


In the dark, quiet corners of the American imagination, could anyone have cooked up a stranger political season?  I actually started to Google the guy who is Hilary’s #2.  I think he has a greater chance of becoming president that does Trump.

It is as if Tim Burton wrote and directed this year’s presidential race and cast Johnny Depp as Carlos Danger, the sexting addict who appears in the last reel to change the entire film.  Hillary and Trump play themselves.  

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