A Dog Cross-Breed Etymology Joke

Maybe the only one.

  • If you cross a poodle with a dachshund, you get a doodle.  Cross breed that dog with a cocker spaniel, and you get a cocker doodle.  Find another doodle, and then breed it with your cocker doodle, and you get a cocker doodle doo.

Meet the newest member of the Alexander family.  I feel safer already.


Objects in this photograph are smaller than they appear.

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10 Responses to A Dog Cross-Breed Etymology Joke

  1. Gus Bailey says:


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  2. Dianna says:

    Awwwwe! So cute, enjoy all the time!

    Phone, train.

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  3. Kyle Kiernan says:

    Looks a little like the one we are looking to adopt which is a chiweenie (Chihuahua/dachshund cross).

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  4. Grace says:

    PUPPY!!! *squee squee squee* ❤️

    Too cute, Dave! Enjoy!

    I know Ben Franklin long ago declared that wine (some say beer) was proof God loves us and wants us to be happy. For me personally? I believe it’s His gift of doggies. ❤️

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  5. Tulip says:

    He’s adorable! So much fun. My two rescues are just recently out of puppyhood and things are calming down a bit, but only a bit. One’s a Sheppit(?) (German Shepherd/Pit Bull) and the other is . . . I have no idea. Both are charming and loving and brilliant and perfect, of course!

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  6. Your dogs probably have squeaky toys which are bigger than my three.

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