Last Week We Bothered 3,646 Liberals

So, what have you been up to?

As you know, my main job here isn’t really to annoy liberals.  I do try to write things from a common sense and conservative perspective, and I try to leave mean stuff at the door.


The Editor-in-Chef, and President of Bad Spellers Anonymon, Dave Alexander

I think, Limbaugh, Hannity and Savage hurt the conservative cause when they name call. And nobody can learn if the’re being insulted.

So I’m really not here to brag.  I’d like to tell about some of the things I learned when thousands of liberals visited, then commented somewhere else about my writing.

  • Very few constructive comments came in here.  In other words, of thousands of people who disagreed, very few voiced their opinion directly to the guy who wrote the essay.  
  • One guy said “Your blog sucks.” and another used an obvious gay slur, but used it to accuse me of fearing XYZ….those letters standing in for a collection of homosexual slurs.  My point: There is an anti-homosexual undercurrent in the left, which is at least as strong as you find in the right.  Maybe more.  I suspect there is an equally anti-minority theme under the surface of liberal America.
  • It’s better to ignore stuff.  I have not gone and visited the site in question, and don’t plan to.  I have continually suggested Bill Schmalfeldt ignore Billy Sez, Thinking Man’s Zombie, Hogewash!, Kimberlin Unmasked and this Craft Blog.
  • Clicks are really not worth anything.  Regular readers are worth it all.
  • My essay about how I think liberals think might have been totally off base in some areas, but it was annoying enough to send thousands of left wing folks here, and lots of them put their objections into writing.  That’s actually great in a way.  That is exactly how Americans learn.  We take a position, then try to justify it.  Attention teachers: This is one way to get students engaged.  On the other hand, a deep thinker might also look at evidence from different sources.
  • Some people on the left severely underestimate your knowledge about the issues. One writer here suggested that I was just trusting whatever I saw on Fox news.  We don’t watch cable at my house, I listen to NPR on the way to work when the signal comes in and rarely have the time for talk radio.  I probably read or scan 100 stories a day, and write about three.  My sources are almost never Fox, Drudge or Alex Jones. In addition, my conservatism is the result of lots of looking.  I want to find the answers to the problems in my church and my nation.  That takes varied study.  I’m always happy when people do some of their studying here.

My last words on the topic.  Have a great week.

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