It’s Almost Over

BLADENBORO – Two candidates running for the N.C. House District 46 seat were involved in a scuffle Saturday during this Bladen County town’s annual celebration of Beast Fest, Bladenboro Police Chief Chris Hunt said.

Democrat Tim Benton and Republican Brenden Jones, both campaigning for a two-year term in the General Assembly, were calling out for law enforcement to take charge of the situation during the altercation, police said.

Hunt said one of his officers had been alerted to a fight behind Diamond Dave’s Grill on Main Street between 5 and 5:30 p.m. “When the officer got there,” he said, “there was no fight. Each one said they had been hit by the other.”

Police didn’t see anything so no arrests were made.  

Kami Mueller, a spokeswoman for the state Republican Party, issued a news release Saturday night saying that criminal assault charges had been filed after a “Democrat House candidate assaulted (a) Republican candidate at family festival.”

According to the release, Benton “was apparently angry about recent N.C. GOP mailers comparing him to Hillary Clinton.”

Oh hell, that’s enough to cause violence.  Sure.

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1 Response to It’s Almost Over

  1. Grace says:

    Heh, heh, heh. Ya just gotta love a leftist feeling all insulted, and getting all angry, for being compared to their own party’s candidate for POTUS.

    I thought HRC was the Second Coming or something as far as leftists are concerned. Why so mad, bro? Ha!

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