The Official Lulzsuit Deadpool – Current Status

A full week has now gone by since our little deadpool started.  As everyone should know, we are waiting for Judge Joseph’s order of dismissal to hit PACER, and that should be any time now.  The silence from the Eastern District of Wisconsin federal court is increasingly deafening.

Here are the predictions that have passed.  Sorry to all these entrants.

Dr. Dan Monday, 4/25 1203
jamest Tuesday, 4/26 1200
Canuckamuk Thursday, 4/28 1300
Easein Thursday, 4/28 1445
Neal N. Bob Friday, 4/29 1400

Thank you for playing.  John Hoge’s prediction is currently teed up and will be followed by Father Paul Lemmen’s at 5:00 pm Central Time tomorrow.

What say you, Public Domain Bill?


Well, soon enough that’ll be true.  We’ll all be hoping that it sticks this time.

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1 Response to The Official Lulzsuit Deadpool – Current Status

  1. Dr. Dan says:

    I was #1 !!!!



    …oh come on…This is like being voted off Survivor during the first commercial break…

    Fine, whatever…I’ll go make the popcorn for everyone else….

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